About Elfwood

What’s new with the Elfwood makeover in July 2014?
Read this separate FAQ with all the release information and questions.

Who is running the Elfwood site?
A small team of people in Sweden. The site is owned by the company Usify AB.

What’s a moderator?
A moderator is a trusted member of the Elfwood community that help maintain the culture of the community, assist beginners and shape the future of Elfwood.

Contact and support

I found a bug or the site crashes - how do I contact the Elfwood staff?
Please send an email to support [a] elfwood.org

I signed up a long time ago with an email I don’t use any longer. How do I get access again?
Please send an email to support [a] elfwood.org with information about your account and we'll try to help.

How do I change or reset my password?

Using the Elfwood site

Is there a limit of how many images I can upload or stories I can publish?
You are currently able to upload maximum 500 images. There is no limit on stories.

Can I publish photos at Elfwood?
Yes, it is allowed to post photos besides art, however most users use it for photos of sculptures. Elfwood is primarily not a community for photography.

Is watermarking my artwork images allowed?
Yes. Feel free to watermark your images.

Is “bad” language in Stories ok?
If a story violates one of the criterias in the Elfwood terms of service it may be removed. This includes language that is racist, abusive, deceptive, profane, slanderous, offensive, or inappropriate, including explicit pornography. All stories that are removed are left with a comment.

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