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Lighting the Fires

dystopian sky

Alan, an augmented human, meets his alien friend, Blacktail, on Earth so that he can teach her about a rather strange human celebration. However, they may encounter more than they expect when the sun goes down and the fires are lit...

Dragon's Song

Seth Maxwell Ballen Brown

When orphan Robin is selected as the apprentice to a powerful wizard her whole life changes. When you are with Sebastian Balazar anything is possible.

Grimenwulf's Journey

Joshua Andrew Martin

A boy out for vengeance for his slain father.

Promethean Fire: Chapter 1

Jinho Chang

Promethean Fire explores the possible alternate reality in which Alexander the Great's impact on the world is carried out through over a thousand years of a completely Greek dominated world. Authors note: Hellas was the name of Greece for the Greeks.

Betrayed love

Helen Rees

A demon whose love betrayed him, calling to her from a ship is forced to sail on.

Azure Epoch: Departure - Ch. 1: Skygirl

Trey McIntosh

In a world of Diesel and Aviation, a group of school kids prepare for the biggest adventure of their lives. Well, when you live life coasting on the cool breeze, adventure is the destination!

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