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A New Day Dawning

Robert D Stanley

A casual hunt takes a dangerous turn when the hunters must fight off a pack of Dire Wolves to protect a pair of villagers.

The Big Fan

Robert D Stanley

A superhero attends a comic book convention and meets his favorite entertainer.

The Witch's Child: Prologue: Burning

Maddy Genevieve Aster

Anya, the cursed child of a woman burned as a witch must try to find her place in a harsh and unforgiving world. Throughout her adventures she seeks to find the answers to her past that her mother never told her, and more importantly, a home.


Christopher Beluga

At a time, it was mankind's birthright to control magic. To bend the arcane to his will was a common-man's trick. But that was before the age of the machine, when computers rose into power, wrapping a strangle-hold around the arcane and man himself.

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