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Moderators Choice (highlights) guidelines for Pictures.

The purpose of the moderators choice (aka as moderators picks or highlights) is to show images that go above and beyond our expectations, to promote unique, creative and high quality art that clearly fits in the Elfwood area genres.

  1. Images selected should show a high level of artistic quality. Exceptions can be made for pictures that shows a highly creative subject and/or has elements that goes far beyond what is normally seen in the Elfwood submissions.

  2. Try to spread the love around: Do not pick the same artists time after time again...

  3. Selected images can be any medium or style, as long as it is in genre.

  4. Selected images must fit the rules for the area. Please double-check this if unsure.

  5. Borderline pictures can be picked, but only if they have a fantasy/sci-fi feel to them. Please double-check this if unsure.

  6. Avoid unfinished pictures and sketches. Help promote finished art.

  7. Do not give a moderators choice award to the same user ID two uploads in a row (separate gallery areas don't count, they could get one in the art area and then one in the FanQuarter, for example).

  8. Do not give a moderators choice award to two pictures in the same upload.

  9. The pictures that are chosen must be well presented and correctly cropped.

  10. Be careful to pick pictures with correct descriptions. The description should either tell a story about the picture or give details of how it was done. Pictures with descriptions like "wow! I drew a thing!" or "OOOOOHHHHHHHHH Bishiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!" should never be considered.

  11. Pictures given mods choice must be a new picture, not just a re upload of a picture already on Elfwood.
    (If we start handing out mods choice to older versions, the risk is that they start reuploading the same pictures over and over just to see if they can get mods choice with them, which would greatly increase our workload.)

Moderators Choice (highlights) guidelines for Stories.
Rules for Moderator's Choice in the Library

  1. The structure and composition of the submission. It should not have vast amounts of white space in different locations throughout the work... spelling and grammatical errors should be low... 90% or more of the font should be of the same size, and of a readable size (some size differences to show different creatures, etc.. is fine, but should not be all throughout the work), etc etc..

  2. It should have a definite focus into the approved elements.. fantasy, sci-fi or supernatural horror. It should not have any question about whether it's in genre or not.

  3. You, the moderator, should have enjoyed it. Don't just pick a MC because the queue is empty.

  4. Time between Choices.. use common sense here. Typically, there should be some length of time between Mod's Choices. A good rule of thumb would be at least a month and a half to two months between MC's... but it will be up to the individual mod's descretion. No one should have a MC on every ticket they submit.

  5. If in question, lock and ask for comments. This should become second nature if it hasn't already done so (and for most of you, it has, and that's a *VERY* good thing!!! :). In any situation where you don't quite know, *ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS* lock and ask. 0

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