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Elsa E. Sjunneson (aka Raven S. Silverwing)

"Into the Moonlight" by Elsa E. Sjunneson (aka Raven S. Silverwing)

SciFi/Fantasy text 3 out of 4 by Elsa E. Sjunneson (aka Raven S. Silverwing) .      ←Previous - Next→
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the beginning of a werewolf saga involving a pack that sues when attacked.
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Into The Moonlight


By Raven Silverwing


 As I walked through the midwinter woods of Oregon,  the crystallized crunch of new snow under my feet was one of the few noises that I could hear along with the rustling of the trees. My breath blended in with the wind, making its dragons breath upon the air. An owl in the distance hooted softly like that of a distant train. The scraping noise of my jacket as I slipped my hand into my jacket for my mittens. A shriek from far off sounded into my little clearing  The sound was of a small child on a tobaggin.  Suddenly, I heard something quickly running towards me in the snow. Its feet holding very little weight. Then the noise stopped, and silence reigned supreme for a moment. A haunting sound followed, one single note: a howl.

That one howl was joined by a second, then a third then a fourth. From the way I heard it, I was surrounded by the wolves.  The crunch of their paws on the snow was like a thousand people on a busy snow covered street.

The sound of ice cracking in the distance could be heard  as a  bear thundered through the forest came towards myself and my brothers and sisters, the wolves.; The notes of the wolves sustained, on and on in time they flew. Never ending noise; and then another note joined, it was not another wolf, it was a higher less animal howl. I had joined the pack.

That was the night before everything changed. Before I discovered things I really didnt want to know. But let me begin by telling you a bit about myself before we jump into the story eh?; I was a 15 year old half Irish half American girl with a certain penchant for writing, drawing, and acting. I also had (still do) a taste for magic.;Never underestimate people, even if they ARE shorter than you are. You see; I had an IQ of 145.. Probably still do, although with all the strange things that happened I;m not sure.  Might be that I’ve messed my brain up a bit. Anyways, I was in Oregon for winter vacation; My family always came here every other year for what they call Christmas and what I call Yule. My dearest friend and I were talking the day before I left about how I should howl with the wolves while I was there. Just do it for him.  His name is Dolph and a better friend I could never find. I trust the guy more than you could ever know. My name? Rhiannon. I know its an odd one, but I am truly honored to have it. My father died, like a soldier, although he didn’t work on a battlefield like you should expect, 

My father was on the battlefield of illness. Sadly he was the loser. I met Dolph 7 years later, a nightmare torn 14 year old girl with a really bad nervous breakdown reflex and a tendency not to trust people.  But.... well I'll get to how this all changed in a little while. I had never seen him in the flesh before this story begins... so lets begin eh? I headed out of the forest quickly, knowing if I were caught my grandparents would throw a bloody fit. 

 I was thinking about my friends Dolph, Sharra, Kistie, Violet, and Chasti. ;"Ah well.. " I muttered to myself "they're all having a nice Rhiannon free vacation..."  How wrong I was. As I headed back to the house, I heard another person on the path. After seeing "Bone Collector" I wasn't taking chances. ;

"Who are you, I'm armed!" I called out, I disliked the idea of having to defend myself but...”

Attack Me? Your friend? I thought you were a bit nicer than that Rhiannon..." a voice came from a few feet in front of me, my vision being bad enough to prevent me from seeing them. But I knew who that was... after several very long phone conversations..  I knew EXACTLY who I was standing near. But I didn't want to believe it...  Well that was until he walked up in front of me. it was Dolph. Taller than I am, with chestnut hair and brown eyes, he smirked at me for a minute.”

“No excited 'Hey its you!'s?" he asked dryly;

"Bite me" I replied sourly, the moment spoiled.

;"You sure about that? Cubling." I just glared in response.

"You know the deathglare doesn't work on me Rhiannon" he responded.

"Blast it all.. I keep forgetting" and I dropped it.

"What exactly are you doing outside so late?"

"Taking a walk"

"Yeah right and you fly"

"When we have the... "

"Yes I know that! At any rate... You should be at home. In bed. Asleep But while I'm out here... are you sure.. about the bite me thing..?"


;Then my dear friend shifted into a werewolf form and bit my arm. Now... I wasn't expecting my best friend  to do  this to me. I also was not expecting the amount of pain that I recieved


Chapter 2



;The next time I was fully conscious was the next morning, in a hospital room, with my arm throbbing so much I was ready to kill something. When I saw the reason for my pain sitting right next to my bed.

"Finally awake?"


"Well duh, you asked!"

I couldn't dignify this with any response, probably because I simply didn't have one. So instead of waiting, my friend kept talking.

"the first few hours are the worst.  It's like the worst case of the flu you've had in your life."

"great... Just great... and I've had pneumonia" he just chuckled.

"I can get you out of here as soon as you're not so ornery"

"I'm NOT ornery:

"There you go again"


"Once this sickness part is over, it's gonna be fun."

"Oh really? Wait.. I'm not a ... a werewolf.. am I?"

"Yep. Oh and I;d be careful. The Nurse from hades is here"

;"Not HER..." The Nurse from Hell was part joke part not. Dolph and I hadn’t met, but after some serious discussion we had discovered that we had dealt with the same person at one time. This nurse there who.. well.. she's a bit insane really. If it hadn't happened I might not have believed it myself. I was also not about to believe that I was a fairly young werewolf.. so I just stared at him for a moment before beginning another conversation.

