Are you Over Doing Exercises?


Excessive Excercise can do way more damage then Good. Take a brief look at the top issues



i wrote this while waiting to drink some radioactive chit for an upcoming surgery. hell if i know wtf i was thinking --


Elizabeth Brauer

Baptized as a Catholic but not forced into the religion as my mother had been brought me some insights. Not pretty but I realized it helped me be who I am today.

Earth and What Became of It


A look into God, remorse, sorrow, and other melodramatics.

Atham and Aoibhe

Chaz Simons

This is something I may or may not return to someday. It's sort of an... alternate view of Genesis, meant to be a lead-in to an alternate history I was working on. But I got completely distracted and forgot where I was going with it.

People Don't Understand Others

I don't know if this is a poem but i think it is but it's my first time writing one this is for the other people who think they are invisible and hear people laughing about them but they don't see what you are in the inside.

Hollow and Hallowed


A short snippet of a story I've started. A boxer and his triumphs and defeats in life and boxing.

Revitalising the economy of Gaza Strip.

Awwab Malik

Awwab Malik. New MUNner. Extract from the GramMUN '15.

Because it Hurts


A short poem to someone who will never read it.

Heart waiting for a warm summer day


My feeling about Nordic winters, it is more of a poem than a story but I would let the readers decide it.

Witch Story summary


The Witch society rules the land, And they know they are different from humans.

Thicker Than Water


This is the beginning of a dramatic story that I am writing called Thicker Than Water. The beginning is always the hardest part for me to grab peoples attention with.

My Suicide Note Chapter 1 and 2

christine dassey

It is a short story that doesn't seem grim and dreary as it sounds. I really don't know where I am going with this but we will find out.

Summer in Italy

Kristine Richards

For Carol H.

The Rescue of Old Brindle

Nathaniel Miller

A memoir of Grandmother of Depression Missouri in about circa 1936 and the rescue of the only supply of milk for the family in Winter. First Place Winner: Roots and Wings Historical Fiction Contest:

Memoir of Bootcamp: A United States Navy Sailor

Nathaniel Miller

First Day and Night at Great Lakes Naval Training Center Boot Camp.

Elegy for Anne

An Elegy for Anne Frank

home isn't

burton beerman

short poem about returning to my childhood home town

Why training and mentoring is important for young developers

James Martin

Facebook apps has changed the web experience for users. This story tells us about why a Facebook app developer needs training and mentoring.

The Great Tribulations

Gabe Orcutt

Its about the seven seals being broken.Which catastrophe matches each one and the other world conflicts were avoiding.I talk about my life and how god is will use us Christians to serve him during the last days.