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Unga Blues

Nathaniel Miller

Another Filk based on Yellow Stain Blues from the Caine Mutiny. Fred Mac Murray May Wynn for Systems Engineer friend.

Unga Rap

Nathaniel Miller

Another FILK Lyric Set for a Best Friend whose an Systems Engineer so we did Vanilla Ice (Ninja Rap: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2) (User Note)

Magic Bologna Ride

Nathaniel Miller

Lyrics based on Steppen Wolf Magic Carpet Ride for a Filk for a ex gf/best friend

Latex Flower

Nathaniel Miller

Plant Creatures from Space use human females as hosts to repopulate numbers in Death Valley Town

Earthworld (Short)

Nathaniel Miller

During Apocalyptic Earth far into the future, earth endures nuclear and biological war. From these wars that sub-classes and evolution happens with tensions between them and humans.

Yamato: The New Adventure: Episode 5 Attack

Nathaniel Miller

Episode five of a fan fiction for Final Yamato Movie Sequel: By Voyager Entertainment. Part 5 of 7 mini series like James Clavell's Shogun TV Mini Series.

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