Robert Marti

A short story about a teenager and the dangers facing his school.

A PI of the Old School

Anthony HartJones

An old-school PI laments the end of an era, but then a case promises to take him back to the days of his youth...

Breaking Reality ch 1

Vegard Lindtner

A man sets out at night, driven by an insatiable hunger. Little does he know that the decision will send his world spinning in all the wrong directions.

Hail the Void

Vit Niki

The novelette tells a story of a young man, who crossed the crooked step. It’s a presentation of psychopaths’ reality.

knowing life wasn't easy


a short passage

story of my life


true life

Seven Levels of Insanity. Chapter 1 c

Jonathan Park

A man named Adam Ignotus mysteriously ends up in mental hospital, where his mind gets tormented through psychological and ominous experiences. And he must go through these experience seven times by a peculiar handler.

Treachery at the Track

Victoria Saylor

On the night of a big race, one racer's car is tampered with and causes an accident. Who is greedy enough to be responsible?

Jack Flint

Anthony HartJones

A glimpse into the life of Jack Flint, a divorced PI whose luck just won't turn. A short exercise rather than a full story.

A Broken Soul

Mindy Eekhoff

A short poem about domestic abuse

Dum! Duuum! Duuuum!

Nathaniel Miller

Thanks to a user on writing.com, his entry in a notebook online, I was inspired to pen this who dunnit piece


Sathia Lyon

A young girl can see through the eyes of anyone who has the same eye color as her. When she looks through her bestfriend's eyes, she must decide whether what she has witnessed is a nightmare or not.

I tried

Alyssa Jamison

A young girl and her older sister don't necessarily get along. (this is my first story)

Breaking Reality ch 3+4

Vegard Lindtner

A man waits idly in his apartment. As the evening unfolds, he is made to question the nature of the reality around him. Has he somehow wound up in another reality? Or is there another reason entirely?

The Story of Josh Freeman. Part 1. American Dream.

Michael Newman

Story of Josh Freeman is a story of the main character who going throuth things on his way to American dream.

A bank job

Sujit subedi

When 5 friends decide to rob a bank and suddenly a plan is made to accuse and kill the one after robbery..Then what happens next..Read the story


myleen epie

In what part of me is all these coming from?

Breaking Reality ch 2

Vegard Lindtner

A man waits idly at home for his girlfriend to return.

Toy Soldiers

Lauren Julie

Alexandria Blake is a warrior. She is forced to flee the only home she's ever known after a failed assassination attempt. Will she survive? Can she right the wrongs of her leaders? Follow Alexandria on her journey to self discovery.

Case Cards, by Awwab Malik

Awwab Malik

Lance Brody, a normal boy, with extra ordinary specialities. Read about his adventure in the United States Miitary. Will he counter the Pakistani terrorist? Or will this trilogy end on the very first part. Read on to find out!