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Paul J. Doyle

"´Classical Dragon´s Lament´" by Paul J. Doyle

SciFi/Fantasy text 2 out of 13 by Paul J. Doyle.      ←Previous - Next→
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This is a poem about a typical, damsel-eating 'classic' dragon who finds himself besmitten with his virgin sacrifice, and therefore in a big dilemma.
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←- Chinese Dragon's Dilemma | “NO REST FOR THE DEAD, WICKED PHARAOH” -→


          By Paul J. Doyle

Your beautiful green eyes flash in fear

As I saunter my coils so near

You do not scream as virgins are wont;

You are far too precious to taunt.

You challenge morals I hold so dear.

I flick my forked tongue and smell your plight

You are not the only one, tonight!

I fail to understand why I must eat you

You charm more than the dragonesses I flew . . .

The Seeing One has lost his biological sight . . .

My yearning stomach grumbles for human flesh—

My priorities have become ensnared, enmeshed.

Hills of silver, stacks of platinum, towers of gold—

Love and unity are stronger concepts to behold

The passing matings are so distant, but so fresh.

The dragons are savage and fierce, but at what price?

After mating the pair breaks off; it’s never nice.

Humans are so fragile, so soft, so fleeting . . .

Yet true human love lasts for more than a meeting.

I yearn for a companion, but cannot break the ice!

You are so spirited, so beautiful and cute

Your wit and humor are of the highest repute

My keen ears have heard your captivating voice.

You present me with a terribly difficult choice—

You cast my entire existence into dispute!

My granting your freedom will embolden the slayers

Your preciousness strips away my primal layers.

I would treasure you, hold you so beloved, oh so dear . . .

Yet your mortality makes the hour of your death so near

My passion, begat by desperation, bubbles up and flares!

I need treasure and tributes to pass the listless hours.

My strength and magic have toppled many towers.

I have offspring who have generated offspring;

Love to an ancient is a momentous thing—

“Farewell. Forgive me. You are but a passing flower.”

As I purify you with my flame, my tears flow like a shower.

←- Chinese Dragon's Dilemma | “NO REST FOR THE DEAD, WICKED PHARAOH” -→

3 Aug 200345 Padfoot21
hmmm...definitely interesting. I think however, that I prefer the meaner dragon. Not the sentimental one. Your poem flowed very nicely.

2 Paul J. Doyle replies: "I personally prefer a morally complex dragon, but sometimes there's nothing quite like a little blood, destruction and mayhem---the "Godzilla factor"? Dragons are cool because there is no one way of "correctly" describing them as one might with a unicorn. So for every Draco you still get one of those beasties from "Reign of Fire". Thank you for commenting!"
6 Aug 2003:-) J (Proudfoot) Taylor
Excellent rhyme and rhythm. I really like this poem.

1 Paul J. Doyle replies: "Thanks! I never anticipated this poem getting so much feedback."
16 Aug 2003:-) Norma Peters
Well done! Now this is not only unique and thought-provoking, it's beautifully written. You've really gotten inside the dragon's head. I enjoyed reading his thought-processes, and found the rhythm to be delightfully original. Excellent work, Paul!

1 Paul J. Doyle replies: "Thanks, Norma! Most of my writing here on Wyvern's Library is silly stuff, or forays into stuff I normally don't do (like that "Stables" story). I don't even bother posting my really "good" stuff here (for instance---the novel I'm working on). The Santa Part One got the Mod's Choice (yes, the icon is back up!) but this particular poem has been getting a LOT more attention and feedback than I ever expected! Thanks again for commenting! The more people I get to talk to through these comments, the merrier!"
30 Aug 2003:-) Erin Redshaw
^_^ Love it! First of all, it's about a dragon, and I adore dragons, and second of all, it's just great. Yes, the greatness comes after the dragonness ^_^

I love the concept, I love you but I have to eat you. Man, that would be a great way to dump someone, wouldn't it? "I love you, but if I spend any more time with you I'm afraid I may have to eat you." But, I jest.

