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Elfwood is the worlds largest SciFi & Fantasy community.
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Elfwood is the worlds largest home to Fiction, Sci Fi and Fantasy art!

Where else can you find a world where everything is possible, where dreams become reality and where creatures from your imagination come to life?

 About this site...

Fantasy is an escape to a distant, wonderful world of legend inhabited by elves, faeries, dragons and other mythical beasts. It's also a world of magic, great adventures, mighty battles and quests against the dark, evil lords.
There are three major ideas behind this site;

Thomas Abrahamsson, the founder of Elfwood, would like to thank Massimiliano Bertuzzi and Robert Orta who inspired him to start the site. If you are an amateur fantasy artist, we would love to feature some of your work on this site. Please read our joining page for further information.


Elfwood is a huge home to Fantasy/Sci-Fi art and literature. In respond to feedback from artists and viewers, Elfwood has expanded its site to cover a full range of Art, Fiction and How-To Guides. It is tightly controlled to stay within the SciFi/Fantasy theme, as art or stories depicting other motifs are not accepted.  We host a wide range of original artwork to behold and inspire, and exciting tales to tantalize the imagination.

The growth of Elfwood has been tremendous since its humble beginning in May 96. (Founded 1st of May 1996).

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SciFi Fantasy: 25659 Members, 434332 Items.
Written stories: 5760 Members, 35767 Items.
FanArt: 3454 Members, 32363 Items.

A haven and creative platform which invites everyone interested in fantasy.

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" Elfwood's mission is to provide a place for amateurs from all over the world to share, teach, and inspire a new generation of dreams."
We strive to promote the creation of art and fiction as a serious and meaningful hobby for the young generation, introducing them to painting and writing, helping them to create their own material and finally giving them the option to publish what they have created. This is a value we cultivate at the site in relation to young people. It is our goal to continue our work with young amateurs in the field of art and fiction.

 The Future

Our vision for the future is to further expand the site, offering space for even more artists and writers, while keeping the site easy-to-navigate, informative and entertaining. We intend to keep Elfwood as a free-to-join site, without any fees or strings attached, giving new and upcoming artists an unparalleled opportunity to publish their material here.

 Where is this site located?

Since September 2007, Elfwood is a small swedish company, formed in order to support its future development of features, support and hosting. Elfwood started as a project by the private person Thomas Abrahamsson, a member of the academic computer society Lysator, in Linköping, Sweden. Between 1996 and 2007 it was only financed by donations and run non-profit as a Lysator member project.
Elfwood is handled by a crew of members (our moderators, and the ERB) who help us run the site. They kindly donate their time to help us get a great site with good support and moderation times.

 Who runs the site?

The small company Elfwood AB with the help from several nice people.

For any business enquiries, please look at our business page!


Elfwood™ is a site for Fantasy and Science Fiction art and stories. The site was founded by Thomas Abrahamsson and is maintained by helpful assistants and moderators, owned by the Elfwood AB corporation.