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Fantasy Art Tutorials in the FARP Section

3D Mixed Media, Using Support Programs

By :-) Ulises Rosas Garcia

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Import the DXF in Bryce and put the stair next to the wall that already has been created, adjust in order that no blank space will be visible, after that, select a material, I chose Wet Asphault...

Now create a cylinder, and put in the left side of the model, (but in the front row). Why?, well, we need a prop that justify the light in the pic...

Select a material for the cylinder, I choose Stone/Wood...

Create a Sphere and put in the exact top of the cylinder, put the half top of the sphere out of the top of the cylinder...

Select the sphere and click in Object Attributes, then select Negative in the value object...

Now select the cylinder and choose Object Attributes and then Positive in the value object...

Select both objects and group them... why?, if the sphere has negative and the cylinder has positive, then the sphere will 'disappear' in the top plane, but the low plane, where it fits inside the cylinder, will leave a hole, this will be useful later...

Now choose a sky, I always like the dark, mysterious places, so this was my choice...

It´s time for light, create a normal light and put in front of the model, (we want a dark and mysterious pic, not a black background...)

Go to Light Lab, (just press the 'E' in the light menu) and there change the light into pale blue color and adjust the bright to 15 and put in difussion setting...

Keep doing this until the light fall naturally in the composition, you can add as many lights as you like, (without burning the pic), I use three lights in these positions...

Go to File, Document Setup and use this settings:

Now save the image in JPG format, (and then use any other program to convert it into PSD format, we will need this in the next step in Z-Brush...

FARP Article Guestbook

31 Jul 2003:-) Laura J. Bayless
Some of the links in this tutorial just take you back to page 2 ^_^ But the whole tutorial can be viewed by entering the next higher number in the url link. If that makes sense. Great job.
22 Aug 200345 Telvin
Just wondering why you used Bryce and Poser for your programs? They are about as kiddie-toy as you can get, especially Bryce. I admit that Poser has a few redeeming factors, but not enough.

For any actual building of your own models, and not just using the presets, it is easier to use a professional 3D program, like Lightwave or (**Shudder**) 3DS Max. Or, for those who have issues with Kazaa (although Bryce and Poser aren’t free either...) Blender 3D is fantastic OpenSource freeware.

I know this was written for first time users, but all the same, if they want to go beyond this tutorial, they are going to have to dump these programs anyway.
18 Apr 2004:-) Brittany Elizabeth Kuppin
Honostly, Telvin........the tutorial is for Poser, because Poser is relatively easy to learn.True, I myself prefer Vue D' Esprit, but Poser is not 'kiddish it is a very convienant easy to use software, and you can get fantastic results with i if you know how.
6 Aug 200645 Emily <mmacc@acc...au>
It is fun and u no
24 Aug 200645 Anonymous
The LINKS to pages 4,5,6,7 are INCORRECT. Please fix.

Manually they are:
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