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Fantasy and Scifi Art Gallery 151 at Elfwood.com

Andrew J. Skelton

Andrew is an art student who watches more cartoons than is probibly healthy.
Liza 'Lizyrd' C. Gaynes

Liza is a computer geek who likes Harry Potter, JRR Tolkien, reading and who dabbles in computer art and dead tree (paper) art. She is known to all and sundry as Lizyrd.
Raven Grahl

Raven Raven is a school student who specializes is anime stuffin's. So there.
M. Robb (Mharaaki)

M. is a loony who studies pinecones and wears a leg bandage for absolutely no reason, and draws stuff.
Kathleen Whalen

Kathleen is not involved in any art classes of any kind. She is also an avid lover of Anime ^.^
Mike Burley

Mike is the probably oldest kid on the block and skribbles with a scratchy old Sainsbury's 2B pencil!!!!
Brett Cushing

Brett Is supahfly!
Matthew Forcella

Matthew is a visual arts student who loves fantasy art and comic books, and has been drawing since long before he can remember.
Eduard 'Eddy' Minderlen

Eduard He's another artist in the woods who is interested in animes, rpg's and dark creatures(vampires, ...)
Natalie Touretsky (Gerie Aren)

Natalie preferes fantasy over reality any time of the day:)
Søren Kullmann Klok

Søren is mostly drawing on his online manga, but here and there he gets time to draw something else.
Stephanie S. K. Marbach

Stephanie is not living in the same world as you do...8-)
Beth Caya

Beth is a 18 year old student at Whatcom Community College where she hopes to finish her Graphic Art Degree in the next two years. She is a devoted RPG player who uses her characters to explore worlds such as the Forgotten Realms and Dungeons and Dragons. Beth i
Kelsey 'dubhach' Sullivan

Kelsey is a college student who enjoys any art.
Jacob S Wendel

Jacob has been known to draw occasionally, for better or for worse, until the pencils fall apart.
Delaney Wade

Delaney Being true to my spirit and being who I am
Sarah Jane Rooney

Sarah is a high school senior who works and loves to draw in those long boring classes.
Holly *Tsuki* Grimes

Holly wishes she could have fairy wings and kitty ears.... and meoooow all day long^^ teheh
Rochelle Simpson Annmarie aka 'Demica Fatali'

Rochelle Is a student at Arts Instatute of San Fransico and a large EQ holt addict. She loves art, and writting, and anything that uses fantasy elements.
Stéphan Andrejko

Stéphan Older among older, he already gets a family but he is fond of fantasy. Finding a wonderful drawer in his first step in Elfwood, he will try to improve his art to show his mind universe and she has (at least) one draw-addict.
Menno Dykstra

Menno is a guy, 18 yrs old. He likes to draw (not that he's good at it), and often wrights little stories and stuff. (never forget the stuff! :)).
Rhonda Denise Patterson

Rhonda is a computer animation student who loves to draw fanasty artwork. Age 21 and Live in Texas.
Alia Gambill

Alia is secretly the neat-o super heroine Fork Girl! She saves the world every night after you go to sleep and beats up any evil villian who tries to use a spoon.
Serena Ariel Lee

Serena Out of scool and busier then ever ...
Yuri Georgiev

Yuri likes to sleep and eat... and ocasionaly draw.
Kat Downward

Kat , a UCSC freshman, loves to draw and does it everywhere. She is currently washing the ink off her sisters back.
Felisity May

Felisity is pretty simple
William Conwell

William is a 18 yr old college freshman who draws dragons and other mythical creatures, as well as many weapons.


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