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 ERB Mini F.A.Q.

(Q) "Isn't limiting the content as to what Thomas consider fantasy completely biased and completely against what fantasy is?"

Yes, in some ways it is. Elfwood isn't going to change, though. Elfwood is kept within Thomas' definition of fantasy & sci-fi, and if you can't cope with that, please don't use this site. You are free to open your own site and publish whatever YOU feel is fantasy.


(Q) "I think it's better to allow pictures/stories that fall outside Elfwood's themes."

That's nice.


(Q) "Why do you keep picking on me?!" (Q) "Why won't you leave me alone?"

If this is not your first visit from the ERB, chances are you either did not remove your art when you were first asked to, or you did remove them, only to re-upload more inappropriate art. Follow the rules and you will stop hearing from us.


(Q) "Why did you disable/suspend my gallery/library?"

Galleries or libraries are only disabled or suspended if the ERB's request for you to amend something is not fulfilled in 1 week. In some cases, we suspend it first and tell you later. It is your responsibility to make sure your email address is up to date and we can contact you if anything like this arises. Simply go to the extranet to do the changes we've requested, click "Apply" and you should be back once the moderators proccess your ticket.


(Q) "But I never got any email about what I did wrong!"

We recently discovered that Hotmail delivers ERB mail into the Bulk Mail folder. We're not sure if other web-based clients do this but just to be safe, take an extra step in ensuring you can properly receive email from us by filtering emails from the sender erb@elfwood.lysator.liu.se into your In-Box.


(Q) "Why are you telling me to take my picture down now? It's been there for the last 2 years!"

The works breaking the rules were not found until now. If they had been found sooner, they would have been removed then.


(Q) "How come I have to remove my picture? Everyone else is putting the same kinds up and you didn't ask them to remove it." (Q) "I see a lot of people putting up the same thing. How come I have to take mine down?"

Please tell us where the pictures are and we'll correct that.


(Q) "But everyone else is doing it!"

This is a very common but very wrong excuse. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't make it right. If you've seen many others breaking rules, please report them and we'll take appropriate action.


(Q) "Tell me why you removed this artist's art!" (Q) "Why have you taken down the pictures in the gallery of my favorite artist?"

That artist must have broken the rules.


(Q) "I've been a member of Elfwood for the past 4 years. I deserve more respect!"

If anybody deserves more respect, it should be the person who created, programmed and maintained Elfwood, in addition to putting up with thousands of emails from people who are dissatisfied with how the site is run, how late the updates happen, people who never read the FAQ, people who think Elfwood owes them something, and people who forget that Elfwood helped THEM. Let's not forget who makes every effort to make sure Elfwood stays online when financial or disk space shortage happens. And how long has Thomas been doing this? Longer than anyone else has been on Elfwood.


(Q) "He is the one who stole/copied my work! Why am I the one getting warned?"

If you have been accused of stealing and you can prove that you own the original artwork (the original computer files, or a higher res scan of the original artwork) please let us know. When we see two pictures that are very similar it is hard for us to know which came first and often we can only go on the information we have been given.


(Q) "If you make me take those down, I'll leave Elfwood!"

If you wish to leave Elfwood at any time, for any reason, you are free to. We don't keep anyone against their will.


(Q) "I'm sorry if none of my art belongs in Elfwood. Please delete my gallery for me." (Q) "I don't agree with your decision in making this artist remove her work. I'm deleting my gallery/library in protest."

You can delete your gallery or library by logging into the Extranet and clicking on Tools & Utilities. There is an item there called "Leave Elfwood". Click on that and your gallery will be removed.


(Q) "Can you tell me how to join?" (Q) "Just wanted to say hi!" (Q) "You have a great site. Keep up the good work!" (Q) "My gallery won't update! Why??" (Q) "What is the URL to the extranet again?"

We will NOT respond to these kinds of messages. Read the FAQ, sign the guestbook, or find out the correct place to direct these questions.


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