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Fantasy and Scifi Art Gallery 71 at Elfwood.com

Michael Tresca

Michael is a writer, communicator, speaker, artist, and gamer.
Tristan jones

tristan is just a regular guy who like to draw in his spare time (he's a much better writer, though). He would greatly enjoy if you would come inside and comment on his work.
Urban Seann McLafferty

Urban Full time student at the International Fine Arts College of Miami. He is studying computer animation.
Ali Solenarian Van Dam

Ali lives up a tree in the middle of England, sleeps by day (ie when at work) and awakens at dusk to roam the deepening shadows in search of chocolate. And stuff. Mostly stuff.
Brandalyn 'Sky' Adamy

Brandalyn is a full time student, (of course, she's in high school!) that writes her own novels and creates the wonders of her imagination on paper.....
Jeffery Blascyk

Jeffery is an aspiring artist and writer. founder of cybershaw studios
Anke Katrin Eissmann

Anke has been totally enthralled by the works of J.R.R.Tolkien from the first time she encountered them and has tried to visualise scenes and characters ever since.
Roger Dale McCutchen Jr

Roger Just a guy that draws (and another thing, just call him Dale)
Jason Gaska

Jason Is an Artist of Crazy illusions and Mystical Art which is then relate to the Court of Fears.
Grallian M. Harbaugh

Grallian is a high school studant who draws cause some guy told him he was good at it.
Gina Schroeder

Gina is an amateur character artist and author who wants to get paid for it.
Heather L. Bufkin

Heather is a half-baked chocolate chip cookie with a chibi chip on its shoulder and a tendency to scatter incomplete drawings as it walks. ^_~ Fairies, Angels, Demonesses, Anime/Manga
Jason Lee Hall

Jason THis is stuff i draw that are fantasy related with a touch of anime and soon to be up will be more pics.
Jocelyn M. Baker

Jocelyn Is 18 and moving off to Trinity College this fall. She enjoys drawing, pole vaulting, music, and reading fantasy books.
Karissa Danae Muggli

Karissa is a young woman who loves fantasy, both art & writing.
Laura Elaine Hack

Laura is a high school graduate! Finally! She's also a choir freak who loves any kind of fiction, especially fantasy. Extremely attracted to 'pretty things'.
Danielle Marie Hicks

Danielle is a high school student,likes to draw unrealistic creatures.
Rens van den Bergh

Rens do not enter this gallery! it's mine! all mine!
Angela kookybat Rosquin

Angela should draw more and play less video games...
Sean Beacham

Sean has tried frequently to jam himself into fantasy books. Alas the only outcome is a major headache and a ruined book.
Tamara Willis

Tamara is a high school student who enjoys art.
Johan Thärnström

Johan is the man not the monkey!
Timothy P. Blanchard Jr.

Timothy is a tired old, lonely creature who sometimes gets lucky, managing to coax artwork onto paper.
Elizabeth Popolo

Elizabeth is mostly inactive.
Maggie Anne Palmer

Maggie is a University student at UPEI, Canada. that loves art and fantasy... and more
Amy *AzzieChan* Jago-Ford

Amy is a highschool student who is usually up to 'no good'
Kimberly M Clemens

Kimberly is a 16 year old senior in high school, and enjoys art, music, and science, and will someday become a *gasp* Psycho-Biologist! *dun dun dunnn...*
J. Wesley Mahurin

J. is an air traffic controller in the real world, and a pencil slinging warrior in his own mind.
Katherine M. Fox

Katherine is a young little girl who cant do anything having to do with art but she tries her best anyway
Cole *hollow* Naveed

Cole is a schitzo musician who loves to sing, play violin, her acoustic 12 string guitar, and draw in spare time.
Jennifer Katherine Powell

Jennifer Is a full time student, mom, wife, and employee. She is a very busy person!
Daniel Harris 'Hyptosis'

Daniel is a college student who constantly works to better his art. While having done some pro work, he still considers himself an amature at best.


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