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Sunless Sky

Christopher Beluga

The Andromeda and her fleet had made a swift and graceful race through the great, dark void, in search of the promised beyond. It was upon arrival, however, that the tides of gravity wrapped their invisible talons around their prey.


Holland Faith Carson

She wakes up on an island in the middle of the ocean with two strangers. Without her memory she must figure out how to get home. Another issue, where is home? This story is based off the song "Oceania" by "The Birthday Massacre".

Death is not the end.


A woman wakes up with no recollections of her past life. It is not regular amnesia - her memories here wiped out by a neurological weapon. Now she has to decide to go back to her previous life or to start anew.

A perfect cup of tea

Eva Rebe

How a perfect cup of tea is made

Toxins 1.1


Something is amiss.

Toxins 1.0


A Chicago chemist prepares for his role in a corporate robbery.

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