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Dikla Elkeles

Dikla is an artist who started painting at age 12 and felt that she found her destiny so for now she is studing her limits and how far she can push them!
Melanie 'BirdMaster' Avestrana

Melanie loves birds, especially dangerous ones
Becky E. Dreistadt

Becky I like to draw, and read. My fav animals are owls, swet-whet(Did I spell that right?) owls are da' cutest^^.
Rebecca-Lee S. Hickman

Rebecca-Lee started drawing her senior year of high school and has never stoped. She draws fantasy and gothic figures. From mythology and history.
Claudia Olishka Melián Maksaev

Claudia Is a engineer who likes to draw fantasy and dreams about changelings stuff...she knows a little about miths, and rpg, and all that things... She's nice, loves kitties and to do sweet cakes :3
Ashleigh 'Dreama' Clark

Ashleigh is one big dork.
Mark A Pegley

Mark is a customer service rep. He is a big fan of rpgs and surprise surprise his favourite pics are characters from games like final fantasy and gta.
Laura L. Prout

Laura is a biology lover.Likes to take time on sketching dragons and monsters, will occasionly draw somthing cute
Jillian I. M. Caufield

Jillian is a gamer who loves mythological creatures and millions of other miscellaneous things.
Sarah 'Duece' Reed

Sarah bites with madness and a lust of blood......
Laima Misiņa

Laima is a romantic girl vith her own fhilosophy of life...
Emma .L. Crawford

Emma is a 15 year old female who lives in New Zealand. She has just recently started drawing fantasy, but mostly enjoys anime (especially DBZ). Come & have a look! Always luvs to hear from u all :-)> !!!
Lydia Armijo

Lydia 2
Melissa steele

melissa is a game junkie and all round sketchbook perfectionist ;p.
Nick Anderson

Nick is not here. Please leave your name and number after the beep, and he'll get back to you. Thanks for calling. *Beeeeeeep...*
Emilie Dion

Emilie a passionate japanese anime and manga lover and a self taught artist. Parlant l'anglais et le fraçais.
Li VandeVenter

Li is completely insane.
Emil Nises

Emil is a 14 year old boy from Sweden who draws :)
Felina Kissanpentu

Felina likes drawing fan art and anime!
Erin Smith

Erin is currently in the Army, but she's also an artist and proud mother and wife.
Michelle C. Osborn

Michelle is a fatigued ladybug resting on a tacky floral throw pillow.
Carlos Ryan Eugenio

Carlos is someone who loves anime and whats to marry a cosplayer. Well in his dreams.
Estelle D. Rampin

Estelle is a weird phenomenon...escially when she is role playing. Let's see the result of what happen when her crazy mind strikes again!
Tina Jakobsson

Tina My name is Tina and I'm little girl from Sweden that like to draw Harry Potter and stuff like that..!
Faith Demoore

Faith wants attention.
Naomi R. Yoshido

Naomi Has a cardboard elf in her closet. Loves Recovering Evil Madmen. A lot. Manga-ka.
Rebecca Bruton

Rebecca doesn't want to be labeled
Anna Nordling

Anna Drawing and painting for fun, why not have a blast?
Kelly Fretwell

Kelly absolutely adores both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and loves art in any way, shape or form!
Piia Turunen

Piia is such a freak with animestuff, computers and music.
Freeza Frost

Freeza is an anime artist and a skilled artist in general.
Gaabriel Mona 'Iris' Tomko

Gaabriel is a student od Electronic Enineering who dabbles in the finer things of life. (i.e. The Arts)
Sarah Ashley-Rose Fuller

Sarah Is a highschool student who dreams of elves and mystical beasts


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