I love you stuff and would love it if you would come to my gallery sometime! ^_^

1 Paul J. Doyle replies: "Thanks, Erin! Thanks for coming by. I apologize for my unusually long time to respond; I've been very much caught up in everyday rat-race stuff. I just put in a new Wyvern's ticket (my Loth gallery is on indefinite hold) and will be visiting everybody soon. Two more dragon poems will be included in the update. Thanks again!"
24 Sep 200345 Epiphany
Wow I really liked that. Was very captivating. lol.
Like it very very very much so *grin*

1 Paul J. Doyle replies: "Thank you so much! Please feel welcome to read more of my stories and poems. Any and all constructive feedback is much appreciated. Don't be afraid to leave an open E-mail link where you can be reached at, because I think I speak for the majority of Elfwoodians when I say that "outside" commenters are frequently refreshing to have, especially if they (like you) are constructive and appreciative with your comments. Thanks again!"
1 Oct 200345 Ajder Andrei
Ok... here's me and here's my comment...
Hard to decide what to say...

Ok... the story behind the poem and the theme is SUPER...
My suggestion is to make it ryme a little more...
It would sound so much better if it ryhms...

But if you don't whant to change it... there's no prob...
It's great the way it is...

12 Paul J. Doyle replies: "Hi Adjer! Thanks for commenting, and don't worry. I don't bite! I'm still waiting for somebody to totally trash and flame me, but it's yet to happen.
This "classical dragon" poem was the first poem I'd written in a long, long time. I'm much more of a novel writer, and thought the poetry would be a good way to help tighten up an overall writing . . . "cross-training", if you will. I've been so impressed by the feedback from commentors that I've written more!
I'm not much into flowing, elegant language in poetry. I used to call that (in college) "Getting lost in the Garden". For instance, where some people just HAVE to get some reference to flowers and honeysuckle just because it sounds "romantic", I use the "flower" as a metaphor only. My idea of "poetry" is driving, aggressive, to-the-point with different perspectives . . . so maybe I'll never be considered a True Poet. Oh well . . . I just try to be true when I write, and try not to fool either myself or the readers.
Folks, check out Adjer's dragon pictures . . . they are of a storybook style that must be seen to be appreciated---and he won Mod's Choice recently! So what are you waiting for? Get over there!"
27 Oct 200345 Anonymous
Someone wake me when it is over

14 Paul J. Doyle replies: "Nah, why bother waking you . . . with you curled up like a beached whale, snoring like a buzz saw (or a congested heifer) you make us at laugh at you. Would you care for some bull tranquilizers? Why, you'd pull a Rip Van Winkle. So sleep, dammit, SLEEP! You'll see me and other Elfwoodians in your tormented, languishing dreams laughing their keisters off at you. It must really suck to be you, not coming up with an original critique, and being too cowardly to leave some form of identity!

Naturally, if you'd left a positive identity, or an e-mail contact, I'd be civil and respectfully disagree with you, but you've proven yourself completely devoid of any credibility.

Should you decide to conk out on a park bench like the bum you are, be wary of pickpocketers . . . and ESPECIALLY be wary of pigeons! They are uncanny targeters, those pigeons. They are the avian Annie Oakleys.

*whistles tunefully**checks the other latest comments**reminds himself to get back on unpacking his belongings after moving down the street and around the corner*"
23 Dec 200345 Bob
Shut up

14 Paul J. Doyle replies: "Why? It was quiet around here until you piped up. Rather like saying, "Find a crowd and hold it back!" Thppppth"
27 Dec 200345 Savian
The last three lines rock!

:-) Paul J. Doyle replies: "Thanks! I'd hate to be in that predicament . . . thankfully, there is Taco Bell"
28 Apr 200445 Lindsey 'Wasen' Rodgers
*dabs her eyes with a hanky and applaudes* beautiful!!! But the poor dragon...Moreover the poor maiden! *sniffles and departs*
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''Classical Dragon's Lament'':
 • Created by: :-) Paul J. Doyle
 • Copyright: ©Paul J. Doyle. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Classical, Confused, Dragon, Female, Hungry, Lonely, Passion, Purification, Resolution, Sacrifice, Tears, Virgin
 • Categories: Dragons, Drakes, Wyverns, etc, Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc., Romance, Emotion, Love, Vampires, Zombies, Undeads, Dark, Gothic
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