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Lighting the Fires- Chapter 2

dystopian sky

A routine trip for costumes takes a turn for the strange.



Awakening. (Part 2)



Death. (Part 1)



Prologue. (I don't really have any idea how I could turn this into a whole story. Enjoy, I guess?)

“Three Kitties Are We” by Llola Lane

llola lane

This is a poem I wrote for my OZLAND PICTURE Stories Exhibit in Second Life in 2011. It was inspired by a piece of artwork by Raili Sandalwood. To hear me read the story to you... click here...

The Russian Typewriter

D.C. Perry

A novella about a man, a woman, a bookstore, the apocalypse, dark secrets and darker pasts, and—of course—the importance of caring and the power of love.

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