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FanQuarter - FanArt Gallery Gallery 80 at Elfwood.com

Madison *Kirk Woods* Gordon-Forbes

Madison has an eternal wiccan soul...enter her fanart gallery if you wish
Shad mitchell brooks

Shad Well this interesting person is a commercial artist that focuses on pencil work and character designs although not restricted or limited to these mediums. He's heavily into martial arts, weapons collecting (feudal aged), Dungeons and dragons, anime, drawing
Emily 'Smeagol' Allen

Emily is a crazy persun who loves to draw and act (like a lunatic).

One-Winged-Shinigami Is a student who loves to write fanfics and make music videos. 1x2x1!
Leah Genoveva Ramos

Leah is a 10th grader who draws fantasy and sci-fi like mad.
Allison Kathleen Whitby

Allison is an artist-type person with a strange little world in her head.
Brie A. Bateman

Brie a punk rock chick who loves to draw
Carina Beringuilho

Carina She loves fantasy stuff!
Aeolian R. Wind

Aeolian Aeolian Wind is a Fraternal twin of age 17, has dark brown hair and green eyes. Her elftown user is 'Aeolian'.
Danielle V. Been

Danielle will not eat your brain
L.K. Elliot

L.K. An artist that draws decently and loves dragons.
Lotte Lauten

Lotte is girl.
Christine Ann Bourque

Christine is unhealthyly obsessed with too many things.
David A. Fernandez

David Is an art student at LaGuardia High School for Music and Art. Loves the Lord of the Rings, and anything associated with it, Elves, Dragons, Wizards, you name it. Also has a fascination with japanese anime and katanas. Loves to sketch, but is relatively unsk
Jamie Jennings

Jamie is an artist and co-writer of an online comic. She does illustrations for her comics and some other drawings and fan art.
Christina Stringer

Christina is a blonde artsist who is slightly over the edge
Sophie H. Fisher

Sophie is a laid-back gal who works at a pizza place and she has a 'thing' for guys that smell good and don't smile alot... with sideburns. Don't forget that.
Astrid Hansen

Astrid is a girl who loves everything that is fantasy
Sarah J. Miller

Sarah is obsessed with anime and manga. She hopes to go to japan and study at Waseda University one day.
Nyssa M. McKinney

Nyssa knows the secrets of the universe, but only for 5 minutes, once a week.
Taryn 'Mistubachi' Krock

Taryn is skitzophrenic..uh...what would you call me? Freakish... Okay..I'm freaki-...wait a minute! -snickers-
Stephanie 'ResCyn' Gunderson

Stephanie believes that underwater basketweaving should be a mandatory high school credit...
Alisha J. Howard

Alisha is not here at the moment. Please leave a comment after veiwing the pictures. If she's not too busy, she'll reply as soon as possible. Have a nice day!


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