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 Our hard working moderators...

The official moderators are listed below. Add to that another handful of moderators who have chosen to be anonymous. Click on the names to visit their galleries!
Monica Volcanokitten Figgé Jensen :-) Monica Volcanokitten Figgé Jensen welcomes you to her gallery :) Rachel Lawlor :-) Rachel Lawlor is dead. Alison Guynes :-) Alison Guynes is still writing, even though some days she wonders why she bothers. Angela Perry :-) Angela Perry is cleverly disguised as a responsible adult
Alanna (Solenna) Elias :-) Alanna (Solenna) Elias is trying to think of something witty to say and failing. Stephen E. Hurlbut :-) Stephen E. Hurlbut is a zombie photographer. V. E. Lehkonen :-) V. E. Lehkonen is. Shelz Keast :-) Shelz Keast is wondering what to do with a BA in Latin/Archaeology.
Sandy Dunham :-) Sandy Dunham Chews on pencils Hannah Davis :-) Hannah Davis loves the creativity and escapism inherent in fantasy art. Matthew T. Summers :-) Matthew T. Summers A writer who's muse likes to play practical jokes. A lot. Feed Ed while you visit. Laura M. Wilson :-) Laura M. Wilson has graduated from art school and looking out at the scary world.
Ethan Childress :-) Ethan Childress lives somewhere between Bakersfield CA and the right side of his brain. Helle Jorgensen :-) Helle Jorgensen is beckoning you in to have a look around! Nico Danell :-) Nico Danell Marika Viklund :-) Marika Viklund is me! I'm 31 years and loves dragons and elves. I've been a member of Elfwood for 13 years now and a Moderator for about 5.5 year. I'd like to write books (I have lots of ideas but too little time) and paint my own covers to them. To sell art of all kinds, paintings, sculptures, plushies and so forth, and be able to live on it would be great. I'd love to have my own art shop! :P Anyway, now please go and have a look at my pictures and comment! I love comments! :D And don't forget my written stuff and Other Works please! ^_^ Oh, and if you're interested in knowing more, go and read my Profile!

Contact me here: raistlin26@hotmail.com
Name the mails "Elfwood" or "art" or something similar (not just "hi") so I won't delete them by mistake.

11 Jun 18: Put up 'Hydra', 'Ryxxian' and 'Shingwa'.
11 Aug 8: Added 'Fear the Dark'
12 May 18: Added photos of Xavi, our dog in the Other Works.
12 July 12: Uploaded 'Angry'.
12 Oct 13: Updated my FanArt account!

News: ...
Brie TheCheeseGirl O´Reilly :-) Brie TheCheeseGirl O´Reilly is bouncing from one random thought bubble to the next. Basak umlimo Tinli :-) Basak umlimo Tinli is obsessed with fairies and possessed by angels Emanuella Discordian Kozas :-) Emanuella Discordian Kozas is confused by her enlightenment... And enlightened by her confusion. Cristina Marsi :-) Cristina Marsi thinks that - if her pictures pushed you to learn more about her - you should read her bio in the "Profile" section.
Alisa Simonoff :-) Alisa Simonoff is distracted by butterflies Chantelle Johnston :-) Chantelle Johnston is living in her own little world! Magdalena Zagórna :-) Magdalena Zagórna keeps trying... David N Chmelik :-) David N Chmelik is a neoclassicist/impressionist/expressionist/surrealist Renaissance person who likes elves.
Rochelle L Nailor :-) Rochelle L Nailor Is a young woman who likes to draw in her spare time. She is working on developing her own style and improving on existing pictures. Nora Paizer :-) Nora Paizer is wondering what it would be like to live on Middle Earth... Paulette Diotte :-) Paulette Diotte tries her hand at different aspects of art and greatly appreciates comments :-) Valarie FaerieLight Connell :-) Valarie FaerieLight Connell I am all over the place now in terms of my artwork and mediums. Faeries and Goddesses are the inspiration for a lot of my art, but I am also expanding on my picture subjects!
Chelsea L Pennelly :-) Chelsea L Pennelly is lost in a world of imagination and wonder.

