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Help desperately needed!

dreaming girl

Imagine you are talking a walk at the beach and you suddenly find a bottle with a letter in it, how would you react if the letter said the following?

Slaves we are not

Rosa, Harley

World hundreds of years after war. Humaniods created during war used as slave after war used as well. Few humans against government encourage uprising.

Your shadowy roommate

dreaming girl

Just a short letter from your new roommate, with a short description and her Story, don't be afraid or concerned, though, I'm sure she will be nice to you! My first Story in English, please don't be too harsh, but I would love to get some tips!

The ones outside

Sarah Isabella Guerrero

He goes outside to protect his daughter from the ones outside

Crusher - 1

Jason Davis

When you live in a colony isolated by light years of space, when trouble finds you, you take whatever help you can get.

Bad jokes

the grey

I wrote this just for the turn on joke.

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