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North Carolina Wineries: Utopia for Wine Aficionado


Kazzit is your guide to Michigan Wineries, Michigan Vineyards, US Wineries and your International winery guide and guide to wines around the United States and the world. Find the best Michigan Wineries with Kazzit today!

Skyraiders - Chapter 1


Celia, 15 years old, finds a necklace on the street one day. She soon finds it may cost her her life. Includes airships, pirates, magic and more. A little romance too. Also it will be posted by chapters, its 47,420 words long, just warning.

Unga Blues

Nathaniel Miller

Another Filk based on Yellow Stain Blues from the Caine Mutiny. Fred Mac Murray May Wynn for Systems Engineer friend.

Unga Rap

Nathaniel Miller

Another FILK Lyric Set for a Best Friend whose an Systems Engineer so we did Vanilla Ice (Ninja Rap: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2) (User Note)

Magic Bologna Ride

Nathaniel Miller

Lyrics based on Steppen Wolf Magic Carpet Ride for a Filk for a ex gf/best friend

Latex Flower

Nathaniel Miller

Plant Creatures from Space use human females as hosts to repopulate numbers in Death Valley Town

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