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Fantasy and Scifi Art Gallery 23 at Elfwood.com

Eric Scott Clingenpeel

Eric for him imagination is the key.
Georgina E. Okerson

Georgina is an independent game designer dabbling in arts, among other things...
Adam Golden Gripp

Adam sketches it up manga style, but his work contains more than meets the eye.
Jenny M. Heidewald

Jenny has been with Elfwood since 1999!
Sandra de jong

sandra (No Description Yet)
Ken McCracken

Ken is planning on leaving his vast estate to his cat.
Nicholas Schaffner

Nicholas a young elf from the darkenwood
Olivia Bessas

Olivia is an amature artist who loves to draw characters created in her mind.
Sarah J. Woodcock

Sarah is a busy artist/nature lover who enjoys drawing just about anything, when she has time. Hopefully you'll enjoy the many outdated works here, and hopefully she'll get off her rump and get onto drawing some new stuff again! ^_^
Elizabeth A. Stoy

Elizabeth is headed to college in the fall and has neglected this gallery for much too long. These statements may or may not be related.
Laura J. Sullivan Foster

Laura lives in southern Maine and is working on self-employment as an artist and illustrator. She sells her work primarily at Ren Faires and SCA events. Her latest projects have included designs for CD covers for her fiancÚ's band, and starting on her own series
Sylvia M. Baker

Sylvia draws stuff.
Ursula A. Messick

Ursula A Dr Pepper Fanatic who deems it her mission to convert all to PHOTOSHOPism. She has no clue what reality is but she can babble on about Dr Pepper for hours.
Sara Zinn

Sara has been fascinated by dragons and gryphons since she was three.

Alanna (Solenna) Elias

Alanna is trying to think of something witty to say and failing.

Fredrik K T Andersson

Fredrik is still heavily into fantasy art at the moment.
Andrea Axelsson

Andrea is a little swedish girl who tries to draw manga and a little bit of everything... ON this page only old pics live though..
Casey Young

Casey is very shy and doesn't talk to people very often. She's a digital artist, usually of the fantasy, scifi and anthropomorphic subject matter. She now lives out her days in Colorado doing artwork for herself or updating her webcomic, Altermeta, in her spare
Corina Garza

Corina is a 25-year-old University of Texas alumnus in Austin, TX, who devotes most of her time to drawing, reading, her computer, and video games.
Joey V. Kan

Joey has graduated from film and animation school in 2003 and is now pursuing an animation career...
William John Morgenthien

William is a Network Engineer and long time veteran of Fantasy RPG's. Originally a commercial art and design major, he occasionally practices his skills with high fantasy images.
Katie B. McMillan

Katie needs to update her gallery.. but visit her anyway! Inspire her to do so! Please?
Derek L. Hand

Derek is busting up a Starbux...
Maja Ilisch

Maja is a 25-year-old librarian, bookseller and writer from Cologne, Germany, who can not only handle the pen but also pencil, chalk, and watercolours, as she's desperately trying to do her own illustrations.
Michael John Rowland

Michael I enjoy Computer games,reading(Big Tolkien Fan) and drawing fantasy art, specifically dragons.
Mike Simon

Mike is a web-designer, game designer and aspiring comic book/fantasy artist.
Myra Ann Miller

Myra is an artist who enjoys drawing fairies, dragons, and the like.
Javier Ojeros

Javier is a student of computing that loves the beauty of the elv women.
Raymond A. Reynolds

Raymond is a young forties artist, who continues to rediscover the joys of art and his talent.
Thyme Burns

Thyme Loves to write poetry, books and dabble into the land of fantacy art.
Tommy (tijir) Reynolds

Tommy is a grumpy ol' dragon.


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