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Aravind Bhargava

The story is about how a pigeon escaped from the caution of a crow with its intelligence

Worth is Worth


Follow Wilco and Worth through this twisted tale as they uncover a plot that will challenge not only their own morals but question their own existence. Please Note that this is a work in progress and is an ongoing project. Thank you for reading.

The Guardains


A supernatural race protects the humans from werewolves, vampires and other dark creatures.

Long and Long Ago

Victoria Titus

Some background mythology for the unicorn comic I will hopefully someday finish.

Dragon's Song Chapter 2. The Apprentice

Seth Maxwell Ballen Brown

The next chapter in Robin's adventure. How she meets Sebastian Balazar

In the Garden of Broken Things


Two men looking for glory in a country torn apart by war realise they're in over their heads, but what can they do about it? Flowery epic fantasy based on 15th-century Laos. Some moderately grim violence, hopefully not too explicit.

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