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General Rules

Welcome to the General Rules page for Elfwood. The rules below apply to all areas of Elfwood where applicable. Please note that each area of Elfwood also has its own individual rule page.

 Your Elfwood Membership / Account
 * Elfwood requires that all users have a last name, as well as at least the first initial of their first name. You are also allowed a nickname to be featured within your title. Nicknames and UID's can't have inproper words/phrases within (racist, drug abuse, crime-inciting etc.). Pen names are allowed as long as the pen name sounds real, and the real name is given in the "Personal Secret" box, which can be found in "My Account" under "Personal Details". All users are required to have information within their short bio as well as long bio.
 * Membership is free.
 * Elfwood does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, or ethnicity. Elfwood does not allow shared accounts. All users are solely responsible for their material. You are only allowed one (1) account per area.
 * To protect minors and their private information, you must be at least 13 years old to have material published on Elfwood. For more information on the The Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA).
 * Users must be alive when signed up for Elfwood. If needed, please read our section about departed members.
 * You are not allowed to embed images, forms, buttons, and other active HTML in your bios or any other description box. Links are allowed, however within reason. Please do not insert smileys from other websites because they are copyrighted and can not be published at Elfwood.

 Profile Picture
Your Profile Picture may not be explicit (excessive gore/violence or sexual content) or offensive. If the picture you're using as your Profile Picture wasn't created by you or you don't have permission from the original owner, then you will be asked to remove it if we receive any complaints from the original owner.

 Forbidden Content
As a PG-13 website, there are a few things Elfwood will not allow anywhere on the site, including in comments, descriptions, images or stories. Material containing the following will be rejected or removed, and repeated offenses can and will result in action by the ERB (Our staff)

 * The Big 3: Elfwood has three words that we will not tolerate beyond this point in any form (partly censored, alternatively spelled, abbreviations etc.): Fuck, Shit, and Cunt. We will not allow excessive use of foul language in submission either.
 *  Images or text depicting rude gestures, illegal drugs, extreme violence, extreme gore, sexual situations that seem to a point of being pornographic, and sexual situations involving minors, are all prohibited.
 *  Censoring of any of the things above while making it still obvious what it is you are censoring is not acceptable.
 *  Nudity is acceptable.
 * We do not allow any form of bigotry/racism/hatred among users in relation to the real world. Views held by characters of the fantasy world are to be held by them and not an extension to express one's own hate.
 * DO NOT ENGAGE IN FLAME WARS! If a user is bothering you within the comments or you find their material violates the rules, report them to the ERB, but DO NOT strike back.
 * Copyrighted Material: Elfwood will not allow users to use copyrighted material, logos or designs without permission from the copyright holder. At the same time, we will not allow users to recreate someone else's work of art, except if it's considered a public domain work. Stock photos are to be used within the means the original artist has given permission for. This means if they allow use of the stock only within that particular site, then it is not to be posted here without stated permission. Stock can be used for referencing or copying, but it must not break the rules set by the original artist. We require that the user provide a link and if permission isn't stated at the link, then it be stated in the description that you have permission to use it in that way.
 *  Elfwood will not tolerate any activity that is illegal, abusive, use of material containing viruses or corrupt files, or material that inconsistent with the values of the spirit of the Elfwood Project Community.
 *  Elfwood will NOT allow links in your Elfwood account that promotes any of the above.

 General Guidelines...
Although founded in Sweden, Elfwood is primarily an English speaking website. We will allow non English words but not entire stories in another language. For our users and moderators convenience we ask that you inform us in the description what language it is you are using if it isn't English.

 *  For all quotations, we require users to cite who and what they are quoting from.

 *  A special note on Pern artwork. Anne McCaffrey requires that EVERY picture that is from her series must have the Pern trademark ™ in the picture description. If the information is not there, the picture will be declined. Additionally, Ms. McCaffrey has said that no slash pictures what-so-ever are allowed. All Pern artwork should go into your SF/F gallery. http://www.annemccaffrey.net/fan-fiction-rules.html

 *  Other Works Tab: The Other Works tab is a place for members to post their material that:

Each section of Elfwood will have it's own Other Tab next to the main section. Users that don't have anything published in the main section will be allowed to upload a max amount of 10 items. Normal users with published content in their area, will be allowed a maximum amount of 50 items to upload to their Other Tab, while Patrons will be given a max amount of 75 items.
Items placed in the Other Works tab can be placed there by the user, OR a moderator can select to place the item there rather than delete it from Elfwood, if the moderator finds it unacceptable for the area it is being published.

 Photo Rules...
Photographs: You can use photographs in your art if: In all cases, you must state you have permission from everyone in the photo, and link to the original photo if available online. This has to be done in every picture description.

 Quality Guidelines
Elfwood is a place to display your artwork; given this, make it presentable to be displayed. Before sending the image to be published for the world to see, take a minute to consider cropping, brightness/contrast, saving in a suitable format and compression. Not only will this make your image much less likely to be declined for quality issues, you'll be learning how to give your artwork the full effect of viewing that it deserves.

One requirement for all artwork submitted to the SF&F area are that they follow some clear quality guidelines. The picture below is formatted correctly, and was used by permission from Sarah "Gealflings" Trumpp.


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