Teresa Ascone :-) Teresa Ascone watercolor painter and teacher for 25 years, but previously focused on landscapes and florals. The berry fairies called me into their service two years ago, and I have chronicled their lives in my book, The Berry Fairies of Alaska. A second book is due out this year. Laura 'Era Yachi' Ulian :-) Laura 'Era Yachi' Ulian is completely terrified of the loud voices. Joana Figueiredo :-) Joana Figueiredo is going to eat your cookies when you're not looking.
Kelsey Lynn Reed :-) Kelsey Lynn Reed feels as though she's in the wrong world. Because of this, she lives out her "real" life through the stories she writes. Daniela Elisabeth Kaminski :-) Daniela Elisabeth Kaminski is living for the day, the dragon comes and picks her up Tammy Theresa Park :-) Tammy Theresa Park loves Fantasy Art, Salukis and Egyptian Maus. Lindsay Verde :-) Lindsay Verde I JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!
Omid *Elementwarrior* Redjaian :-) Omid *Elementwarrior* Redjaian is on his way to world domination! Daniel Lynn Peak :-) Daniel Lynn Peak is a lover of fanatsy fiction and enjoys writing long form stories with strong character development. Alyshia McLoughlin :-) Alyshia McLoughlin mainly draws dragons and anime and lets her imagination run away with her too often. She struggles to draw things facing forward but is trying hard to learn. Morgan A Grover :-) Morgan A Grover is a snake fiend with a creative side.
Erin Chilla Hamann CVT :-) Erin Chilla Hamann CVT is the Queen of France, Bow in fear to The Rabid One Merel Eland :-) Merel Eland likes to put her imagination into art. Iashia LeRai Bolton :-) Iashia LeRai Bolton wants more people to see her artwork Carrie E Ott :-) Carrie E Ott gives you a warning - DO NOT use my artwork without my permission. Anywhere. Ever. I check FREQUENTLY to see where my artwork is, and I WILL find it if it has been used without my permission. Hey, I'm a nice person. A simple "can I use this?" is all it takes, man. That's all I ask. I won't bite your head off (usually).
Alessandra J. Bennett :-) Alessandra J. Bennett is living in a world full of little blue imaginations, oh, and dont forget the petunias! Michael Jones :-) Michael Jones "If thy brother wrongs thee, remember not so much his wrong-doing, but more than ever that he is thy brother." Tanya Chenoweth :-) Tanya Chenoweth skitters under the rug and battles dust bunnies! Toni J Kaukinen :-) Toni J Kaukinen is waaaay over his head.
The list of moderators was last updated Wed Mar 12 04:25:23 2014

The Elfwood Administrators
Name: Thomas F Abrahamsson
Role: Known as the 'Elfwood god'.
Description: Hi! I founded Elfwood back in 1996, under the name 'Lothlorien'. I am 30+, and I have no big gray beard, nor am I very very old 0 I work in Linkoping, Sweden, as a Programmer and User interface designer (among other things). I have a fully normal life a cool fat cat. Elfwood is one of my hobbies. I also like to play volleyball and I enjoy outdoor activities, like diving, trekking and fishing. [More...]

Name: Kenth Johansson
Role: Elfwood Business Developer
Description: Kenth is the guy trying to find a way to finance all the nice new features we are going to bring all you Elfwooders out there. Its a dirty work but someone has to do it. See his Page ...

Name: Monica *Volcanokitten* Christensen
Role: Ruler of the world. (aka Head moderator and forest manager)
Description: Monica has been gifted with eternal patience. When she's not processing tricky tickets, she answers (often rude) support emails with a gentle smile on her face. She also keeps track of moderators and new volunteers... [More...]

Name: Mirar
Role: Maintainer
Description: Mirar mostly do technical stuff, but helps out where needed.

Name: Nico Danell
Role: FanQuarter Head Moderator
Description: Nico is the person to ask in regards to anything about FanQuarter. She is happy to answer emails and process tickets when she's not otherwise occupied living her fast-paced life of work, riding her horses, sculpting, writing, and watching DVDs. More ...

Name: A.M. Guynes
Role: Wyvern's Libary Head Moderator
Description: Alison has been part of Elfwood for almost eight years now, and has been a moderator for just about that long. She is the current expert on all things regarding Wyvern's Library, and is the person to ask if you have any questions about the rules regarding written submissions. She is also a mother of four young children, a writer (obviously), a knitter, a RPG gamer, and also enjoys a few computer games as well. She is currently also attending an online university to get her basic courses out of the way before she heads on to fulfil her ultimate goal of a degree in Criminal Justice with a focus on Crime Scene Investigation while still pursuing her dream of becoming a published writer. [More...]

Name: Henrik 'Hedda' Wallin
Role: System maintainer
Description: I help Thomas keep the Elfwood computer running. Right now I am not involvet in the artistic part, but only in the technology behind. I was running the PBM game Dunk here on Elfwood but it has moved to make room for more elves and to be on its own server. Please try it if you like somewhat complicated strategic games (Yes, it's free)! I like cats, drinking and girls... It sounds like I am a playboy, I guess I have to live with that.

Name: The ERB crew
Role: Elfwood Review Board
Description: The rather anonymous crew of people that runs the Elfwood review board (Maintainers of Elfwood rules and regulations).

 Some of our ex-roles / ex-staff...
Big thank-you's to the persons below who donated vaste amounts of time to the Elfwood cause!
  • :-)   Matthew T. Summers (Ex Head Moderator of the Library) - Link.
  • :-)   Bridgette 'Brie' Alsbury (Ex Head SF&F Moderator) - Link.
  • :-)   Gretchen Sveda (Ex Yes Ma'am) - Link.
  • :-)   Eline Spek (Ex High Priestess) - Link]


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