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Fantasy Art Tutorials in the FARP Section

Photoshop Color with 3D effects

By :-) Ulises Rosas Garcia

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Now create a new layer, in this one we will create the first part of the armor...

Use the same settings that 'skin' layer and then apply a paint bucket with a light blue, this one will be our background color...

Darken the blue and do the dark part of the armor, as usual, keep in mind the light source and do the shades acording to that...

Now switch to white and do the bright parts of the armor, as we did before in the skin layer with the skin color of the angel...

Use a neutral blue to difuse the white with the dark blue and then switch into another layer...

Create a new layer, this one for another part of the armor, like boots and funny clothes...

Use another blue color as background color, remember that the procedure is the same that those made in the skin layer...

As we did before, start with the dark color and then switch into white, make the bright zones and then difuse all with a neutral color...

Use another layer for the hair, with the same settings that those we made before...

Use the same procedure that we use before, darken the color and then switch to white, then use a neutral color to balance the pic...

Create a new layer and apply the color to the remain parts of the drawing, I use absolute black with a white touches in this one...

After that, create a new layer with the same options that we did before, in this one we will correct all white points and a few parts where the color don´t fill the draw, use the brush tool with a small point to do this, change the opacity to 100% and the flow to the same, remember to change the option to normal into darken in the brush option too...

Now the eyes!!!, for this, I use two layers, one to make the white part and another to make the color part of the eyes, you can skip this using a single layer and switching in the darken/normal options of the brush...

Now the tricky part!!!, layers are independent, so you can change the stats of one without messing the other, so... use the Brightness/Contrast option and change the stats of each one of the layers to create more light and bright to the skin, hair and armor!!!...

How is it?... looks good... now you can flatten the entire image and switch into another step...


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