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Olympus of Yester-Year

Nathaniel Miller

The Olympus gods had a station on the Hyperion moon of Saturn before its destruction forcing them to Earth.

The Gas Mines of Ben Bosa

Nathaniel Miller

Mines of Ben Vosa come under "Natural" attack when volcanic eruptions destroy the planet throwing the debris into the solar system causing the planet to be destroyed. The federation sends rescue ships to protect and evac the colony before destruction

The Foundry of Tomorrow

Nathaniel Miller

A story done in 1991 in HS Lit about a Foundry and evolution into a new life-form

The City on the Edge of Infinity

Nathaniel Miller

Based on picture. A city on a planet far in the galaxy of the Milky way is in Chaos.

The Assassination Factor

Nathaniel Miller

A story of time travel in which a target is set to be eliminated but the sniper has to make a choice between what is good for his judgement and his orders.

Starship Design Classes

Nathaniel Miller

Used for GE Chronicles and Yamato Serial, and for a game played on the BBS in 1990

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