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FanQuarter - FanArt Gallery Gallery 137 at Elfwood.com

Xavier Cardoso Bexiga

Xavier is a computer science student who likes anime and fantasy artwork.
Rachel Lee Le

Rachel is a Licensed Massage Therapist who has always loved anime. Although she has NO imagination (as you will see) but she is VERY good at drawing by eye- someone ELSE'S work.. (technically called 'fan art') She has yet to find a job that actually needs THAT ski
R. Morales III

R. is in the Navy. Loves to draw anything that pops up in his brain. He Likes drawing in differnet kind of styles. Loves the SF/F!
Heather 'Gravedigger' Baxter

Heather Has trouble with her demon.... it tends to lose control.
Rachel Marie York

Rachel is a slacker and videogame FANATIC who loves to draw her favorite characters.
Rex Arthur Bradley III

Rex wants some comments on how to improve his work!
Lorena 'Tari' Reiken

Lorena is a crazy elven person chick thing quest...
Katie 'Riyoku' Wright

Katie Loves exploring different styles of medieval beasts of legends. She even invents her own. =3
Savannah 'Ringo' Tanbusch

Savannah is a reptile, dragon and Lord of the Rings freak and for some reason is Obsessed with Luffy from One Piece.
Vanessa Peinado

Vanessa is a 17 year old female who enjoys scary movies, drawing, shopping, sketching, painting and all that other kind of crafty stuff.
Rebecca Littlehales

Rebecca has a loverly bunch of coconuts.
Laura A. Robjohns AKA 'Cheese cake'

Laura is standing right next to you! Mwah ha ha!!!
Dante Rushdan

Dante is almost as cool as James Brown... almost.
Claire ' Ocean Ryu ' Gordon

Claire is a fanatic of many movies and enjoys acting. In her spare time, Ryu draws Fantasy creatures and fan art. Squee! Cheese for all.
Magdalena Sannwald

Magdalena has got a tiny parallel universe in her pocket.
Samantha Clark

Samantha is an eighteen year old student who likes to doodle
Sumbat Jonathan Sarkis

Sumbat has a hammer in the morning.
Anna Blaschke

Anna is a pupil in Germany who is interessted in all ways of painting!
Sean Michael Griffith

Sean likes to draw Dragons, the occasional pheonix, and fallen angels.
James V. Alexander

James 'Is an artist who dabbles in fantasy and is majorally inspired by Anime.'
Sarah E. Chapman

Sarah Is not sure why it's so damn fun to play with wax crayons...
Sarah Billings

Sarah Has come from Irk to destroy you all!
Erika Roxann Nelson

Erika is an artist trying to earn some respect in the world.
Lindsey 'Sasuke' Pastorek

Lindsey She loves dragons, horses, anime (especially Naruto) drawing, and reading. Loving the outdoors, and nature, you can usally find her in the shade of her big cottonwood tree, (drawing of course) or on the computer.
Samara S. Davidson

Samara Hi!!! She's in eighth grade, goes to a dull school, is not a very good artist (but tries very hard), and enjoys eating RAMEN!!!
Mary E. Plahn

Mary goes to college at CSU and has always had a love for doodling and fantasy.
Shiri Rae Kc Burdette

Shiri is about to invade your personel screen, ah well at least she hands out oreos
Jill Marie Mullen

Jill is Earth Science student who loves to draw and write when she has enough time to. she mostly draws dragons,unicorns, pegasus, dinosaurs,horses and wolves
Adam C 'Wolf' Johnstone

Adam is 14 and loves fantsy
Holly E. Sober

Holly has discovered her alter ego. Small, fuzzy, winged and evil...
L. Schlager AKA Loki

L. likes Lolita-like clothing, free creative expressions, and feet. :3
Hannah 'the spanner' Collins

Hannah IS DEAD!!! (She's not really, I just wanted some attention...)
Bethany Steinmetz

Bethany likes to change her thumbnail pic a lot. ;-)


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