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Fantasy and Scifi Art Gallery 68 at Elfwood.com

Larz Haygood

Larz Is 28 years of age and truly belives that Elvis is still alive!
James H. McNeil

James is a student attempting to beat his way through the tumultuous path of society in an attempt to become a fantasy/sci-fi writer. He loves his family very much though he rarely sees any of them any more. Most of the work featured here is a part of his epic en
Kayleen ´Katarina´ Connell

Kayleen is an art school graduate who specializes in anthropomorphic art.
Louise Nolan

Louise A figure fights her way to the front of the line to see what's happening. A red eye'd leopard scowls darkly at her as she pushes in front of him, before shuffling a little closer so she doesn't get jounced by the crowd to much. A hollow faced blonde man giv
Laurie Leigh Wendt

Laurie is an inspiring fantasy artist who loves mermaids.
Marcus Holmgren

Marcus is just a person interested in drawing.
Meghan K. Ferguson

Meghan is staring out at you from the underbrush and licking her chops.
Marie Strømdal

Marie loves vampires and elves,fairies and imps,Pepsi and Sprite.
Melina Baldwin

Melina Your average teen with a big imagination...and mediocre artistic abilities...
Michelle D. Vargas

Michelle is a hyper youngin' with a wild imagination. She RPs a lot and her gallery consists of many of her RP-type characters. She would like it if everyone came to view her work. Now. Immidiately. Are you commin' yet? You better... why are you still reading this?
Michael feeb May

Michael is a fella bent on pursuing a career in fantasy art.
Derek J. Olson

Derek is a High School Junior that loves to draw and is currently working on a Sci-Fi comic book.
Alexander C. Orian

Alexander likes to draw anime and make people extremly happy
Raven W Amos

Raven is a college student attending the Art Institute of Seattle who loves to warp dragons, anime, and anthropomorphics into her own unique creations.
Emmeline Foo Wen Li

Emmeline is a Biology student with her head stuck permanently in the clouds--this is not necessarily a bad thing . . .
Ann M. Wolfe

Ann is a High School student, who's interests are in computers, graphic art, comic book art and anime.
Zoe Maree Zanos

Zoe is studying to be an Art Therapist who draws fantasy art to keep herself sane.
Daniela Barreto Kufner

Daniela is a graphic designer who loves drawing human characters in all kinds and is a big fan of elves and dragons!
J.B. Ong

J.B. is nothing more than an above average student who just draws and draws and doesn't do his homework. Not only that, but he plays too many computer games at home... not really, but it sounds bad enough.
Julia (Shishi) Bakes

Julia likes ramen a lot. A LOT.
Nakatomi Yuzuha

Nakatomi loves to delve into her own world of imagination through her art, a sacred place where things are not always what they seem!
Audrey Walker

Audrey is a fantasy mud and rpg player who enjoys drawing her characters and the characters of her friends.
Christopher Nadeau

Christopher is a high school student who draws fantasy art based in a land of his own creation.
Aila Kantoluoto

Aila is confused about the future, but doesn't forget to smile and get paint all over herself.
Billy R. Jones

Billy is struggling to perfect his art style.
Chris Heil

Chris is a computer technician who love to draw and loves to look at different art especially here in Elfwood.
Danny A.J. van den Brink

Danny is a student who likes to draw stuff in his spare time (its cliché, but just enter my gallery, aight? ^_^)
Kai Bjørnar (Chrono) E. Nordli

Kai is the kinda guy u find stuck behind a desk drawing for U PEOLPLE!!!!He luvs girlz...and more girlz..and his Chico(cat)
Emily M. Ranney

Emily is a junior English major at Grinnell college who is a self-taught artist and hopes to save up the $$$ for art school some day.
Erinna Ford

Erinna dabbles in traditional art, (drawing, painting...) but her main artform is turning photographs of people into fantastical faeries portraits, without the hassles of costumes! Come on in and have a look. If you want to have your portrait transformed, contact
Cynthia L. Porter

Cynthia is fascinated by the natural world, fantastical worlds, and dreams. She is obsessed with the colors purple and teal and it sometimes shows in her work.
Britani Ogden

Britani eats babies


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