"Couldn't you have done that some other way?"

"What? say "hey give me your arm so I can inject you with werewolf spit?' you wouldn't have believed me"

"You underestimate me"

"Maybe so, but we should get going, your grandparents were very worried when I said I Needed to get you to an ER." He said this quickly and handed me my clothes, then he walked out.

;A very short few minutes later I was sitting in the passenger seat of his car, experiencing the worst case of the flu I had ever had.

"Gaia... can we pull over.. I think I'm going.... " That was when the nausea started.  I think I still owe him for the cleaning and he STILL won't let me ride in his car before the full moon.

"Rhiannon!" My grandmother shouted when we got home "A friend of yours came over while you and Mr. Silver were out. She's inside"

"The last thing she needs right now is..." He froze, recognizing the person coming out of the house.


"Come on, we have definitely got to get you into bed" Dolph pronounced as I slowly got out of the car. He came over to my side and picked me up. "Violet, Rhi’s a bit ill right now, I don't think she's quite up for having fun today.. she'll be fine tomorrow. Both of us should head off"

"I've got two guest rooms" My grandmother offered.

"I'll take one.. she's got to learn what she's dealing with.. " Dolph's sentence trailed off, pointedly.  Then I fell asleep, knowing the best idea was to do just that.


Chapter 3



;The next morning I woke up, put on my clothes, and felt perfectly normal. Perfectly, normal. Right...  Like I'm ever normal. I find myself constantly being reminded of my "abnormalities" as the Dursleys would call them. Yes, Like Harry Potter as you might have guessed, I too am a magic worker, hadn't you guessed that Dolph is one as well. He's my teacher, a shaman.  Yeah... so what if I'm a shaman? stop staring at me. So I walked into the living room to find several people smile and say "Hi Rhi" all at once.

"Morning Dolph, Violet, Sharra, Kitia, Chasti, thats everyone right?"

"Precisely." Dolph replied after sipping his coffee.

"So.. what exactly is going on? "I asked.

"Pack meeting" Violet replied.

"a wha?" I asked

"Weeeeelll.. You know those wolves you saw last night?" Kitia began...

;"Please.. don't finish that sentence"

"We have to... You see.. this is a werewolf pack" Dolph said with a smirk.

"Your werewolf pack to be specific" Sharra put in.

"and I need your dues" Chasti said.

"What dues? we don't HAVE dues" Violet retorted.

"Werewolf pack dues? Gaia don't even say those words..." Dolph commented again. I just stared at them in disbelief.  A million different things rushed into my head about what had happened to me, what was I? what was I going to do? was there anything that could kill me? Then the usual voice of reason spoke up again. He saw the look of sheer panic go across my face.

"Easy there cubling, right now your body thinks it's fighting a disease rather than accepting a gift.  This part of the change isn't easy.  Nothing worth having ever is." Dolph said reassuringly, gesturing for me to sit down. "Now pour yourself some coffee and listen to what we have to tell you"

I just stared at him. Having no bloody idea how to retort, respond, even just mutter something, I stayed silently shocked.

"Being a lycanthrope is a gift, not a curse like so many writers have portrayed it" Sharra said.  I nodded numbly

"We're all strain Alpha here, which means that we have full control over all shifting. Yes Rhi even on the full moon.. however we decided on a little romp through the woods, when we found you, decided to have a little party of it, and I met you on the path. Thats when this whole saga started... Never say 'Bite me' to anyone without meaning it. Of course.. you can't be infected by another strain. " Dolph picked up.


"Wolfsbane and Silver are both very dangerous to werewolves health. We're dangerously allergic to both. Wolfsbane causes a fever high enough to kill, and silver... well I don’t think I need to explain silver Rhiannon" Violet explained.

"Alright Rhiannon, go back to sleep, you're tired, your alpha will guard you" and with Dolphs last words, I fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning, I would find a large wolf sleeping next to me, keeping me warm.


Chapter 4

I sat at my computer, thinking about everything that had happened. I had been insulted and ridiculed, I had been rejected by the school play. I had even been humiliated in History class. I was not in a good mood. I was writing an e-mail to a friend of mine when i thought of something my mother had mentioned to me about a week before. Something called.. what was it again.... RPG. Role Playing Games. I decided to give it a try. So I went into a room, and started playing, when lo and behold, Dolph Silver skateboarded into my existance. It was quite a shock.. his characters skateboarded up to mine and started talking about parchment coming out of a fax machine. I was wondering.. "what in Hades happened here?!"

;Thus the first of many amusing arguments began. It began with a very simple question, and ended only when I had to go eat dinner. I went back, and we started again, and the friendship began. It has lasted everything from a mistake, to 2 months of not speaking to each other. And the latter was something of a mistake. Of course I was also gone for half that time in England. 2 weeks. 2 blissful weeks.. But I digress in my own dreaming.

;Nevertheless, he and I became very close friends. and so our other friends became close as well. All of us were in a pack together now-

I woke up, shaking. "a pack.. I'm in a pack... " I sat up, discovering a large wolf curled up next to me, keeping me warm. I had no clue who that was.

"Good morning, feeling better?" the wolf looked up, that voice had by now been ingrained into my memory.

I blinked.

"Wolves... talk.. and furthermore.. Dolph what in hades are you doing in..."

 "I said your alpha will guard you.  And you were shivering something awful.  I thought this would help."

