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FanQuarter - FanArt Gallery Gallery 55 at Elfwood.com

Jamian N. Brown

Jamian is an bouncy sugar-addicted artist who is perpetually stuck with a pencil in her hand.
Ryan Breen

Ryan is bored
Berengere C.

Berengere doesn't come here a lot anymore.
Ruth 'Silvershadow' Maier

Ruth is an amateur artist, absolutely loves anything fantasy, and is currently attending an art college in the hopes of making a career out of her artistic talents.
Katja 'Andriel' Klemola

Katja is a student who loves elves and history
Dawn Hall

Dawn is just a 24 year old girl living in South Carolina... known for being a bit on the crazy side! (not necessarely a bad thing) She also has this weird obsession with cats... ^_^
Lauren D. Marks

Lauren cried when she was born, and the world rejoiced. When she dies, the world will cry, and she will rejoice.
Angela Gibbons

Angela is recovering from a Dragonball Z addiction by moving to Harry Potter.
Rachel Marquis

Rachel needs to do more fanart... most of this is from at least 3 years ago!
Jackie D. Ozorio

Jackie is lost.
Kimberly van Moorsel

Kimberly is a 14 year old girl who draws when she wants to
Alaina E. Pouliot

Alaina is in her junior year of college. She hopes to one day work as either an elementary school teacher, or an illustrator.
Greta 'Samwise' Strouble

Greta is an MSPaint addict who maybe one day will get off her lazy butt and fix her computer so she can get a mutha effin tablet. Yay! Elves! ^,^
Rei 'Panthra' Easthope

Rei is a wise fan high otaku, and the holder of the longest title she's known.
Claire 'werethylacine' Condon

Claire isn't really cut out to be a fanartist, but we can pretend. Come and view the fantasy.
Linda Vildalv Hägg

Linda This girl is crazy about vampires, elves, dragons and mangastuff.^^ She's losing her mind, but into a lovely world, dwelled by fantasy.

S.Sivananthan is me.
Eryk 'Xeigrich' Jalowy

Eryk loves drawing, loves Manga, loves food(spicy). His talent is limited, but imagination is not...
Randy 'Blud Wolf' Brownlee

Randy believes that gazing balls in people's gardens are actually hitech communication devices keeping a highly intelligent alien species aware of our everyday activities.
Sadie ~*Pandora*~ Palmer

Sadie would like to live in a tree.
Karissa Van Ostrand

Karissa is a College student that loves to draw.
David M. Pearlman

David is an artist from long island who wishes to create a dark and graphic comic series and animated movie.
C.W. Liao

C.W. wants to live her dreams.
Linnéa Arvidsson

Linnéa Linnéa is a girl who loves to draw fantasy art.
Ryal Hansen

Ryal Is a gothic gal who is an art student thats creating her own comic book series...(And likes all things Snape-ish and pirate related...YARR!)
Tracey E. Norman

Tracey is a part time author.
Zachariah Campbell

Zachariah is an art school graduate and would-be filmmaker with a persistent soft-spot for fantasy and sci-fi illustration.
Audrey Louise Hulse

Audrey is a 16 year old girl who loves newly sharpened pencils way too much...^_^


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