The History of Elfwood

May 1st 1996 was the day Elfwood saw the light of day. Created by a man named Thomas Abrahamsson, the original name of the project was Lothlorien and mainly focused on high fantasy art made by amateurs. On Elfwoods first day it held art from three artist, and Thomas being one of them.

In August 1997, Elfwood opened up its Extranet. Before this all new art had to be emailed to Thomas who had to manually add the art but with the help of the new Extranet users could manage their own accounts. On the 26th of October, Elfwood celebrated its 10,000 picture. The increase of members then lead to a halt for new members to join that November as the workload became a bit overwhelming, but would soon open up again.

The years passed by and on February 16th 1999, Elfwood celebrated 1,000 artists and became one of the world’s largest online art galleries.

On February 26th 2006, Elfwood set a new record with 100 000 unique visitors in one single day and also celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

In 2007 Elfwood acquired the domain and is from this moment on hosted outside the Linköping University. Elfwood transformed from a noncommercial project to a Swedish company and started to gear up for future scalability, development and financing. On the 28th of September Elfwood launched several new functions for their members to build a greater and tighter community.

In January 2008, Elfwood found itself in need of help, as Thomas’ life required his time elsewhere. Mostly he needed to take care of his new family. And so a caretaker was needed and that caretaker came in the form of a Swedish company called Usify. Ever since then Usify has been responsible for keeping Elfwood alive on their servers. Usify always wanted to respect legacy and culture of the community, and so in late 2013, a project began forming at Usify to bring Elfwood into the light again - To try and give Elfwood a fresh start by gathering a team that could rebuild Elfwood from the ground up and help bring Elfwood into 2014 with a new look and feel. The solutions that could meet more modern demands and technology but also give the members of Elfwood something new. After lot’s of late nights and really hard work, Elfwood is now what you see before you! And we who have been part in creating Elfwoods new site hope you as a fan can say that you've found your new home for your art and that this is where you have your kin.