"Well it did, but you've honestly got to WARN me! I don't even know what an alpha is!"

"Leader of a wolf pack. I'm the leader of yours"

"Ah"  He shifted human again and moved off the bed.

"Now are you feeling better?" he asked, he was concerned actually..

"yes I'm fine.. Of course I'm fine.. and thanks for keeping me warm"

"No problem" He just smirked and walked out the door, quite on the amused side.

"I'm really not sure about him.. He's...No way to describe how much he can annoy me" I walked out of my room and was immediately accosted by the entire pack. "That might not be such a bad thing though"

"Rhi! we’re going on a run through the forest tonight!"

That was the last thing I wanted to hear.


Chapter 5


We all entered the forest together, my face rather pale, Dolph leading the pack, we entered the forest.

"Everyone, tonight we welcome Rhiannon into our group, I'd like her to shift first so we can all see what sort of a cute little cubling we've got"

"I'm NOT  a cubling' I protested.

"Yeah you are. "He replied.

Then I began to change.. envisioning myself as a wolf helped, and willing myself into that position.. soon I was no longer a two legged human, but a four legged lycanthrope. It HURT! I grew two extra legs! My nose lengthened into a muzzle, my head got flatter, and a ruddy tail grew out of my backside. claws replaced fingernails, even my vision changed.. as though I were watching a really old movie in black and white but the fuzzyness was gone. On the outside I had grown fur, I was as white as the snow in front of me. Only my eyes had not changed, they were still deep hazel.   My half blindness no longer mattered, I saw like the rest of them did.

Everyone around me began to clap before shifting into their respective wolven forms. Then Dolph began to run, and everyone chased after, spreading out into the woods, howling and dashing through the snow. No horses though. and most certainly no sleigh. I followed Dolph, since I wasn't quite sure what we were doing, when he turned around.

"You know.. you can just run off and play in the snow, when you hear me howl, then find me and join the howling, then we go home, after I've made a little notice if  I have to"

;So I ran out into the woods, the wind rushing past my ears. For the first time in quite a while I felt truly free. I stopped on the crest of a hill and howled. Just because I wasn't so bad I thought.. I kinda like this..  Unfortunatley the evening did have to end sometime. and so when I heard Dolphs howl signal I trudged back to the clearing.

;Everyone was there, sitting, watching.

"The moons going to go down in about an hour or two, and we should all head back.. are there any announcements or is this evening finished?" he asked.

"Just the one.. Who's the alpha female here?" I asked cautiously

"We don't have one" everyone chorused. '

"Alright then! To bed with the lot of you!" and with a swish of each tail, we departed to our separate places of residence.


Chapter 7


A very few short weeks later Dolph and I were at a library, he was doing some research for a chemistry paper, I was doing research on Mythology. Suddenly I thought of something and went very pale.

"Whats wrong cubling?" he asked, looking up from his book for a moment.

;"People... hunt.. wolves..."

"Yes. and?"

"What do we do if they hunt US?!"

"Threaten a lawsuit"

"So we don't disembowel the hunter? Oh wait.. thats manslaughter.. and its wrong."

"You'd be surprised little one, they don't expect a Lycanthrope to counter with a lawyer. it sucks.  there are too many ignorant morons out there with guns.  It's illegal to hunt wolves.  For us, we don't hunt humans.  Either way is murder"

"Yeah thats true"

We packed up our books and headed down the street, talking about the information I had gathered on the mythical Lycanthropes. I had even read something by Byron. You know, being a Lycanthrope wasn't so bad. I liked it, well... mostly.. but I still hadn't told my family yet, and this could be a slight problem since I had a very nasty little problem. My family was Roman Catholic. I am a pagan. Something is seriously wrong here. They don't like werewolves you see.. they think we're from the devil. and thus the idea that I'm evil was born.

We got back into the car, I was forced to keep my window open. and we drove back to my grandparents house.

:When is the next pack meeting?"

"Ah.. Good question.. I thought we'd meet tomorrow night. I saw a couple of hunters out today so I thought we should wait them out"

"Righto. seeya!"  I dashed out of the car as he stopped and then went inside, the cold air chilling me to the bone, but I was excited about the next evening to come.


Chapter 7


The pack assembled at my house at five o' clock that afternoon. It was time to explain this to the family. Everyone else’s families already knew, with one simple exception: Dolph.

;Everyones families accepted their change into a werewolf when they wished, and everyone enjoyed the fact that there was a small wolfie around.. well.. Dolphs and my families were both strict Catholic families that would think we were evil and probably have us exorcised. Neither of us wished to have this happen, however I needed to tell my family because I was a  minor. He didn't because he wasn't.

So the entire pack was sitting around in the living room, waiting to find out how we were going to explain this to  pair of hopeless Exorcist believers.

Finally my grandparents got home and everyone stood up.

"Hi Nana, Grandpa, I had something I needed to tell you.. Uh.... How exactly to explain this without it sounding like I'm completely insane?"

"Just say it Rhi, get it over with" Dolph advised.

"Alright... " My mind was racing again, not sure what to say, not sure what to do, I just stared at them for a moment before opening my mouth "I'm a werewolf and I'm not evil, I don't care what your bloody religion says, its not mine"

The entire room was silent.. before all the werewolves started to applaud.

;My grandparents were fine with it as it turned out, and soon the pack was eating pizza before heading into the woods.

