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Realms of Alerfa: The Fall of the Morning Star (chapter two)

Mayu Van Aken

Now things are going down big time. What will become of all life on Ganeden? Stay Tuned!

Realms of Alerfa: The Fall of the Morning Star (chapter one)

Mayu Van Aken

After a strife between two gods, a divine war is about to take place in the light world of Godheim. Who will succeed? Who will fall from grace?

Winter Solstice


Two old friends meet in the forest on the night of the winter solstice.

The Gate Keeper: Chapter One


Chapter One of the Gate Keeper. To see summary and first part, see Prologue

Transients: Blitz


The Bandits of Song are unprepared to encounter the sudden assault that is to fall upon them, told through the eyes of a lowly thief, Balen. Either he dies at the hands of the inhuman assailants, or he must live as a deserter...

Beyond the Shallows


During the midst of Viktoria's many descents, Madam Thes comes to offer resolution, but she turns her down once again. Caught in the present and past, VIktoria tries to keep her head below surface in the underworld of Nuefrost.

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