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FanQuarter - FanArt Gallery Gallery 31 at Elfwood.com

Larissa C. Morales

Larissa a 15 year old dreamer, hellbent on acomplishing the seemingly impossible
Casandra L. Hernandez

Casandra Is a high school student who always has her head stuck in the clouds.
Jennifer J. Moore

Jennifer is a young graphic artist who enjoys drawing anime and fantasy art as well as dabbling in HTML and web design.
Nele Elizabeth Burcham (Liz)

Nele is a high school student that loves drawing and has done so since she was four. Still learning, and working on her chosen craft, she is always open to opinion and hopes to use her talent for a future career.
Cassandra Jeane Doty

Cassandra is an Accounting major who loves art.
Jessie 'Sabe' Stribling

Jessie loves you.
Ryinn "RyRy" Innisfire

Ryinn needs to be put back on her leash...
Fatime Kaposztas

Fatime is a computer geek wannabe who flees reality and enters this made up world of magic and monsters.
Ruth A. Ducko

Ruth is an 21 year old gaming idol in training.
Anjuli 'Sky' King

Anjuli is a homeschool student whose obsessions include bright colours, art, internet, multiple characters, and 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'.
Jessica Kathryn Fuerst

Jessica is 19 and enjoys drawing anime and on occasion, western comic book style.
Jennifer, J. Van Ooyen

Jennifer, is a little crazy at times when it comes to her ideas. She love to mix up characters powers or looks.
Jessica 'Kurenai' Westover

Jessica is a very bored anime artist who doesn't do fanart too often...
Amy A Simmonds

Amy is now a college student, in her second year. Taking courses such as; graphic design and photography, also she is a big fan of Anthropomorphic art. She does alot of Serious RP too...
Cloud K. Medau

Cloud 'is a future film director who loves to illustrate.'
David Eagleton

David father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife....and I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next
Cyllya Michelle Chandler

Cyllya is an anime artist who really loves Namco's 'Tales of' series.
Tiina Purin

Tiina is a huge nerd!
David A. Marquez

David is probably drinking.
Alan Tang

Alan is your casual teen, in love with every type of sport, drawing, surfing the net, gaming, watching tv...
Christina A. Thompson

Christina is a Senior now, planning on majoring in the arts when she reaches college. She's now obsessed with Harry Potter, Incubus, Rammstein, Mortal Kombat, comic books...the list goes on...
Meghan Ann Davenport

Meghan is loveable. Mrrroww..=^_~=
Valarie Nicharico The Firebug

Valarie studies metaphysics and religious history, paints in her spare time.
Jeff Kao

Jeff like to draw when have free time. Mostly like to draw fantasy/mystical characters such as dragons. Also like to draw fan arts about Zoras.
Karalynn R. Meyers

Karalynn is a weird girl who likes writing stories and creating comics she may never finish
Stevie Marie Bush

Stevie She was an art major at the Las Vegas Academy of Performing and Visual Arts, and although she doesn't concider her work as lovely to look at as others, she is always putting her heart into her pieces while practicing and discovering new ways to improve.
Christopher R. Yost

Christopher does fan art just for fun.
Katherine Han

Katherine She is a college freshman who likes to draw, write, and read.
Krysttel Miller

Krysttel loves the Doors, Jim Morrison is a GOD!
Sasha N. Golden

Sasha is feelin' groovy, no oregano necessary.
Richard 'wolvie' Luyten

Richard knows that fear is the power to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate..leads to suffering!


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