"Honestly Rhi, you're going to have more fun tonight than you did last time. We're going on a pack run" Violet said through a mouthful of pizza.

"Eat with your mouth CLOSED Vi! Thats disgusting!" Sharra said.

"Honestly...  Why are you all so hyper. Dolph and Rhi aren't" Kitia asked in annoyance.

"Oh come on Kiti! Its a pack romp! Its supposed to be fun!" Chasti cried indignantly.

"Rhi.... did you observe any hunting activity today?" Dolph whispered to me.

;"Nothing at all alpha" I replied.

"Okay then, and don’t call me alpha!" he whispered back and then stood up "Time to go!"

At those words everyone, including myself dashed out the door for our little clearing, and soon we were all in wolf form.

Dolph ran first, followed by myself and Vi, with Kitia, Sharra and Chasti running at the side. We howled and barked and enjoyed ourselves immensely until I paused for a moment lifting my right paw.

"I think I heard something"

Then I heard the noise again.. and I knew we were in for it. It was the clicking noise of metal against metal. Hunters.

"SCATTER!" Dolph cried.. but at that moment the hunters opened fire.

"AAAGH!" Dolph cried getting hit just below his backside .Then I was hit, the silvery bullet went under my uplifted paw and passed into my left front leg.

was hit in the right paw, Kitia was hit in the tail, and Sharra and Chasti both got back leg wounds. Dolph got angry.

He shifted human, and was bleeding from his hip, limping over to the hunters, he snatched away their guns and glowered.

"We're pressing charges. and can I see your hunting license?"

The hunters looked terrified, they didn't know how to react..a wolf had turned into a man, and that man had just been bleeding from where the wolf had been shot... and that shot had...

"Blast" one of the hunters replied and ran off. I on the other hand was curled up on the ground nursing my front left leg. Dolph soon snapped at Kitia to get out her cell phone and call the paramedics.

In about 20 minutes we were all carted off to the hospital in ambulances.

"Rhi.. this is deja vu for us.. " Dolph said, smirking

"I noticed.. we're.. both shut again.. and both going to the hospital again... I seriously hope that.."

"The Nurse from hades can't be... "

"wasn't she fired for malpractice?"

"AAGH!" The paramedic was getting frustrated because the two of us wouldn't shut up. "CAN'T YOU PEOPLE BE NORMAL PATIENTS?!"

"No" was Dolphs blatant reply I could tell where this conversation would go if I didn't stop it very soon. Dolph.. was a Med student.. and if he got pissed off..  He could start lecturing this guy on patient treatment until all ends.

"Sedate Mr. Silver. Now" I said sharply before losing consciousness.


Chapter 8


As we all sat around a table, our different injuries shown by what was on us. Kitia was in a wheelchair as was Sharra and Chasti. I had my left arm in a sling, Dolph was using a cane. Nobody looked amused.

"Blast it all..  what on earth are we going to do!?" Vi cried, her right arm in a sling.

Dolph smirked, so did I. everyone looked at us patiently, wondering what on earth we were plotting.

"we've given him a subpoena. The hunters are going to court.. Only.. One little question.. " I explained

"Who on earth should represent us? I mean.. I can’t do it. I don't think like a lawyer. I should hope I don't.." Dolph said, his eyes shifting to look at me. I was sitting on his right.

"Dolph... don't look at me like that.... " I said warily, thinking I knew what he was going to say... Everyone else was looking at me the exact same way.

"Rhiannon Wing, Attorney at law. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! " he shouted, and started limping away, everyone followed suit.


Chapter 9


The day of the trial dawned early.. or rather.. I began the day by turning from my law book and blinking at Dolph who had a cup of turkish coffee in one hand, and a pile of neatly pressed clothes in the other.

"heres your coffee, and your clothes, I'll get your notes into your breifcase and you need to finish reading, wake up, and get out the door"

"Dolph.. I didn't sleep.. " I murmured sleepily , taking the coffee and sipping it.. "I barely even know what to do anymore"

"Yeah you will little cubling. and remember, once you've done this, nobody can take it away from you. Oh thats a quote by Cecil Parks" he said before walking out of my room. I put on the clothes and finished the coffee. I muttered a few obscene things about Dolph before picking up my requisite Honorary Law Degree and walked out the door.

"Hey Rhi!" Violet said from the kitchen "I've got breakfast almost ready!"

"Thanks.. what are all of you doing in my apartment and WHERE are my grandparents?"

"All very good questions I agree, you'll do fine on cross examination" Kitia said as she passed by with a stack of my notes from Law books.

"But nevertheless they have to be answered" Sharra passed by as well, carrying my overcoat to the door.

"And we shall. after you've eaten" Chasti finished, as Vi put the toast and more coffee (loaded with sugar I guessed) at the table with everyone elses food, we all sat down and ate. Dolph silently laughing the entire time.

"Alright cubling, I'll explain now. We're all here because we thought that we could help get you up by acting like a scary group of perfect people. Obviously it worked. Your grandmum is already at the courthouse vouching for your competency to work on this case. Along with several other people, and furthermore, You needed to see us before the case" Dolph said all this quickly seeing that the clock was inching closer to the tme when we would have to leave.

"Ok.. I wanted to ask you all one little thing... I'm going to have to examine you, and you're going to be cross examined. You realize that to lie in court is perjury correct?" I asked

"Yess... " Dolph said

"Whats that mean?" Sharra asked

"What she just said. To lie in court, Its a federal offence. You'll get thrown in jail for it"  Dolph interjected neatly.

