Forged Chapter Ten

James Gager


Spirit of a Wolf ch2

Sarah Askew

Next part in the Lilliana saga. Lilliana comes back to find that the prince never left. But something worse is happening. As she looks into it she meets the Prince's servant. Trust has to come quick from Lilliana towards this man for reason you must read to find out.

Forged Chapter One

James Gager


Those Who Have Fallen

James Gager

A Vampire learns exactly who his centuries-long friend really is...

Bonds Between ch 4

Sarah Askew

Things seem to be coming together as another boy from the past comes to Armouren the seeress. But not only does a boy from the past come, but he brings with him a girl from the past. Soon the last boy is found and things can be on their way.

Journal Prologue to story

Sean Cavanagh

This is the prologue to a story I'm working on.... I have many hopes for it, but I fear it will suffer the same fate that all my other works do...I will not finish... oh well... Enjoy!

The Unifer comes: chapter three

Sean Milligan

Unifier comes closer to our heros, with them unaware.

Eternal love

Sean Milligan

This is dedicated to those who have ever loved.

Puppets on a String

Brandy Underwood

A vampire story, that is not finished yet. I just found this, I wrote it years ago at work one day and I was very pleased with it when I re-read it today. I love forgetting I wrote stuff, I don't know what's going to happen. :) I think the story may be a bit too cliché, I don't want it to end up like Vampire-The Masquerade at all. I think it's difficult to come up with a unique take on vampires now a days, so I focused more on the characters. Let me know what you think!

Not Judas

Joanne Hanrahan

!!Finally Finished!! Your basic Good-vs-Evil story from a slightly different viewpoint. Simon turned out to be more of a coward but less of a whiner than I originally expected. *Educational note/Disclaimer: An autoclave is a pressurized, steam- heated oven type thing used for sterilizing laboratory equipment, like a pressure cooker only more. The last line of Simon's oath is from Ursula K. LeGuin's excellent novel Roccanan's World.

The Unicorn

Joanne Hanrahan

Poem: not my best, but short & sweet.

Canis Astra (3)

Joanne Hanrahan

Part 3: Initiation. This was hard to write, and the next chapter will probably take even longer. No blood this time, just foreshadowing. Things are about to get very dark, though, and Ipromise there will be some kind of action ... uh ... soon.

The Unifer comes: chapter two

Sean Milligan

the ship is busy with activity as they prepare.

The Test

Sean Harris

A character of mine from the Dragonlance setting just now taking his test.

The Chaos To Come: Chimera

Sebastian Schrodt

The chapter of my book after aran gains his new staff but then finds out what lurks inside of it.

Downfall of Man

Sebastian Schrodt

A poem i wrote one day when i just felt like writing... i mailed it to a freind who im going to turn it into a song with in his band... its about how man brought about his own downfall one day...

The Chaos To Come (NOTES)

Sebastian Schrodt

Notes to my story

The Return of Prince Cirat (2001)

Sarah Bellian

A prequel to Hazel's tale. Unfinished. Yup, this is it. This is all I have. I like centaurs. Someday I think I will get around to writing a book about them.

Sands of Anu (2004)

Sarah Bellian

Take some Arabic and Sumerian mythology and set the story in a desert world where it only rains once every two-hundred years. Throw in quicksand, chimeras, a secret society of medusa-like assassins, a flying carpet with a personality disorder and a few gypsies with pyrokinesis. Dump in a normal kid who arrives on his mountain bike via dust-devil and you've got my newest... endeavor. Here's chapter one with a bit of prolouge. Comments always appreciated.

The Butterfly Kiss- chapter four

Heather Martin

Something happens to upset Candace and she turns to Eric. Leila sees a tender moment they share and a plan develops in her mind.