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Fantasy and Scifi Art Gallery 182 at Elfwood.com

Sylvia Hinz (Selianth)

Sylvia is a 25 year old girl who loves Dragons but also Dinosaurus. Some years ago she startet painting Dragons. But she's now trying to paint other Fantasy pictures, too.
Kyle C. Schulz ( Ryoken )

Kyle Drawing for the glory of God.
Rene Saarsoo

Rene is a biology student who likes to draw animals, which aren't always so real.
Petra ´Rilyn´ Rudolf

Petra is a fantasy artist and game designer with an undead dragon.
Daniel H. Sikora

Daniel is a 16 year old who hopes to go into illustration.
Katherine Ryan

Katherine lives in her own little fantasy world with all her characters. She also likes everything eastern.
Kristin 'Kris' Larsson

Kristin Is a girl who is inspired by the beauty of women, elves and vampires.
Michael Nguyen

Michael 's art style is a bit manganized, but he is still searching for the One True Style...
Meredith A. Bailey

Meredith is a college student who (used to) keep herself awake in class by drawing. She is happy to use any free time available to devote to pencil drawing and occasionally chalk pastel.
Andrew Troman

Andrew is a freelance writer for roleplaying games. he lives in Leeds in the UK and has just started working on his sketching 'talents' again....
Lindsey 'Elyra' Jeffrey

Lindsey is a canadian otaku who in her spare time reads fantasy and loves to draw according to her imagination!
Crystal A. Smith

Crystal is a seventeen year old obsessed with the oddities of technology and the internet.
Kristin Davis

Brittany Muscarella

Brittany is better than you. Her exceptional sense of humor and style is apparent in EVERYTHING she does.
Jennifer E. Stewart

Jennifer is a writer, director, gamer, and dreamer.
Heather L. Kidd

Heather is an enigmatic stranger!
Nolwen M.V.C. LeCorfec

Nolwen loves to draw and sing. Her passions are drawing, acting and music. She is homeschooled and loves it very much ^_^
Aimee Genevieve Etier

Aimee is a 22 year old who rarely has work to contribute to the Woods any longer.
Laura Michelle 'Celebanna' Billson

Laura is a highschool student who loves to draw portraits, birdwomen and likes to use a combination of realism and anime techniques.
Erin Maree Murphy

Erin is a wierd, extremely short girl who spends most of her time hiding from daylight.
James M. Russell

James is a fan of all kinds of art, and sees the beauty in the most simplest of things.
Erika ´Adellan´ Tuunanen

Erika likes to draw mostly elves and fairies.
Noora Peura

Noora couldn't draw if her life depended on it, but since it doesn't she continues to draw happily.
Zoe Woodhouse

Zoe is a strange simple girl who draws anything that comes into her mind....
Anita li

anita is a chinese girl from Paris and is a big fan of manga and fantasy world.
Tim Woensdregt

Tim is a 14 year old boy who loves realism and is addicted to pencil sketches.
Nadja Eremina

Nadja just a student, who's crasy about astronomy, and loves to draw anything that comes to her mind
Genise Tallameia Sheppard

Genise is an avid role player that is often inspired by gaming for the images created. She been drawing and sketching for as long as she can remember and the need just continues to grow. The scope of art has broadened into the area of 3D combined with Photoshop in
Carolyn Nicole

Carolyn A COLLEGE anime freak by force; writes and draws in excessive amounts. Loves the computer as much as she loves her family. Has no real life but under her little rock.
Kevin Patrick McCalla

Kevin is a college student who loves fantasy writing and the art that goes with it.


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