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Fantasy and Scifi Art Gallery 152 at Elfwood.com

Paul T. Watts

Paul is a tempermental actor that enjoys reading and writing.
Michael James Liljenberg

Michael is a full-time dad and part time-web designer who procrastinates writing all those bestselling fantasy/ sci fi novels running around in his head.
Crystal Farnsworth

Crystal is a student of Veterinary Medicine who loves drawing and painting.
Kelly Ann Daveldek

Kelly is a student in NJ with Honor Roll grades who draws mythical creatures such as dragons, unicorns and griffins.
Rebecca Mellor

Rebecca loves to shade and scribble and doodle floaty things with wings.
Austin Wayne Stewart

Austin is an artist who specializes in portraits and experiments with character design.
Deborah A. 'Mintaka' Peal

Deborah is a young woman with dreams and ambitions or writing and art.
Sami Ahola

Sami is just a guy who likes fantasy art.
Ellen W. Sieg

Ellen is, most unfortunately, your average human being, and spends most of her time in school doodling faeries all over her homework papers.
Meredith Eblen Tucker

Meredith is thinking of going back to her english major roots, instead of her wanna be design comm days, where she got interested in all this art stuff to begin with.
Teressa 'Angiwyn' Cole

Teressa is tired of living in the world of retail, and would rather be getting Teko studios off the ground.
Sooj A. Jin

Sooj a person who likes, sports, art, relaxing. also is interested in foreign movies, and marial arts,
Cheryl L Chaisson

Cheryl is a student at art college hoping to some day go professional.
Nicklas Mellqvist

Nicklas is a swedish cartoonist who prefers to draw simple comic strips but sometimes enjoy trying on photorealistic stuff.
Rebekah 'Emowin' Conley

Rebekah a crazy wannabe Drow who runs around doing insane art.
Aaron B. Foote

Aaron is mainly a pencil-and-paper kind of guy... who does business graphics when he isn't scribbling on a pad of paper.
Avram D Maslan

Avram has been drawing for as long as he can remember.
Laura L. Cochrane

Laura is oddly the sane-ist person it the world..it you lot who are strange!
Charles Randy Gamble

Charles has an update coming soon.
Megan Walters

Megan is wierd.
Victoria S. Griffin

Victoria walks between worlds.
Phill Arng

Phill is under yoru bed!

Jasmine Ann Becket Griffith

Jasmine I am the artist, Jasmine Becket-Griffith (aka Strangeling) - welcome to my Elfwood gallery! ALL of my paintings are acrylics handpainted the old fashioned way, usually on wood or masonite. You may know my work from countless books and lines of merchandise,
Jeffrey B. Croke

Jeffrey is a 3D animator who occasionally gets a moment to explore 2D space.
Jake R. Mickelson

Jake is a philosophical, occultic, idealist at times.
Patrick A. Grasso

Patrick is completley insane...or wait..could possibly be...or isnt because...maybe..ok,he likes when people leave comments cause his art sucks.


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