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FanQuarter - FanArt Gallery Gallery 14 at Elfwood.com

Kelly A. Joy

Kelly is a freelance Graphic Artist with a love for fantasy art.
Maria Diana McAteer

Maria Is an anime fiend, practices the art of Otakuism. o_o Me=Most devote Otakuist! =D~
Jessica A. Edstrom

Jessica IS the Sakurazukamori. Feed her massive amounts of sugar, or face the wrath of Tree-san.
Kiren Niki Sangra

Kiren is a visual arts student who loves Star Wars!
Val Powell

Val I'm a 18 year old that is in computer science and loves dragons and big cats.
Alicia Marie Boros

Alicia loves drawing existing characters and experimenting with her style. She loves Aliens Vs. Predator, The Guyver, and Catwoman.
Angel Johanna Schooff

Angel Is obsessed with Anime, Spends most of her free time drawing or playing hours playing computer games, or fantasizing about bishonen...
Megan 'Meeglen' Monika

Megan is a strange person who like drawing but is often rather shocking at it.. Yes, she realises that that was pointless and childish.. but *shrug* carpe' diem.. rite?
Sylvia M Baker

Sylvia draws stuff....and stuff
Anna M. Lawton

Anna is a total moron, looser, and otherwise pathetic imbecile. You probably shouldn't visit her gallery if you don't wish for your IQ to drop about twelve points. She's inspired by nothing. ^_^
Stefan Ekstrand

Stefan is a 20 year old guy who loves anime. He likes drawing wich is his primary hobby. Fantasy and manga/anime is his speciallity. A great deal of his pictures consist of Lotr or Zelda based characters.
Sharday Lesane

Sharday Is a anime fanatic and is crazy about drawing anime people! Loves to sing, cook,draw, and hang with her bestest bud Di ^^.
Steve Robinson

Steve Is a full time Sport Athlete Agent who represents athletes and negotiates contracts, and likes to draw part time.
Stacey Kettler

Stacey dabbles in fan art once in a while.
Jennifer 'Wicked' Troxell

Jennifer A self-taught aspiring artist with a long way to go that loves animals and computers.
Mark R. Piper

Mark is a college student who can't seem to think of anything better to do than to draw stuff that other people created! Eeek!
Andrea 'Skycat' Cory

Andrea is a Star Wars and Transformers fan. Natch.
KELL 'Aerandir' Pestana

Is a self taught hobby artist who also enjoys writing and music.
Holly Seana Grimes

Holly is a manga artist who loves anything kawaii, and she likes drawing bishis and cuties!
Theresa 'Snowy' Boyer

Theresa has spent more hours obsessing over 'The Lion King' than most professionals would deem healthy.
Alanna D. Piche

Alanna is an anime junkie. Loves amusement parks, cats, and fantasy. She loves to roleplay and gets out her creativeness for it. Also loves to draw chibis!
Norbert 'Kijinn' Pustan

Norbert prefers to show rather than to tell.
Charles 'Xaiver' W. Timm

Charles Is a high school stundent who enjoys RPGs and Anime. Final Fantasy is his main source of inspiration at the moment
Amanda 'Dralore Shimare' Wilson

Amanda is a studio art major in college, with an emphasis in painting.
Andrea Nieto

Andrea has a broken scanner.
Jennifer Ann Louise Spooner

Jennifer Is a 18 year old, Anime Loving, Muse Obbsessed EVIL Redundant Goddess. Warning Her fan art is not for the fain hearted!
Maya Jean

Maya is an artist at heart, studying in her field of interrest, along with her friend CÚline.


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