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FanQuarter - FanArt Gallery Gallery 48 at Elfwood.com

Tobias Moebert

Tobias likes to draw all kinds of mythological and fantasy creatures.
Amanda Cook

Amanda likes to run around with a toy lightsaber and a bucket of drawing pencils.
Megan N. Humphrey

Megan is a high school student that is trying to draw fantasy art.
Lindsey 'Penguin' Cummings

Lindsey is a basketcase.
Manda Maggs

Manda is a young Canadian artist, taking psychology at the moment. Feel free to contact her!
Justyna Nowak

Justyna is a person, who loves to draw and doesn't know english enough ;)
LeilaniGrace B. Gonzaga

LeilaniGrace whose middle name is horribly misunderstood
Christina N. Waters

Christina is a computer science student who dabbles in animanga.
S. C. 'Raven' Crump

S. is a Keeper of the Three Sacred Words: Ni, Ping, and Neeee-wom!
'Minnie' Mae Hopkins

'Minnie' has never, in the furthest reaches of her mind, entertained any idea of wearing a fluffy dress like so many girls in anime. It would so interfere with her ability to put her boots where they so often belong.
Molly J. Towne aka Ander Alderan

Molly is a collegel student who is going for a BFA in Illustration. Most of her artwork is done in anime form, with an ocassional mix of realistic. Most work shown here is stuff from highschool years. Working on more current ones...
Matthew T. Batchelder

Matthew is a computer science major (math minor) at Plymouth State College in New Hampshire. He enjoys drawing for the mere amusement of it. He is a die hard Star Wars fan and tends to draw in that genre.
Emily 'Pip' Turner

Emily This is me fanart thingy...=nods= I'm Pip...mmyep
Elisha 'aine' iannuzzi

elisha Elisha is a a parallel parking foo who spends most of her free time doing art ^_^ AND SHE CAN PARALLEL PARK!!
Ronda S. Murphy

Ronda loves creating digital art and apparently digs Star Wars.
Taylor Wickham Hord

Taylor likes water polo, hamburger helper and guys who aren't afraid to cry
Mats A. Öberg

Mats is here occasionally.
Ruthie A. Ames

Ruthie is a dis-illusioned ninja
Tabatha Kate Warner

Tabatha is a goth/punk who enjoys the dark side of everything.
Blake Smith

Blake is waiting to be unplugged.
Kayleigh 'Sabrael' Adamek

Kayleigh is a crazy Anime and fantasy fan who also enjoys RPGs.
Kari L. Korthals

Kari is a 17 year old high school student about to start senior year. She is overly obsessed with dragons,(because she is one ~_^). but she loves all creatures of 'fancy'. Some odd things can be spawned from her mind... BEWARE!!
Stephanie 'freakout' Lester

Stephanie is obsessed with Indiana Jones and LotR. Fwahaha!
Natalie Lilly Kitten Jaworski

Natalie Is a cartoon artist with a comical turn of mind. She likes to turn EVERYTHING into a joke...
Louise Johansson

Louise is someone who likes to draw and write almost everything she has in her head (and that is a lot of things)
Susan E. Shore

Susan is an 19-year old university girl with an anime obsession. She likes shiny things.
Genevieve 'witefire' Bignell

Genevieve *thinks* oooooh, fanart... ooooooh, cheese, i've hit the jackpot... cheesey fan art... wait that doesn't sound right...
Lissa Payne

Lissa wants to do something international as a career...has a hobby of drawing, especially elves ^_^
Krista Schroth

Krista is boring.
Brittany Nicole Trent

Brittany is a lover of cartoons and anime. She enjoys video games and hanging out at the mall. Her favorite video game is dance dance revolution. She also loves the lord of the rings and legolas.
Laura 'DarkStorm' Church

Laura likes to go nutzoid at the most inopportune time, and LOVES it!
Mandie Valin

Mandie is here


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