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A perfect cup of tea

Eva Rebe

How a perfect cup of tea is made

Toxins 1.1


Something is amiss.

Toxins 1.0


A Chicago chemist prepares for his role in a corporate robbery.

Warriors: Sunshine

Christopher Beluga

When this young warrior's life was bright and warmed by sunshine, a great darkness cut through it like a lance. His heart was shattered and he all but gave up, until a distant flicker of light came to warm his heart again.

Pokémon: Burned Blue

Christopher Beluga

This is essentially my way of sadistically twisting one of my favourite childhood TV shows and video games. No, this one isn't a "haunted game" or "lost episode" type of thing, it's more of a happy story about a trainer that goes horribly wrong.

.:. No Land Beyond .:.

Christopher Beluga

Under the watchful eye of their ageless overseer, void-gliders of our future wait in a frozen sleep to arrive at the far end of the sea of light and darkness. What they find, however, is not as romantic as they had imagined.

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