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Smells Like Home

India Grace Childs

This poems is about finding where you belong

Lingering Feelings - Part 1

Mai Vang

As Alice tries to reconnect with her childhood friend, Hanna. But then she meets a mysterious young man and falls in love. He asks her to warn Hanna and her family of future consequences. Who is this man and why is he so concerned?

The Reincarnate- Chapter One

Mindy Michaud

One day, Lera Fae wakes in a hospital bed with only a trace of her memories and her boyfriend missing. Once recovered, Lera sets out to uncover the truth of what happened that night. It will lead her to unexpected places that only a few know about.

Home to Us

Fiend Angelic

On a stormy night, a strange girl sleeps on the streets. Out of kindness, Manami Saji brings her into her household. Little does she know, this mysterious girl holds the power to change fate itself.

Working title "Tiger in the moonlight"

Aleksandar Todorovic

A short first take on a intro for a fantasy novel I'm starting. It depicts the first meeting between Samuel and a woman that is to become his companion later on.

Pyke and Pyre

Holly Xaneria Hartranft

A high schooler's day goes from bad to worse when all that stands between his soul and eternal damnation is a piece of caramel candy.

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