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The Dragon's Walk by: Teila Silverstar

Lana Lambert

A story written by me to introduce a new type dragon and how to obtain one, How and why they took "The Dragon's Walk"

Seven Levels of Insanity Chapter 2

Jonathan Park

Adam Ignotus finally gets released from his brief interrogation from a psychopathic woman called Mary. His next and first session commences when Mary leads him to his dorm.... and the first 'level' didn't even start yet for him.

Survival- Chapter 1


Octavia has lost both her parents due to a fire mysteriously set onto their home. Now left to protect her two younger brothers, Aiden and Lucas, she must find a way to survive on the dangerous streets of Arcadia.

Feather's Story -chapter 6: A life once lived


Feather has doubts about whether she should trust and travel with Eldrakar, Aziel, Raikon and Sinthia. She finds herself worrying about the dreams she's having an what they're trying to tell her. Sinthia seems to think Aziel has a think for Feather.

Feather's Story - chapter 5: Sleeping under the stars


The band of now fugitives settle for the night and Aziel gets off on the wrong foot with Feather.

Feather's Story - chapter 4: Escape


Eldrakar's allies have arrived to break Feather and Eldrakar out of prison, but not without a fight.

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