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Fantasy and Scifi Art Gallery 80 at Elfwood.com

Sharon Kelly Adams

Sharon Is a college student, (yes scary that they let insane people in to higher education)who still believes in Faeries.
Chen Daizhong

Chen is a guy who tries to draw ever since small. Too bad he aint got talent.
Nicole Y. Tavres

Nicole Is a poet, storywriter, painter, sculpter, animal lover...and of course a person ;)
Erin 'The Artist Twit' Kerr

Erin is an insane puppy with a slutty male fallen angel for an alter-ego.
Katharina Kaudela

Katharina is waiting for satori
Ryan Button

Ryan A simply loser in life who tends to like to do a tad bit of anime. :P
Stig B. Autzen

Stig is a young engineer from Denmark, who mostly do sketches and sometimes add colours on computer.
Jimmy Leung

Jimmy is a person who loves to play basketball... and draws during his spare time...
Megan Proverbs

Megan is in the Place of Death, just pottering around...
Mårten Hellström

Mårten is a father who likes to draw pictures to his little daughter
Aaron Weaver

Aaron is a level 8 programmer/analyst who wants to dual class to be an level 1 artist.
Shanna Eide

Shanna is a 20 year old goof that likes getting messy to her elbows in art stuff.
Dyhan K. Dennis

Dyhan Is inspired by the world everywhere - there's art and there's beauty in everything ~ look around and see for yourself
Ella Williams

Ella is finding her own style - or not as the case may be....
Patrick mark morris

patrick i am 40 years of age at the moment doing np tec ill. have apartner called joann two kids alys and rhys and thats about it
Robert H Madison Jnr.

Robert is a part time artist and writer hoping to enhanse the universe ..or at least live in it at peace
Cristy Ann Ballard

Cristy "My hand thinks I'm an artist, but my heart knows I'm a poet." - Conor Oberst
Katy Richard

Katy is a math major and tech-support person who draws anime-ish fantasy to keep her sanity.
Vitia Simone

Vitia wants your soul.
Stephanie Rose Orlowski

Stephanie is a student who draws whenever she can.
Jorgen Stoevne

Jorgen is a gamemaster with norwegian accent and bad grammars. But he likes to draw!
Victoria Dreijer

Victoria is a solitary individual, with an unnaturally attraction towards angels and dark elves/Drow.
Sangchan Suwannasorn

Sangchan is a lady who love to draw many style of art, comic, manga in many gender: Fantasy, horror and even erotic...she love designing web page as well.
Evangeline 'Sweetfires' Cheng

Evangeline is an Elf who slums as a Uni student. She's heard of this magical quality called sleep and she seeks for it. She draws too, other elves, the occational human and apparently angels too.
Kristie K. Tatton

Kristie is a bubbly gurlie who loves to become lost within her art, especially fantasy art.
Safraz A. Sattaur

Safraz is an 18-year-old college student with a little time and even less talent who loves The Wheel of Time, comics, and his mommy.
Jamie Ludovise

Jamie worships the Grand High Lemon.
Nina A. Perry

Nina is somewhat of a fantasy nut! well..duh. She a nature loving type, favorite animals including wolves, Big Cats and of course all the wonderful creatures of myth!
Sam Jones

Sam likes to draw.
Kasi M. Lewis

Kasi was once chased by a fifty-foot chicken. Kasi is still traumatized.
Carlos A. Ayala Jr.

Carlos A student who trys to do what he can do best in his art.
Sandi Louise

Sandi is a university student who enjoys the art of anime


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