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Fantasy and Scifi Art Gallery 83 at Elfwood.com

Rick ~SodaBeast~ Strehlow

Rick is an engineering student in university who draws and designs worlds in his (ill-used) spare time.
V Maran Coady

V , that's me!, is a University student, majoring in English (cause I'm good at it) and Creative Writing (also cause I'm good at it). She draws/doodles when she is supposed to be taking notes in class, and rarely ever else. :) She is happy to be a member of E
Laura A Stace

Laura is a student who (possibly foolishly) spends far too much time doing maths homework when she would rather be sitting drawing
Myles A. Goneau

Myles Is still wandering around on this side of the barbed wire fence...So be careful
Nathan M. Rosario

Nathan is currently working on MMA fighter websites and doesn't spend much time drawing fantasy characters anymore.
Werner Mueck

Werner is currently illustrating cards for Champions of the Galaxy wrestling card sets as well as making the odd comic and fantasy drawing, and teaching community ed drawing through the local college.
Matt Morris

Matt one day plans to live in the sky.
Ashley M. Eiffler

Ashley Hi all peoples who read this!!! I'm a 15 year old student in the USA. I like to draw to anything that i can escpially during class when i'm bored. You probally won't believe me but i got an 'F' in art last year. I'm inspired by things i see on movies or in
Mattias Bergström

Mattias hasn't uploaded new stuff for closing on nine years. Time has come to change that.
Melissa Rani

Melissa is alive and well and lost.
Phillip Watson aka 'SpiderMoon'

Phillip is looking the avenue in life that will best suit him and his art.
Patricia So

Patricia is a nice little 14 years old girlie who likes to draw!
Ronan Mahon

Ronan is a funky munky
Timothy R. Ramsier

Timothy is a college student who enjoys martial arts and fantasy art.
David Burström

David a student who likes fantasy.
Sandra I. Gaeremynck

Sandra is a college student who likes to draw.
Cathleen 'Mangacat' Hsu

Cathleen is a rare type of something or other that likes to draw (anime/manga style). Despite her gentle appearence you should not feed or stick your fingers in the cage. You may, of course, look at some pictures that are lying around.
Steffi ´Vahilor´ Kunkel

Steffi likes to draw Dragons, Noxanians an characters from her Roleplay Sessions or books she read......
Malin Hultgren

Malin ,is this lass name. Come, take a look in her gallery...
Ana C. Massone (A.K.A. Betiel Lorean))

Ana Enjoys a lot to draw since ever. Her speciality are dragons, but likes to draw all that comes to her imagination.
Kiel Magdzik

Kiel eats more slurpees than he can count. Come visit his odd little world of surrealism.
Morten Riis Svendsen

Morten is a pencil and CG artist who specializes in anime and semi-realistic style.
Noel I Romero

Noel does not know where to go for good coffee, or which soda gives the most caffeine.
Mandi 'Panda' Page

Mandi likes to ride horses, write short stories(working on her first longer one), doodle on homework, read during teacher lectures or lessons(always depending on her best friend Stef to know wut ta do dun cha know!!), and of course, loves to draw, paint, and just
Greta Höög

Greta is a girl who just want to draw as lovely as everyone else, but at the same time is searching for a style of her own. which she hopes she will find. someday soon.
Peter Xavier Price

Peter is a Tolkien illustrator.
Mr cicack

mr is a man who loves women,beer,football and drawing.the order changes from day to day.
Cameron O. Niebuhr

Cameron Just an artist with alot of 'undeveloped potencial'. Likes to draw but doesnt often.
Alannah Chemay Sadler

Alannah I have just three words: Major art freak.
Jason J Cambier

Jason is a working slug who would rather be an illustrator...
Renee MacQuarrie

Renee Art has been her life, she stopped for a while and is going back. Fantasy and Neo-Classical Human form are her thing.


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