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Saber Alexander Orion McConnell

Saber has been drawing ever since he can remember, and also enjoys writing, and music and roleplaying. He likes ThunderCats, and climbing trees....and a lot of other stuff, too numerous to mention. He likes kids a lot too.
J. foster

j. likes things that make her roll her eyes and go, 'oh, that's cool.'
Kerstin Eiben

Kerstin is becoming a computer science merchant or businesswoman or something close to that... ;)
Trish 'Talstar' Sullivan

Trish err...hates to write about herself but, is still happy you're here.
Liv Korsnes

Liv is a student who wishes to be a teacher when she grows up. She likes to draw in her sparetime and mostly faeries. She is also working on dragons but is not very good at it.
Teemu Lappalainen

Teemu Is an art student who finds his inspiration from fantasy and music...
Mark Anthony Rogers

Mark 'Is out for blood and chinese food.
Travis E. Wilson

Travis DOES COMMISSION SCULPTURES!!! :) also draws and does sculptures of his own.
Eleni Ambrose-Kraft

Eleni is a Succubi.
Nikki 'Nightmare Requiem' Wiekierak

Nikki is a junior in high school that needs to start paying attention in class.
Tammy Marie Guile

Tammy is a sophomore at Roanoke College who is obsessed with singing, acting, dance, drawing, and colourguard.
Natasha 'Tazie' Wickland

Natasha possesses the Toothpick of Doom! Be afraid!
Vincent Drouin

Vincent is a 18 years old student who draw generally warrior, goblin, elf, morbide things, cute things, etc.... He's also a good fan of manga art and actually, he's drunk! ;p
Wictoria Nordgård

Wictoria is a school girl who love ffx and zelda games.
Ly M. Frick

Ly wants to tango.
Ivan Bong

Ivan is a 20 year old student who just draws for relaxation and self expression
Mandi Rose Embree

Mandi hates her job but enjoys what time off she can get to write original and fan fiction, RP, and draw original art as well as fan art
Trena Michelle (Rini) Woodruff

Trena is a dreamer who dreams dreams, and hates when people try to crush them
Olga Gracheva

Olga is a fantasy reader, fan of J.R.R. Tolkien
Tina 'Black Marth' Lam

Tina is a perpetually stressed and legally insane student on her way to carpal-tunnel syndrome and never learns to break away from 8-hour gaming marathons.
Karin A. 'Scarface' Cederholm

Karin is evil..... Bwahahahahaha.
Elysabeth St Jean

Elysabeth is a dreamer...and she wants to share her dreams, her little magic world...
Judith 'Judge' Mayr

Judith is a student of veterinary medicine who lives in a world of her own.
David Calcara

David is a marvel freak with wwaayy too much time on his hands.
Candice Marie Amison

Candice Presently a Senior in High School, she is looking into going into web design and graphic design. As for her art, she pretty much draws what fancies her.
Iulia Berlo

Iulia believes that reality is a crutch for those who can't handle drugs. XD
Rachel S. Young

Rachel is *obsessed* with anime and is fanatical about videogames like Final Fantasy and Ragnarok online^_^V
~Edith Stols~

~Edith is a full-time student who loves to draw. daydreams a lot and luvs my buds.
Joshua Ryan Hendricks

Joshua ok umm. i like art ok their ya go!!!
Victoria 'Laisewiel' Sun

Victoria is student of college in this realm of existance. She's now an assassin-warrior-sorceress in her internet presence. BE AFRAID!


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