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Shed weight by undertaking skipping


I've tried many different supplements for weight loss and did not have the success I am having with this. I don’t endorse anything that's not proven to work, I’m a real person who wants to loose weight and have extra energy while doing it.

or you can start out performing optimistic items now


I exercise five nights a week for 30-40 minutes, have added extra fruits and veggies to my diet as well as whole grains and water, water, water to little avail. I will continue to take it and expect to see greater results.

The Doctor and the Fairy Princess


A doctor gets a most unusual patient. Just a short and simple little piece I did back in university, adapted from an old fairy story.

It Was Written In Pink


It was written on the walls, in pink bubbly scrawl. Why was it happening to her.

Ravenblade Chapter 3


In a land where magic is all but forgotten, in an isolated town, one lonely boy is about to have a rude awakening, and discover that the past is not as gone as it might seem.

Charly and Timothi 4


This one is not narrated by Timothi or Charly. They took a break. This story is in 2 parts.

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