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* An all new Elfwood coming
   Monica :-) at Sat Mar 8
If you have followed Elfwood on Facebook you will have noticed that we're working on resurrecting Elfwood into a brand new site. We're all working very hard on it and are very excited to show you the new site and let you all play with it. You can follow ...  -->More

* Wanted: Wyverns Library moderators!!
   Monica :-) at Wed Jul 11
We are in need of more moderators, since Elfwood is in constant growth. We're currently looking for moderators for Wyverns Library. Requirements: You must be at least 18 years old. You must have a published account, preferably been published for...  -->More

* A new prince
By Thomas :-) at Sat May 12
Last week, the prince of Elfwood was born. Welcome, little Alve Abrahamsson! ...  -->More

* Elfwood Support not working - what to do?
   Monica :-) at Thu Jan 26
Support is currently not working. The new server messed up some things, so we're currently working on implementing a new Support system. If you need help you have the following options: Write a comment below this message. If you mark it as "Private", th...  -->More
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 Recently tagged favorites
"I love this art"
Lotus Davis tagged 'Storykeeper V2' by Selina Fenech.
"The art is amazing"
Lotus Davis tagged 'Pearl Princess' by Selina Fenech.
"this is amazing!"
David Chauvin tagged 'Something Ancient.jpg' by Harri Honkala.
"Flawlessly done"
Genalee Simon tagged 'Ocean Song' by Selina Fenech.
Genalee Simon tagged 'My Lost Love' by Selina Fenech.
"There's a lot of emotion and I always have a soft spot for Dark Elves ^_^"
Gaku Gakusangi Sangi tagged 'Half Drow' by S. Austvik.
"Wonderfully done concept"
Charlotte Ahlgren tagged 'setanta_by_caelicorn-d64150y (1).jpg' by Rochelle Green.
"Absolutely lovely"
Charlotte Ahlgren tagged 'agentsssdisclaimer.jpg' by Rochelle Green.
"lindo traje!"
Maria J Diban tagged 'Floating Lights' by Selina Fenech.

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Allison Theus loves to world build and create bizarre animals, twisted critters and otherworldly beings.
Relk Snap Lovecraftian
Bacon Fu Vulf Sentient

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Amandah A Peting has finished her book, now in the process of publishing it. Not self-publishing it, but not exactly going through a traditional p
A Moral Decision The Nekomata
Fall of the Phouka An Escape

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 Tutorials of the day...
   • An Introduction to Markers
   • Villains: *Bad* Bad Guys and *Good* Bad Guys
   • Coloring with Pastels - part 1
   • Figure drawing: Basic Pose and Construction
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