natural selection (to Twyiana Garland)


my friend would say someone was in the street when they said or did something stupid; they got hit when said morons got their comeuppance. i wrote this poem after hearing of an old guy and granddaughter getting hit by a tractor he was using. >.<

Catchphrase Introduction


Catchphrase is a punk band, and these are the stories following them from when they started into their fame and beyond. in which Catchphrase plays a show, and hangs out backstage.

A Jesters Ramblings

Kristine Richards

The ramblings, and thoughts of a jester come full force. Now taking questions.



Another poem about my country.

Brookhaven Retreat

Kyle Davis

Brookhaven Retreat

Just a note

Savannah M. Czupka

Don't miss me when I'm gone.

“Three Kitties Are We” by Llola Lane

llola lane

This is a poem I wrote for my OZLAND PICTURE Stories Exhibit in Second Life in 2011. It was inspired by a piece of artwork by Raili Sandalwood. To hear me read the story to you... click here...

The Commute


(Non-Fantasy) - A commuter comes to terms with his new place in the (seemingly) changing world. (Not really a comedy - just had to choose a category)

The Spiders

kain lane

Kai is the average teen for the most part just not when you talk to him. He’s 5 foot 9 and and light brown skin tone with ombre hair. His body looks average with some muscles but not much. He goes around with his group killing people that deserve it.



Metaphor for my country.

Unga Rap

Nathaniel Miller

Another FILK Lyric Set for a Best Friend whose an Systems Engineer so we did Vanilla Ice (Ninja Rap: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2) (User Note)

A Good Job for a Small Dragon

Josie Whitehead

It's a poem and quite short, so see below.

First of writing down my dreams


This wont be your typical story. It's an actual dream I had this morning. I have long wanted to write them down, so here is the first one, ENJOY! ^_^

Quick finish

the grey

This is kind of a sequel to another story i have in mind. I wrote it for a contest when i didn't have any ideas for a short story. Well if someone likes it i might write about the story this came from.



Message to my generation


Aravind Bhargava

The story is about how a pigeon escaped from the caution of a crow with its intelligence

A perfect cup of tea

Eva Rebe

How a perfect cup of tea is made

The second dream


This one is a total mess :P Nothing really makes sense in this dream. I think there might be some future references in there and some past ones as well. either way it's messy one xD

It Can Happen To You

Ileana Trifan

Two frogs in a terrarium are facing important issues.

Material Boy

Cahjli Symes

A short story about a male prostitute.