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Marius Vibe

Marius has been drawing all kinds of crap since he was a kid, and it never seems to stop. Does it show? You be the judge... Updated Fan Art page Nov 8, 2002 - go have a look, and if you like what you see and want to offer me a job - great!
Jenna 'Chi' Flynn

Jenna is a busy fourteen year old who loves Final Fantasy 7-10, music and her clarinet. She spends most of her time at school in band, but takes time off to do the things she doesn't have time for.
Nina Riggs

Nina Is insane but still doesn't relize it yet. Ho hum, go look at her shtuff now.
Lo Sa

Lo is just another ordinary 'hardworking' (not!) schoolgirl who likes to dabble something on paper now and then.
Sheena 'Kaila-le' Desmarais

Sheena Well She is an odd soul, Who spends much too much of her time drawing when she should be listening to the lectures of her fine high school teachers. She, for some odd reason, is commited to science fiction,fantasy, videogames, and Anime and it reflects in t
D. 'Kei' Douglass

D. Is an easily ammused idiot armed with a pencil and paper..
Nathan Chandler Brown

Nathan plays D&D and loves drawing people.
Abbey Thomas Ash

Abbey is now hiring a new muse. Apply within.
Heather 'Missie' McGugan

Heather likes talking about herself in the third person. Obsesses over Nine Tailed Demon Foxes, Saiyin Princes, Elves and Pirates.
Daniel Wilke

Daniel is a passionate artist who loves to draw fantasy characters
Melanie Paulson

Melanie enjoys drawing (duh), and is currently obbsessed with Final Fantasy 4
Sara E. Hrkach

Sara is a high school student who despises her school and teachers, and draws anime to help her ignore them ^_^ She also has three cats, and talks to herself when she is bored. ::she now gives you the homicidal smile::
Isabelle Grönlund

Isabelle wishes she had more time to draw, but when she does, it usually is elfes and princesses
Moe MistressofEvil Folsom

Moe is 6 feet of pure evil.
Laura Michelle Billson

Laura is a highschool student who draws a lot of fanart of Legend of Zelda and Avenan.
Lindsey Muscarella

Lindsey ...is a purple flying monkey.
Amber M Hague

Amber is a graphic and webpage designer who is constantly trying to capture power and beauty in all of her drawings
Ilona Veldhuis

Ilona is a complete lunatic, who still goes to school. She loves drawing, internetting, watching TV, playing with her dogs and playing RPG's.
Brandie Francoeur

Brandie Is a first year collage student with too much free time between classes
Richard cicack

richard 'DEMONS MAN,HE'S POSSESSED BY DEMONS!' but also makes a good beer loaf.
Allison 'Kat' Cagle

Allison is a purple flying monkey right behind you.
Rachel Robo Jing YOURMOM

Rachel is a phyco anime fan, who draws and loves her dog Rocco.
Jen D. Popein

Jen woke up one day, and the Great Canadian Beaver Dragon told the young canuck 'put your art on Elfwood' so she did.
Tim Levin

Tim rhymes with Seven and 777 is SOOOO LUCKY!!!!
Sara Sessler

Sara is... Unimpressive. She is NOT directly related to fellow artist Adele Sessler.
J.M. Faulstich

J.M. is a college student who loves fantasy, anime, and all her characters!
Lindsay Florence Morrison

Lindsay is MADLY in love with Inuyasha, Elf-Quest, and Gargoyles.


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