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Fantasy Art Tutorials in the FARP Section

Wed Feb 6 13:07:21 2008
* Discussion Forums
Now you can discuss FARP related questions on Fantasy and SciFi painting and writing at our Forums. There are severeal boards dedicated to these topics to be found at http://forum.elfwood.com/viewforum.php?f=13
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   /Thomas :-)

Thu Jan 17 21:15:51 2008
* Work For Hire
Lost article found again! It sounds innocuous, but the term 'Work For Hire' is one that every artist should know backwards and forwards before they sign any contract. This article By Ellen Million is now again listed and available at FARP, after being... well.. lost... Go Read!
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   /Thomas :-)

Thu Jan 10 08:53:09 2008
* Cleaning up the FARP
I am currently cleaning up all FARP articles, making sure they are readable and follow a shared style, and that they're acredited to the right elfwood member and placed in the right area, etc, etc. This will take a while,but I am already through all of the Art sections, now working with the writers section. I have noticed that the FARP area has lagged behind, that's why I am doing this. The next step would be to implement a new process on how to get new articles in place, etc. //Thomas
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   /Thomas :-)

Wed Dec 5 16:02:46 2007
* Help Elfwood to Improve
The tutorial section, FARP, has always been a much appreciated part of Elfwood. We are going to make it even better and one of the improvements will be to feature tutorial type film clips in the tutorial section. There are already many good ones at youtube.com, and we are going to display them in our tutorial section. Now we would like tips on nice YouTube tutorials that align with our tutorial section and would be useful for our visitors. Here is an example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpSqCr8P1Hs&eurl=http://www.elfwood.com/farp/airbrush.html If you want to submit a film clip tutorial yourself, just upload the clip and send us the link for review. Please use this mail address to propose clips: farp(a)elfwood.com Thanks//Kenth
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   /Kenth :-)

Wed Sep 13 19:53:08 2006
* Finally an Update!
I've been really sick. Sorry you guys missed a month of update because of it. To make up for it, I've posted all the chapters of the "Create a World" tutorial
Chapter 5 - Let There Be Lights in the Sky: Astronomy
Chapter 6 - Let the Land Produce Living Creatures: Zoology
Chapter 7 - Let Us Make Man in Our Image: Anthropology
part 1
part 2
Chapter 8 - The Rest of the Story
Also in "The Writing" section
Building Stronger Story Themes by Timothy Pontious
Writing Stories in Verse By Aubra Penner
And in "The Art" section an interesting gouache technique
Painting with Gouache Relief By Juliet Howland
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   Michael Liljenberg :-)

Wed Aug 2 11:16:45 2006
* New Tutorials Posted
Sorry about missing the updates last week, but we're back on schedule!

In the Art section

Coloring with Corel Painter's Oil Brush by Alvina G. Lee

(all you Painter artists out there, we could sure use more of these!)

In the Writing section

A short and sweet article on Creating Worlds by Emma Lydia Bates

and the next chapter in Michael Liljenberg's "Creating Science Fiction and Fantasy Worlds: Chapter 4 - Let Dry Land Appear: Geology
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   Michael Liljenberg :-)

Mon Jul 17 23:03:50 2006
* New Tutorials on FARP

July 17, 2006

    In the Art Section
  • Skin Tones by Stephanie Shimerdla

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   Michael Liljenberg :-)

Mon Jul 10 17:48:20 2006
* New Tutorials!

July 10, 2006

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   Michael Liljenberg :-)

Thu Jul 6 13:52:59 2006
* New Tutorials!
Added Three New Tutorials

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   Michael Liljenberg :-)

Tue Nov 15 20:22:27 2005
* FARP RSS Feed active
We will finally get FARP to move again. I also made this RSS feed available so you can keep up to date with the changes!
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   /Thomas :-)

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