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FanQuarter - FanArt Gallery Gallery 20 at Elfwood.com

Erin Gentry

Erin is a dedicated artist who draws in all her spare time, occasionally edits in PhotoDeluxe, and prefers pencils. She mostly draws in animé style, but portraits show up every now and again.
Weston McGarrigle

Weston can't see the back of his head!
Sian Shazz Willmott

Sian Is having a Robert Downey Jr. moment.
Becky Allen

Becky will be over here if you need her
Kelvin Michael Green

Kelvin is a struggling artist who doesn't work nearly as hard as he should. Bizarrely, some people actually try to buy his work!
Christine Marie Reynolds

Christine is a 25 year old starving artist who loves to draw elves, fearies, dragons, and furries. She tends to be obessed with fruit dragons and elves.
Ella Williams

Ella had to put her fan art here... she's NOT a happy bunny though....
Johanna Karlsson

Johanna is an outsider that completely loves anime/manga, roleplaying games and Live!
Jennifer Alice Peters

Jennifer Is a 18-year-old student currently residing in Seattle,Washington. She enjoys drawing dragons horses and other creatures and beasts. Please come visit her gallery and leave comments, she will be forever greatful, and it will keep her from tipping over into
Aidan Argent

Aidan is a photographer at heart.
Thomas Beswick

Thomas is a 15 year old student who likes to draw fantasy art. He also likes modeing and map makeing for HalfLife.
Dennis Brooks

Dennis , just a guy that likes to doodle.
Kajsa 'svartkatt' Pamp

Kajsa is a little troll-ish fangirl who prefere manga fanart.
Doris Lampl

Doris is a small blue dragon who loves to burn things down.....
Melinda A. Morelli

Melinda is a nice little plant. Keep out of direct sunlight and water often.
Meaghen 'Siren' Krebsbach

Meaghen is obsessive. Loves Zelda, Manga, and anime with a frightening passion.
James E. Bracknell jr.

James Sculptor and advid sci-fi, fantasy and anime buff.
Wendy 'Arivess' Zhou

Wendy is very annoying (according to her friends), loves to draw, read, write, and play video games, and does not like to do work, and seems part-kender.
Rachel Janelle Kramer

Rachel will cast Meteo if aggravated.
Angela thedustyphoenix Apilado

Angela needs to do the timewarp agaaaiiiin....
Stephanie Krutsick

Stephanie is sharpening her dagger and coming to GET YOU.
Irene 'Sensei' Bressel

Irene has some sceletons in her closet and is crazy about Final Fantasy and Yami no Matsuei.
Rachel A. Johnson

Rachel graduated from Central High School in May of 2003. She is 19 years old. She enjoys watching and drawing anime, especially Sailor Moon. She has been drawing for most of her life. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, still.
Kelly Hamilton

Kelly is an overworked and underpaid student of the arts, studying at the University of Georgia.
Tony Labadie

Tony is an amature artist who hopes to get into special effects makeup and the movie industry. He also loves to sketch all sorts of monsterous creatures.
Wing C. Ho

Wing does various types and styles of artworks on and off for many years as a hobby.
Kimberly Riggi-Loines

Kimberly is a mom that is a confirmed masochist! Muwhehehe! Oh, SNAPEEEEEEEEE!!!
Stefan 'Smeghead' Fredriksson

Stefan Is a Swedich, 21 years old Smeghead! who likes to paint fantasy pictures, mostly Manga/Anime pictures.. ^_^
Zachary D. Vernon

Zachary is cool.
Shaun Mckeand

Shaun is King in the realm of apathy.
Karl 'Angel' Lines

Karl is proving them all wrong.


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