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The Demon of the Rose

by: Jadon Pfeiffer

Tanis Haven is walking to school on one fateful day and gets dragged into a supernatural war between three rivaling groups in some place called The Realm.

John Silvermore

by: Lâm Hồng Quang

John Silvermore was just a normal 15-year-old until one day when a strange weather occured above his city. Lightning were tearing up the black sky in the middle of the day and when things get back to normal, John was nowhere to be found.

When the stars collide

by: Brandon Wong

This is a story about two stars. Forever in the same sky, but always apart. Until one day, against what seemed almost mysterious, the two stars collide.

Super Zero

by: ´Disco´ Alfieri

This is the story of a boy born without super powers. This wouldn't normally matter, except everyone is born with super powers since the Surge Event. Find out what happens next.

Tarneg's Dragon.

by: ´Disco´ Alfieri

A dragon hunter is hunting for a special dragon. If only he knew that he is the dragon.

Lover of the Bees

by: Katherine Smith

A small poem about the dance of flowers and bees.

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