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Fantasy and Scifi Art Gallery 117 at Elfwood.com

Kalorlo (Heather Kelly)

Kalorlo is a computer science and physics student who every now and then gets hijacked by slightly bizarre artworks... No, I don't know where they come from either!
Randi 'LoveChild' Lynn

Randi has moved her gallery ---> http://donaruie.deviantart.com <<Updated: 01-01-05>>
Niklas Johansson

Niklas is a 23 year old university student.
Kari Ferver

Kari is obsessed with three things: anime, dragons, and drawing.
David Forslund

David has drawn all the time since childhood but his interest for fanasy has arisen during the last few years
Martina Pospisilova

Martina is someone who will be terribly happy if you visit her gallery and leave some comment:-)
Alexandra C. Smith

Alexandra is a very strange person.
Felix Riese

Felix likes pencil drawings and computer art.
Evgeny Shamo

Evgeny likes to draw elven ears.... Just likes it....
Manuel Klein

Manuel is recently imploded...
Patricia Söderqvist

Patricia is a student who in her spare time creates fantasy art
Lisa Rehberger

Lisa I am a meat popsicle!
Joanna Grace Johnston

Joanna ish....uh... ummm.... a girl that thinks she's a cat. No, seriously.
Jessica R. Ross

Jessica has been lost. If found, please return to the nearest animal shelter or quarantine office.
Amy Gilfillan

Amy She is a full time student in the Midwest. She loves computer games, and reading fanasy books.
David O. Stovall

David is a theology major and avid reader of fantasy and science fiction. He loves dragons, undead, and all things hellish or divine.
Lucy 'Niahm' Wade

Lucy 'is a British Uni graduate who's mind appears to be alway's stuck in a dreamworld of her own makeing. Who's favorite pastime is following Hobbits and doodling them'
Anna Alm-Grundstrom

Anna Anna Alm-Grudstrom, is a fourteen years old girl, who loves animals, books and art, especially fantasy.
Rebecca Musgrave

Rebecca Its me! The one and only Tiggy! With all my anime art!
Sofie 'Iaenni' Van Gampelaere

Sofie is both sweet and evil (so they say ^-^)
Britta van den Boom

Britta lives in too many worlds at the same time.
Nancy Harlequin Eckert

Nancy has returned to the path.
Chris R. Martens

Chris want to be a freelance writer, but also loves to use artwork (mostly anime, recently) to convey emotion and cure boredom. She is age fourteen and particularly likes dark, gothic-style art, though she likes to experiment with many diverse styles.
Nicholas James Wilson

Nicholas is a young man from England who loves anime, gaming, and extreme metal... 'RAAAA' and all that.
Lisa Erin Pickerill

Lisa is an Eccentric Artist and Nintendo Gamer! ^__^
Viktoria Satervik

Viktoria is unbeliavebly talented and modest. Or atleast swedish..
Melissa Renee Pagluica

Melissa lives in California, born in September 1983, loves to draw all the time and is influenced by manga/anime style.
Joel David Quinn

Joel Is a guy who has no clue what he wants to do for a living. well that's not entirely true.....
Christiane Jäger

Christiane is 17 and a hardworking person, but obsessed with dragons..
Sarah J. Berry

Sarah Fourteen year old crazy chick ;-) Most of these pics are just fillers until I gain enough courage to use the school scanners (not having a scanner is a bad thing.) Anyways, I enjoy drawing and most other things. Ciao!
Ryan Sanura

Ryan is a therianthropic tigress, but don't let that bother you. .


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