A Brutal Memoir


Don't fear the Reaper...

No senses, No world

Acaedia Fay

Without senses we are vulnerable.

A mere memory

Acaedia Fay

This is a memory of my self created character, Acaedia Fay. Which is also my Pen name.

A Bloodstained Bride

Helen Rees

A university student tells a strange story in her local bar..

Through the coldest eyes I've ever seen


Just a poem about the nightmares that haunt the darkness and echo through the minds of the demented, looking out from haunted eyes...

Spider Kiss

Nathaniel Miller

Inspired on the picture: The muse. A story of change into a spider from a human after bite



Death. (Part 1)

The House

Jack Thomas Greenland

A young man, on the way to a meeting, finds himself stranded after a car crash, forcing him to take shelter in a nearby mansion.

Flash Fiction

Iseah Hurtado

Brief story for my creative writing class that could use any critique. I've never written creatively before.

These Little Voices

Macy Maywalall

Emily Swiderski is a strange little girl who became missing. Her mother spends her time searching for her.

A Fall Walk


A woman takes a walk in the forest on a fall night.

Time to Play


A short story for my english class (influenced by the game 'Betrayal on House on the Hill'

No One Tells Us


This one was when I got lost in a dark place where I though there was no way out.

The Insane


About a Doctor and Patient in an mental hospital in 1872

The Insane


About a Doctor and Patient in an mental hospital in 1872

Whitechapel Halloween

Anthony HartJones

A pair of strangers walk home from a Halloween party together, discussing vampires.

The Fall

Acaedia Fay

A poem about the end of the world.


Robert W. Anton

There is more in heaven and earth, Mr. Shakespeare, than was ever imagined in your philosophy. Having escaped her wrongful imprisonment, young Adelia is trapped in the Brazilian rainforest, running for her life, hunted by both man and beast alike.

It Was Written In Pink


It was written on the walls, in pink bubbly scrawl. Why was it happening to her.



Awakening. (Part 2)