"and furthermore. I'm the lawyer here. Nobody else says objection but me" I said sternly. I knew that they would object to this, but I really didn't care. Just then, all the "buts" started. and I ignored them. "Now we should get moving, the trial starts in an hour"

Everyone got up and moved out of the apartment, after locking the door I followed them into the car, and we drove off, Dolph at the wheel, for the court.

;"Shouldn't we just be pressing for harassment though?"  Sharra asked.

"Yeah.. But we're having too much fun with this" Dolph replied as we coasted down the street looking for a parking place.

"Blast.. they don't give lawyers parking spaces around here?" he asked.

"I'm under legal driving age, so I don't get one" I responded weakly.

"ah.. I see"

"Theres one!" Kitia cried as we stopped and parked.

"Everyone ready?" I asked nervously, looking up at the courthouse just a mere 20 feet away.

"yes, and the first thing to do is calm our Attorney down. You'll do fine. I know that" Dolph muttered as we walked into the courthouse.

"and you're good in rehearsal" Violet shot.

"Plus you look and talk like a lawyer half the time" Chasti said. Everyone else shushed her.

As we entered the courtroom I saw the representatives from the Dewey Cheatem and Howe sitting in the defendants side of the room.

"Drat.. I've heard they're good" Sharra muttered to me.

As Mr. Cheatem turned around he saw our little pack and walked over.

"This might be breaking the rules a bit but which one of you is the attorney?" he asked benignly.

"That would be Me. Mr. Cheatem" I replied.

He muttered something about the possibility that I had had a growing stunt at the age of 15 and walked back to his desk. We went up to the defendants chairs and sat down, I set up my desk.

"Okay Rhi, listen, He's going to do some dirty cross examining, so I'm going to recommend that you pay back the favor. and use Objection alot" Dolph muttered.

"How would you know?" I replied testily

"Remember Rhi, his dads a Lawyer" Kitia replied softly. Just a word of reminder.

"Right" I replied, breathing a slight bit faster than I had been before.

As I did this I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, I turned around to see my friends from school, Patricia and Severine. They were both grinning.

Sudenly the Bailiff got up and started talking " all rise for the honorable Justice Ashtad Perkinson" we all stood up and watched as a short little man carrying a gavel and in black robes walked up to the judges bench and sat down. He banged the gavel twice, and then he spoke " court is now in session, you may be seated" We all sat.

The Bailiff got up again. "This is the case of Silver and company vs. Byron and company"

"Miss Rhiannon Wing, please present your case" the judge said, and very slowly I got to my feet, Dolph pushing me up from one side and Vi pushing me up from the other.

"Your honor, Ladies and gentleman of the jury, The defendants client deliberatley attacked and shot at my fellow Lycanthropes, all of them were injured and all of them are still in serious pain. Manslaughter is when someone shoots unintentionally, and kills. However these men did not intend to shoot at my clients unintentionally did they, they used silver bullets My clients, had they not been treated as quickly as they had been, could have died. That is attempted murder. When you intentionally shoot at someone with the intent of killing them, and it doesn't work. My clients are peaceful Lycanthropes who never have the intention of killing. These men, were firing upon my clients with the intent to kill" Then I sat down, completely terrified that someone would notice my age. Suddenly someone spoke. It was the Judge.

"Uh.. excuse me.. did you say... Lycanthropes?"

"Yes your honor, I did say Lycanthropes. My clients are werewolves" I replied politely.

"Objection your honor! The plaintiffs counselor seeks to make a mockery of the court!" Mr. Cheatem pronounced nervously.

"You honor, I do indeed have proof of my clients abilities, may I present it?" I interjected.

"Very well.. if you indeed do have proof" the Judge replied to my relief.

"Your honor, I would like to call Mr. Dolph Silver to the stand." I said .

Dolph walked up to the witness box and sat down.  the bailiff walked over with a bible, then I saw trouble.

"Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?" the bailiff asked.

"Objection your honor.. My client is a Pagan" I said.

"I beg your pardon Miss Wing?" the judge replied.

"Your honor.. he doesn't believe in the Bible, he doesn't believe in your God. Let me do this" I walked over, struggling not to smirk.

"Do you swear that you will tell the truth in this court or else be willing to face the threefold law Mr. Silver?" I asked.

"I do" Dolph replied, smirking.

"Mister Silver, you are a werewolf correct?"


"Describe to the court, what exactly does being a werewolf entail?"

"Well I can change my physical form from the humanoid state to a more lupine state at will. At least that’s the case with my particular strain of lycanthropy"

"Fine.  Would you demonstrate please?"

"Oh boy this is going to hurt... "

Dolph walked out of the witness box and stood in front of the jury, slowly but surely, a tawny wolf appeared in front of them, rather than the rather tall man that had been there before. His brown eyes were the only thing that remained the same, he howled for effect.  The entire court looked stunned. I just smiled prettily.

"As you can see your honor, he is a werewolf. He's just fully human most of the time and we don't tell people these sorts of things. Lycanthropy is supposed to be kept a secret, not something to bandy about to the public eye, Mr. Silver you may change back now"

and so he did, and went back to the witness box.

"another question Mr. Silver, you are the alpha of your pack correct? what does that mean?"

"The alpha is the exact same thing in werewolf society as he is in regular wolf packs. hes the leader. I help take care of the pack and make sure that everyone is alright.I protect everyone basically"

"And when this happened during the run in the forest that your pack was having, you protected them when they were shot at?"

