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Eric Piper

Eric is a professional driver who started dabbling in 'Wax Art' a few years ago and became instantly hooked.
Brittney D. Litton

Brittney (O_o)->Is a high-school student that likes to step out of the real world and into a Utopian dream. She is interested in writing a book some day and illustrating for it, perhaps even becoming a real artist....someday!
Nicholas Anthony Hayes

Nicholas (22 years old) leads a dual life between wilderness survival/ earth living and roleplaying/videogames. He somehow finds the time to draw once in a while as well.
Doreen kaufmann

Doreen is a girl who find her inspiration most on and in Newspapers like screenfun
Kristina M. Cookson

Kristina is in love.
Alayna Marie Hoffman

Alayna is a junior at Utah State University, studying costume design with intentions to eventually have a historical costume manufacturing business.
Amanda J Macleod

Amanda is a 22 year old, auto electrician, car fanatic, who has been working on imported nissans for 5 years and plans to start drifting with the second silvia she has.
Yeechi Chen

Yeechi is a physics graduate student who is looking to make her doodling more than a simple hobby.
Danielle Sylvie Taylor

Danielle mostly focusses on fantasy artwork, but occasionally spits out something cyberpunkish or gothic-y.
Benjamin Brian Chambers

Benjamin loves to draw manga style characters and use computers.
Daniel Wilke

Daniel is a passionate artist who loves to draw beautiful fantasy characters
Emily A. Ficner

Emily is a information sciences and technology major who doodles while she's suppose to be working.
Erick E. Mendez (Mushi X)

Erick is an RPG Designer and Animator, specializing in character design. He now has a website, www.crystalbreakfast.com.
Jade Carter

Jade is a 15 year old junior in high school who is experimenting with anime type art in her free time.
Jennifer Ngo

Jennifer is not in the mood to write a short bio
J. īKythera' Contreras

J. is the one your parents warned you about.
Kike rodriguez

kike is a illustrator work of graphic designer from barcelona
Bill White Jr.

Bill is a tattoo artist with a passion for illustrating fantasy and surreal settings and characters.
Emily Kirsch

Emily is one of the rare people that hasn't been drawing all her life... but likes it nonetheless. She also wonders if you'll check out her library instead.
Suzanne Ahlin

Suzanne dont know what to write
Claire Suver

Claire is a random person who happens to like to write and draw. But mostly draw. Why do you care, anyway? :)
Hadria Beth Hermele

Hadria is your typical whimsical, red-headed, fairy obsessed artist
Philipp Seeger

Philipp is a software engineer from Germany trying to do some drawings
Christopher Heisserer

Christopher is the coolest person you could ever meet online. His distinguished identity shows to all his awe-inspiring intelligence and conventiality with his peers. (yeah yeah, he's a little full of himself, too)
Shelby L. Arnold (Mariel)

Shelby is a homeschooled 16 y/o artist that likes to play around with drawing fantasy art
Emily Anne Rowley

Emily while waiting for her sweetheart, doodles things in Photoshop
Henrik 'Caldorean' Karlsson

Henrik Is a young student who haven't made to many things. Is drawing just for the fun in it.
Alessio 'Tipostrano' Armanetti

Alessio Some creatures and landscapes, from the world of my immagination
Randy Cervantez

Randy is but one pebble in the river of time. There are many views of the same world and another is only a cick away.
Dustin 'Draeven' Hotomi.

Dustin -loves to draw, game, and socialize and engage in enlightening conversations.
Andreas Roeder

Andreas is a freelance Artist, he create pictures with computer, pastel, oil, airbrush and pencils.
Cristina Stefania Colombo

Cristina is a young medical student who usually wastes her time role playing, drawing and fencing instead of studying!


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