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* An all new Elfwood coming
   Monica :-) at Sat Mar 8
If you have followed Elfwood on Facebook you will have noticed that we're working on resurrecting Elfwood into a brand new site. We're all working very hard on it and are very excited to show you the new site and let you all play with it. You can follow ...  -->More

* Wanted: Wyverns Library moderators!!
   Monica :-) at Wed Jul 11
We are in need of more moderators, since Elfwood is in constant growth. We're currently looking for moderators for Wyverns Library. Requirements: You must be at least 18 years old. You must have a published account, preferably been published for...  -->More

* A new prince
By Thomas :-) at Sat May 12
Last week, the prince of Elfwood was born. Welcome, little Alve Abrahamsson! ...  -->More

* Elfwood Support not working - what to do?
   Monica :-) at Thu Jan 26
Support is currently not working. The new server messed up some things, so we're currently working on implementing a new Support system. If you need help you have the following options: Write a comment below this message. If you mark it as "Private", th...  -->More
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 Recently tagged favorites
"Can hardly imagine something more uplifting : these proportions, colours and laughs..."
Andreaz Gustafzon tagged 'The Bard - Triple Fun' by Fredrik K T Andersson.
"As I said when I commented on the piece: Beautiful, dark, sad and unsettling. Her eyes especially draw you in..."
CM Birdbrain Hoskins tagged 'Sacrifice' by Kayla Ascencio.
"Her work has a great sense of flow, depth and line....did I mention her inks are amazing?"
CM Birdbrain Hoskins tagged :-)Magdalena Xandar Olga as a new favorite.
"Very interesting style"
Magdalena Xandar Olga tagged :-)Arthur Kronecker as a new favorite.
"Love that weird dark feeling emiting from!"
Maeve Triana Fornillo tagged 'Nyctophilia' by Sarah Zimmerman.
"Cool idea and well drawn ink drawing"
Maarten Michiel tagged 'green knight and his lady' by Magdalena Xandar Olga.
"Beautiful ink drawing"
Maarten Michiel tagged 'Fianna' by Magdalena Xandar Olga.
"Incredible gallery!"
Arthur Kronecker tagged :-)Magdalena Xandar Olga as a new favorite.
"Great concept!"
Arthur Kronecker tagged 'jeroba.jpg' by Magdalena Xandar Olga.
"I want one-fabulous work"
Sue Finney tagged 'wizard cat flame.jpg' by Melody Pena.

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Ashby lane is a freshmen in high school and loves anime!!
princess Uaay happy elf
Fushika Lady Azulade

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Stephanie R. Schauer is hoping her muses return soon...please?
Old Mother Two Little Blackbirds
The Hamadryad Don´t Ride the Trains at Night

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   • Creating Worlds
   • Understanding and Refining Reflections by William Li
   • Colored Pencil Techniques
   • On Teen Writing
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