"That is correct."

"and furthermore Mr. Silver, when you approached the defendant, you were in human form and in no condition to attack anything?" I asked, warming up to this job. I liked it.

"OBJECTION!" Messers Dewey, Cheatem and Howe cried at once.

"I'll allow it Miss Wing" the Judge countered. The opposing attorneys looked disappointed. Dolph yet again smirked.

"That is correct Miss Wing, I was shot in the hip, I could barely walk on my left leg." Dolph replied.

I on the other hand was thinking, what could possibly happen next? OUt of all my reading there wasn't much that anyone COULD do to jeopardize our case. it was well set up, and not much could break it down.. as long as my clients behaved.

"Miss Wing? Any further questioning or may the defense proceed with the cross examination of your first witness?" The Judge asked.

"Ah.. Yes.. yes.. What is the relative effect of silver on the system of werewolves?" I asked a bit frazzled.

"Oh well.. it can kill"  Dolph said nonchalantly

"Thank you Mr. Silver, Cross examination?" I said, returning to my feet. Miss Howe walked up to Dolph, her eyes glittering maliciously.

"A werewolf you say? Aren't you dangerous?"

"No Ma'am"

"Then you have no craving for human blood or flesh?"

"No ma'am"

"Then you have no craving for blood?"

"OBJECTION YOUR HONOR!" I yelled from my chair standing up. "My client shifts into an animal that eats meat, but not human flesh. He's a law abiding citizen"

"sustained" the judge replied.

"Blast” Cheatem  muttered, Dewey just stayed silent, his nose kept in his book.

I just smirked, knowing my clients were intelligent enough to know what they were doing.

"Mr. Silver, my clients allege that you took away their guns when they shot. This is considered assault. Do you agree to this?" Ms Howe asked.

"I'll admit to taking their guns, but Ms. Howe, even as I walked up to them, they were getting ready to shoot another round at my pack" Dolph explained in exasperation.

"Alright Mr. Silver...." she looked as though she were struggling to find a new question to ask.

"Is there an alpha female in your pack?" she asked.

"No, actually there isn't. "He replied.

"Mr. Silver are you married?" Ms. Howe asked.

"OBJECTION YOUR HONOR! Thats so bloody irrelevant! Thats just... "

"Miss Wing! Thats quite enough. You may proceed counselor" the judge said.

I sat down and sulked.

"No Ms. Howe I am not." he said with a slight bored tone in his voice.

"Is there anyone that would care for you?" she asked next.

"Yes actually there is"

"Then you may very well have a wife at some point?"

"Possibly so possibly not. This seems highly irrelevant""

She decided to take another turn of attack, seeing that everyone wasn't getting where she had been trying to go with this, I think moreover everyone thought she was going to ask him on a date next.

"Mr. Silver, out of sincere curiosity, have you ever bitten anyone?" she asked shrewdly.

"I'm taking the fifth on that one"

"I assume that means that you have."

"No, it means that counsel has requested that I not answer that question"

"and why has your counsel requested that you not answer that question"

Dolph looked very confused for a moment before I saw what she was doing.

"Objection, she's confusing my client by twisting his own words!"

"Sustained Miss Wing"  We all sighed with relief.

"Alright.. I'm finished with questioning this witness" Ms. Howe said boredly. Having had her fun.

"Any more witnesses Miss Wing?" the judge asked.

"Many more to come your honor" I replied. "I call Miss Kitia Sarrasti to the stand"

Kitia wheeled up to the witness box.

"Do you swear..." the bailiff began to drone.

"Every bloody day"  The entire court with three exceptions burst into laughter. Messers  Dewey and Cheatem, and Ms. Howe looked peeved.

"Miss... Sarrasti... "I was struggling through some stray giggles "Where were you injured?"

"In the tail in wolf form, in the spinal cord in human form"

"And were you attacking anyone or threatening them in any way?"


"Why do you think you were shot at then?"

"Because I was a wolf. People think that wolves are bad, stupid really" Kitia replied.

"Why do they think that wolves are bad?"

"I have no idea. Its a very common misconception, almost as bad as the misconception that Druids do human sacrifices"

"And can you tell us some of the misconceptions about werewolves Miss Sarrasti?"

"Yes I can. They believe that we eat human flesh, they believe that we only want to eat human flesh"

"and that is not true?"

"No it is not."

"Thank you Miss Sarrasti, cross examinations anyone?"

"Only one question.... " Mr. Dewey asked, as he stood up.

"Are you aware that your counsel hasn't even passed her bar exam?!?"

"OBJECTION!" the entire prosecution bench shouted, standing up, even I shouted it.

"I have an honorary Law degree from the California Western School of Law" I took it up to the judges booth, he smiled.

"I already knew this counselor Dewey"

"Oh great..." Dewey muttered

"hoping they would shut us down werent you?"I hissed on my way to the prosecution box again.

‘You are finished Miss Sarrasti" the Judge said, and Kitia rolled back to us.

"Do you have any witnesses for the defense?"

"Yes we do, I would like to call Dr. Alexander Harborveiw to the stand" the opposition called, as a man with blonde hair and a white lab coat walked to the stand.

"Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?"

"Yes I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God" at which point he crossed himself. I made a small eeping noise.

;"Doctor, you are an expert on werewolves are you not?" Mr. Dewey asked

"Yes I am sir" the doctor replied

"and are werewolves bad?"

