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Forgetting and Remembering


When he came and when he left seemed like it was so long ago, but the proof that he was here was branded into my brain. I couldn't forget, and I couldn't remember some details, but I can remember and will never forget what he left me ( Prologue! )

Yours in Hope


A bounty hunter and his adopted daughter get an unexpected Christmas visitor. (This references another story which isn't currently on Elfwood, but it should still work as a standalone piece.)

A trip down memory lane, chapter 1.

Rebecca M.T.O

Creepers. On the same wavelength as mermaids as far as most are concerned. People with plant powers who live underground? Yeah right.

Records of The Keeper :Chapter 2:Blood in The Skies


The battle to defend Daemor continues, now the Skulls aim to land on the planet's surface but the Keeper is waiting for them. I hope i can present to you an exiting aerial battle, please leave comments.IT SHALL RAIN BLOOD!!!!1

The Doctor and the Fairy Princess


A doctor gets a most unusual patient. Just a short and simple little piece I did back in university, adapted from an old fairy story.

It Was Written In Pink


It was written on the walls, in pink bubbly scrawl. Why was it happening to her.

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