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Emotions are Based on Love


It describes essence of emotions.

The Best Video Production Company - How Do You Find It?


Would you want a professional crew to take control of your next, big corporate event? If your head is now brimming with ideas for a company commercial, what should be your next step?

The Fae


A poem I wrote all about Faeries. They're not cutesie faeries either. Nosirree. Ugh. Cutesie. Partly inspired by Patrick Rothfuss' The Kingkiller Chronicle.Yes I know it's not a new chapter of Ravenblade. Bear with.

The Life of Rask: Old Beast's Tales


Just a story I started a while back in response to a story I read on Furaffinity. Sherma are essentially intelligent lions with horse-like rather than lion-like manes.

Tale of the Mighty Quorthon

New Secret

A tale about the mighty Quorthon

Amongst the Kingdoms

Jared Michael White

Is the world we know today the world of the past? Will it one day be the world of the future? The only universal constant is human nature. Human nature will always be the leading force behind what is, was, and will be. But what is human nature?

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