"yes they are sir"

"and why are they bad?"

"Because they like to eat flesh and blood"

"OBJECTION!" I cried "Homo sapiens eat flesh and blood of their own free will. I don't think its fair that werewolves are bad because they eat flesh and blood then are they?"

"Sustained" the judge said

"Doctor... Do you consider it a bad idea to kill werewolves?"

"Not at all. Werewolves are ill people. They deserve to die."

At this pronouncement, Dolph gripped my arm tightly, knowing just what I would do if he didn't. I would have gotten up and bitten the guy. That horrid man would kill people... I'd get him back later though.

"Thank you. Cross examination?" the opposition said cheerily, having no idea what I was going to do to their witness.

"Of course" I replied, sarcastically sweet in return.

"Hello Doctor Harborview, how are you this morning?"

"I'm fine Miss Wing, and yourself?" ‘Not too well, after all, you just said that my clients were diseased? How so? They don't go crazy at the full moon, they only bite people if they ask politely and if they are worthy of it"

"Miss Wing, are you aware that some strains of werewolves are dangerous?"

"Dr. Harborveiw, I just said that there are such strains, and you are not the lawyer in this situation" The court snickered. "and furthermore, my clients are NOT these strains. Now why do you consider them to deserve to die?"

The entire courtroom was silent, I was seething. NOBODY said that about diseased people. NOBODY. My father had DIED of a disease... he was wrong.

"Because they can infect others. Its dangerous..."

"Do you realize what you have just said? You just said that your patients could infect others, so why should they deserve to live? Why should ANYONE with an illness or something deserve to live if what you just said is true?"

Silence again, you heard a pin drop outside the courtroom.

"Uh.... " Dr. Harborview had gone pale. very very pale. "My... clients.... are... all.... terminal.. illness... patients.."

"And do you believe that they should die because they are ill and a possible danger to society?"

"No..  Thery are good people who deserve to live.  My patients are ill yes, but not ill in the way.... "

"What then, did you mean by Ill sir?"

"I meant... that they are mentally ill."

"How do you mean? all my clients are legally sane and have no sort of "illness" as you put it. They are good, kind people who would never wish to harm another individual without just cause"

"They believe that they turn into wolves Miss Wing!"

"Sir... I just showed the court that they can do so...  There is no denying it"

Dr. Harborview had nothing else to say.

"I'm finished with him your honor" and with that I sat back down.

"My next witness is Mr. George W. Byron He was one of the hunters who shot at the wolves."

The next witness looked quite a bit like our president, sadly it was not. I would have enjoyed questioning him on the stand. However that was not a job for me to do. My job was Mr. Byron.

;"Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?"

;"Not only that. I always swear to truth by the Bible. I read it every day"

"Oh Great.. a BAC on top of it all.. he's probably a SNERT too..."

"a what?" Kitia whispered

"Born again Christian, snot nosed egotistical religious twit" Dolph translated in monotone.

"ah" Kitia replied shortly.

The opposing attorney got up and sniffed gently as he walked to the stand, looking quite satisfied with himself Mr. Dewey then put an arm on the witness stand and began to speak.

"So Mr. Byron... You were out hunting with some friends and heard howling in the distance, terriified of being attacked by wolves you loaded your guns and prepared to shoot. Is this correct?"

"No sir. We were out there for the wolves sir, see we even use silver bullets in case they happen to be werewolves sir." Byron replied.

"Well then.. were you aware of the effects that silver can have on werewolves?" Mr Dewey asked, afraid that his client was going to say yes.

"Of course we do, we want the werewolves to die and go away. They're evil and don't deserve to live"

I leaned over to Dolph "Definatley not either of the two I mentioned, Mr. Byrons just an idiot"

"I noticed Rhi"  He replied

Mr. Byron continued to list off reasons why his group killed werewolves until Mr. Dewey finally gave up and sat down. I stood up and walked to Mr. Byron.

"Is it true sir that your hunting association is called the Lycanthrope Hunting Association?" I asked quietly, almost dangerously.

"Yes Miss, and why are you giving me that nasty look Miss?"

"Because you injured my clients, my clients might not have been here if you had succeeded in killing them. and did you intend to kill them?" I looked very dangerous at this point, my voice was very soft and hard. My friends on the side were looking terrified.

"Yes Miss, we had intended on killing them. if we had known that they would take this much offense we never would have... "  I cut him off there.

"Do you realize just how much trouble you are in sir? This is a major offence. You tried to kill, and intended to kill other human beings. Humans with the gift to change into wolves. Another question, how did you get those silver bullets?"

"I buy the silver bullets from a jewler, they're made for our group special like. as for the former, you've got a lot of nerve to tell an elder something like that you little... "

The entire court roared.

"Your honor ,I move to set down this case. Mr. Byron obviously has no concept of what he has done. I ask that the court gives him at least 5 years in prison for attempted murder. Thank you" I sat down, breathing heavily. The judge turned to the jury and charged them, and then everyone began to leave. Dolph just patted my shoulder and everyone got up to stretch their legs. I just sat there in the empty courtroom and thought. I thought very very hard about what I had just done. Hey, I should go to law school.


Chapter 10: I have a slight Breakdown


The smells of tea slowly crept into my nostrils, I sat up from my laying down position on two chairs in the courtroom and looks around, blinking my sleep encrusted eyes and wondering what had happened.

