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The Great Tribulations

Gabe Orcutt

Its about the seven seals being broken.Which catastrophe matches each one and the other world conflicts were avoiding.I talk about my life and how god is will use us Christians to serve him during the last days.

The Daughter of Devil:Chapter 1


Basically Lucifer sent his only daughter to survive in the puny world of humans and find a friend to return home with her.

Little Lucy


Story about Lucy trying to find the mystery from her mothers diasperance.

Storm Raven

Andrew John Risbridger

A poem about a spirit of weather, the incarnation of a storm given form bot one that protects rather than destroys. inspired by the person of my writing partner called Ravenna Reigns that goes by her title of 'Stormkeeper'

Force Legacy C1.- Chaos Reborn

Andrew John Risbridger

The first chapter of 'Force Legacy' set five years before its main events. the story follows the last days of Shade Rushall, one of three apprentices to a great hero. A tale of broken ties, reckless choices and the birth of an ancient evil.


selena lefray

Imagine your books coming to life. Imagine your dreams coming to reality. "Have you ever wondered what it would like to become part of a fairy tale. Where things you imagined came real. Well for Me they did" Lauren's world was turned around.

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