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The Phoenix Host, Chapter One

Christine Miller

Keatep Brendagger has a roof over hear head, food, friends, and a bright future to become one of the finest warriors in the Kingdom of Roanfire. But she discovers an ancient curse that will eventually destroy her if she does not resist.

An Old Wizard's Tale

addrie dannei

A story from a demented old wizard from a book I am writing. This is based in my own fantasy world and not in real life. Gremms do not exist. It has mature gore and horror description and not for the faint of heart.

Blood Lily

addrie dannei

A Poem I Wrote in High School to Describe how Society was Making me Feel.

A Heart Glows Through


It describes love in a beautiful way.

How it all began...


Doom and gloom lie ahead; But there is always hope. But what if evil triumphs?

To Be Somewhere


It expresses my feelings about existence.

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