"Good work Rhi, the jury is still out and we've been out for 8 hours so far" I heard Kitia say from fairly far away.

"Drink tea and then think, don't bother her too much girls... she's still not awake enough to really comprehend what she's done" Dolph commented as he set a cut of tea down in front of me, I picked it up and sipped it, letting everything just happen. I was a mess, having no clue what I had slept through, I just let the world come back to life as slowly as possible.

"Good work on the case Rhi!" Sharra cried happily, Violet grinned and remarked something about how I should never become a lawyer.

"I don't know.. Law school could be where I lose my soul" I mumbled gently.

"Fifteen year old lawyers...Good Lord what will they think up next" Kitia commented as the smell of scones entered my nostrils next.  I shut my eyes for a minute before opening them again. I saw my fellow packmates sitting around the prosecution table, drinking tea and coffee and munching on scones.

"How long were we in court for?" I finally asked.

" You'll never believe this... 9 hours. Nobody called for a recess, nobody tried to adjourn. It could have gone on for days had they decided to let it" Dolph explained.

"If I werent so tired I'd think I had been asleep for 15 hours" I yawned

"You have been" everyone said at once.

"GREAT MOTHER IN HEAVEN!" I shouted. "then how the hell did the jury sit for eight hours?" I shrieked.

"They went home to sleep honey" Sharra explained. I noticed that everyone had realized just how fragile I was.

I looked at my watch. It was 9 AM as of the next day... December 27th..... I sighed gently, before realizing what day it was, and I slowly but surely began to put my head down on the desk, feeling ready to cry. Kitia and Dolph moved forward, followed by Violet, Sharra and Chasti stayed back, unsure of what to do. I just felt the saltwater slowly go down my face.

"Eight bloody years. I HATE this..."

"Hush.. its alright... you didn't need to think about it. Rhiannon, just breathe, you know you need to" Kitia said slowly.

Dolph hadn't said anything yet, which I was grateful for. I just knew he was there thanks to the hand resting on my shoulder. I shuddered breifly before coming up again, my eyes slightly dull and my face a bit on the haggard side, I looked at everyone.

"I have to do this. How long do you think 'til its over?"  I asked slowly.

"No idea. Look, we can at least ask for a little while so you can... " Dolph had to answer the questions on this one.

"I need to. Can we go now?"

"Yeah...  Just a second. Violet and Kitia, you're on watch here, Chasti and Sharra, field questions from the reporters, and Rhi and I are going to the cemetery. Thanks" Dolph threw on his coat and offered me mine. I threw it on and walked out of the courtroom, my eyes firmly set on the door in front of me. Dolph followed, car keys in his hand, and a rather odd look on his face. One of distinct worry. Nobody wanted to see me like this. Especially not on the day when we may find out who had won the trial.

We entered the car and drove, we drove for hours, and finally got to a place on the coast. It was grey out and horrible. I slowly took a breath and then walked towards a grave site on the crest of the hill. Dolph stood by the car, letting me do this myself, I knelt down and stared at the cross.

"Da. its been eight bloody years and you're still dead. Da.. I'm a student lawyer now, don't be scared... " I could feel the earth turn under me. "stop turning in your grave will you? I'm sorry that I had to leave you behind.. we moved to California.. We're no longer in oregon.. I wish we were, then I could visit more often. I... Dolphs still around. He's here today.. But I thought it best that it just be me talking to you... I should go now... " I made a quick blessing in the regular pagan fasion, calling to the four elements to protect my fathers grave... an iridescent glow surrounded the grave as I walked back to the car.

 "I feel better now" I said as I got into the car, feeling very refreshed;

"Good, because the jury’s back and they're waiting for us at the courthouse" Dolph replied, and the car started.

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7 Dec 200245 Derek R. Matteson
well I am surprised that I get first comment on such a good story.
I thurly enjoyed reading this and was very impressed with many of the ideas that were given in this. However somethings were a little hard to understand.
If I get the chance I will read a little more of your work and maybe sometime soon I will be on elfwood and you can read a bit of my werewolf stories.
10 Jan 200345 Micheal e. bell
I have to say this is a very good story. I enjoyed it very much i have written my own book called food for the dead . You such speak with a publisher
26 Jan 200345 Jared
Wow, thats about all i can say about this story. It took me a solid hour to read this and i must say, it was a hour well spent. Nice descriptiveness and very job well done on the court room scene. All in all, this was a blast to read and i look forward to more stories like this one
4 Aug 200345 Professor Wankbottom
A fine piece of work indeed. I especially enjoyed the campfire scene when all of the characters ate s'moreos, hahaha. Excellent, Excellent! True literary genius is not to be treated slightly, this belongs in hard copy on the shelves of Barnes and Noble! The vivid imagery filled me with such sexual joy that my man juice was ready to spring forth anew from the eternal spring within. My mother, however, was not pleased with my sea people all over the computer, and was still more disturbed not to find naked women on the screen, but your eloquent words. In short (not a reference to you know what, hahaha, i should have said In long!) it was a true spiritual experience indeed. Your words inspire me to new heights of ecstacy...literally.

love and kisses
-the professor
1 Oct 200445 Anonymous
i really liked this story. it shows that not all werewolves are evil. you should publish this story and continue it. Great job. though some parts were hard to understand. i liked the part when they are in court. it was pretty funny to see a 15 year old girl beating a grown up lawyer.LOL. keep up the good work.12
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