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Stephanie Knapp

Stephanie is an alien from mars planning to rule the universe. Wow, how old and dull is that..
Liisa Syvasalmi

Liisa is a student who is deeply in love with various fantasy books
Jennifer 'Softpaw' Simmons

Jennifer is a fairy cat, no seriously :)that loves to paint and draw, as well as act, sing, design costumes and makeup, sculpt and roleplay online. And is also totally in love with her Dragon (ie her Husband) and obbsessed with the Play CATS
Valerie A Cook

Valerie She is a 17 year old who loves life. She draws for the love to make others happy and encourage them to take up a talent either in art or something else. She draws mainly realistic animal and anime.. mainly her own creations.
Martha 'Josie D' Davison

Martha is a anime gurl who loves Sailor Moon and such. She's currently taking a class in an art school to learn how to better her abilities.
Vincent N. Darlage

Vincent is an accounting teacher who fancies himself an artist.
Jessica L. Proctor

Jessica loves Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates along with various other forgotten shows. Like Xyber 9.
Sarah Cylver Richards

Sarah would like very much if you looked at her pics
David Sjostrom

David is a nice young man with some skills to do artwork. He lives in Sweden and hopes to be a really good artist in the future...
Ada Yan

Ada can't draw ...

Trevor E Frick

Trevor mainly draws his own characters (with the odd exception) that are fantasy based, all dealing with a book I am drawing called the DRAGOON.
Michael Q AArsvold

Michael is looking foreward to heading back to school, but is curoius how he will fund his anime habit on part-time pay.
Patricia Ortiz

Patricia is me. well, now i can write... i'm 18, and i'm from madrid, in spain. i study art history, and i'm preparing to pass the art school exam...
Jeanette 'Cirynne' Skoglund

Jeanette is the name of a ga'l who just love doing fantasy pictures. Especially character piccies. She also roleplays on several different places througout the Net. Come on in and have a chat!
Joanna 'Meeki' Bailey

Joanna is simply crazy!
William H. Jordan

William has been doing anime fan art for many years and has occasionally done professional spot illustration work for role-playing games such as Traveller and Champions. His artstyle is heavily anime influenced, but is distinctive on it's own merits as well.
Amy Pronovost

Amy is a frazzled graphic design student in Barrie.
Jessica Anzelmo

Jessica is a short, slightly psychotic girl living in the middle of nowhere... where the best company is sometimes the people in her head.
Muromi Frühling

Muromi She is a student in an austrian school for graphic-design who prefer to draw in manga-style.
Jennifer 'Chibigon' Lee

Jennifer is in love with any male bishonen elfie boy!!!
Jess M. Wilson

Jess is currently taking a break from Elfwood. Please do not click this link; there will be nothing there. Possibility of returning is pending.
Jiko A. Kabul

Jiko loves anime. Period.
Jeena Michelle Pepersack

Jeena 'Hmm... maybe it was Eagle....' ' or was it Eagle?' '... No.. I think it was Eagle.' 'Yes, yes.. you might be right...'
Sammy Sanandres

Sammy is a graphic designer/prod. manager who loves to draw. As well loves basically anything having to do with art. Sam has also been working on his own set of characters for about 5 years now hopefully good enough for the public!
James S. Dobbins

James is a college freshman who's into anime and video games
Hélène Turgeon

Hélène is a 24-year-old translator who lives in Québec, Canada. She gets most of her inspiration from her dreams and emotions, but also from her favorite RPG games and memories of her childhood. She has a knack for faeries and elves... wishing she could be one, ma
Crystal Maxwell

Crystal is an insane anime lover!!
Jonna 'Lynx' Lylykangas

Jonna is fanatic ninjawannabe, who eats sporks.


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