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Why Exist ?


A (human) clone being awakened at age 25 explores free will

The Wizard and the Deer


A short story originally written on Twitter.

No Story

randy cameron

...borrowed from a wiser man:" Ram Dass"

Wishes: Chapter 1, Lacrima


Naevys is a nineteen-year-old girl who lives her own life. While taking out the trash one day, she gets sent to a different time and place, with people she already knows.

The Red-Lit Room

Antony Hudson

Two young boys decide to prove the other wrong by breaking into their school. They then get wrapped up in an adventure that leads them to the Red-Lit Room that is every bit as mysterious.

Innocenza Chapter 1- Night


Within the desolate haunt of Norse Abbey, two sleeping souls escaped from the world become host to a series of visitors. Dredges of society, bandits fleeing from the pursuing sword of the Duke, none of which are welcome.

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