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The Soveriegn adventure

Jordan Burton

This is just one chapter introducing the story. It's short, but feed back is welcome

Detective Marta Montgomery


This story is not finished. To be continued...

The Mighty Hunter


What is this invisible, indestructible tether which binds us between distance and infinity?

The Salt King


This is the story of a man who could not see beyond his own mortality. But then again, who does?


Jordan Winters

This is something that is currently a work in progress, I've been just writing away to get all my ideas down and trying to get it how I want. Some of it will be descriptions/backstories and the rest is a couple fights I wrote out. Enjoy!

To The Stars Or Die


A darkly apocalyptic story that I wrote more than 14 years ago. An apparently unstoppable plague is sweeping the Earth, but there could be hope. There's also mystery which is never entirely resolved.

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