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Fantasy and Scifi Art Gallery 60 at Elfwood.com

Glen Allen Forbes

Glen is one of those sort of loner types that isn't really. He dabbles in several forms of music and -attempts- a semi-sorta-almost anime quality to his art... up to those that see it how well he does. His favorite color is green and he suffers from chronic bore
Devin Michael Higgins

Devin is a lover of J.R.R. Tolkien. He loves to draw and make computer art(Fantasy of course). He thinks that you should view his page. Come on. You can do it!
Angela Maria Iennaco

Angela She is a high school student who would like to become a professional illustrator
Kyle Patrick Anderson

Kyle Is a drummer who reads the same fantasy novels over and over, and dabbles in art, no matter how bad it may be.
Kevin McRoberts

Kevin is a jerk. A real knee-biter. He happened to draw some stuff, though.
Mik Burns

Mik has fun with his art, and acquires the drift of many sci-fi and fantasy genres.
Rachel Horrocks

Rachel is a girl who likes water creatures as well as creatures with wings, who wishes she could draw and quickly fly/swim through all troubles.
Marie Del Rio

Marie is a Dr. Pepper drinking, anime watching, roleplaying freak whom most people call Ree. Marie has been an avid fan of fantasy and her current works are influenced majorly from her husband's roleplaying system Dawnfire. Marie is currently brushing up her arti
Tracey M Glenister

Tracey a mother of three who started to do fantasy art after visiting elfwood.
Meghan Hetrick

Meghan is the world's biggest procrastinator
G H Trace Webster III

G H wanders, but is not lost.
William A Clayton

William has long been drawing and painting, inspired by the magic he sees all round, in this wondrous creation we share.
Holly Dawn Bascombe

Holly is a computer graphics art student, who loves all aspects of the fantasy realm
Brad Hill

Brad loves rpgs, drawing, and talking about Brad in the third person
Wendy Crystal Clark

Wendy is a very strange person who dabbles in fantasy/sci-fi and fan-art, and spends more time doodling than doing actual work.
Daniel R Williams

Daniel Illustration Student goes CRAZY! News at 11!
Ingrida Indrasiute

Ingrida is a computer science student, who loves magic and fantasy
Katie Slone

Katie enjoys smelling Kroger.
Laura Lee Young

Laura is a 19 yr old Computer Science and Graphic Arts student who has more creature doodles in her binder than notes.
Lisa Nicole Jordan

Lisa is a 21 year old computer geek who has a thing for pencils. And drawing. And pretty colors.
Matthew Garrett Brown

Matthew is NEW and IMPROVED!! Can draw cute Anime Eyes now! Satisfaction Gaurentied . . Garentied . . *looks in a dictionary* . . Guarantied (what a funny way to spell it.)
Patricia Pierce-Phillips

Patricia is a self taught fantasy artist living in Colorado.
Jessica Calderwood

Jessica rocks like dinosaurs.
Katherine Blair Sedia

Katherine is the typical absent minded youth, dabbling in art inspired by her gaming. From Dungeons and Dragons to White Wolf to NERO.
Tanya Ross

Tanya is meandering about Davis trying to refind her creativity.
Tom Martin

Tom Is a big-shot artsy guy who draws. there you go.
Erin 'Blue (-Hobbit)' Hitchcock

Erin is an obsessed-online-game-player, social phobic,introvert who's addiction for 'escapism' has led them down several interesting roads...one just happens to be art..:D
Jason David Cripps

Jason Is an 18 year old college student who can't Help but be enthraled by the mystic side of art. Hes only been drawing for a few years, but he loves to do it. He has recently taken up Computer Colouring and editing.
Hernan Barreiro

Hernan is a crazy guy who is writing a storyboard for a comic book, about elfs, dragons, Orcs, Goblins, Jumps, Ogres, geants, Devils, and much more...With the help of his great friend Raphael Glutz. You can judge by yourself! more drawings coming soon...
Benjamin T. Bowes

Benjamin is a wanna be artist and current highschool student. He enjoys long walks on the beach and candle light...Ooops wrong bio! I like to draw.
Julie Thompson

Julie Lives in the Great Wet Northwest, the Puget Sound area. Works as a head framer, and sidelines in illustration and fine art.
Nike Oehme (aka LadyMin)

Nike is back from the dead :)


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