Highschool Pregnancy (Chapter 1)

Francesca Julia Ashmore

Rachel is still in high school and at the age of 18, she hasn't had sex yet and doesn't plan to get pregnant anytime soon. That is until the new kid in town decides to pull her under into the land of pain and pleasure.

Lover of the Bees

Katherine Smith

A small poem about the dance of flowers and bees.


Corrine Schrap

A story about a fictional organization trying to find their next heir and leader. Work from high school, lots of spelling errors and grammar errors to be sure. Definitely not done, need to fix up the wording and of course continue the story. Enjoy!!

Anthony's Story Chapter 1

Andre White

Anthony is just another teenager who loves his family and friends, but his world is about to be turned upside down. Follow him as his story unfolds! Follow me on Instagram @ a.j._white_

Earthworld (Short)

Nathaniel Miller

During Apocalyptic Earth far into the future, earth endures nuclear and biological war. From these wars that sub-classes and evolution happens with tensions between them and humans.


Emma Frankie Simpson

A lesbian starts a YouTube channel with her gay best friend and ends up finding him a boyfriend and finds herself falling for another YouTuber.

The Magical moments


Two beautiful hearts with lot of pain prayed for comfortable shoulders.The magic took them somewhere in life.And there the destiny took them where human could never imagine..

Mr. Nobody


the life of Mr.Nobody...

Time Wizard: Amber

Gwynn James

Amber, a human living in an orphanage, is faced with the beautiful and talented Anna Ray, at just 2 years old. What starts with love ends with love...with maybe a bit of self loathing thrown in the middle. A typical love story.


Michael Ruger

This poem I wrote in 2012 using the sestina form. I think that this particular form works well for the poem. I will let you, the reader, come to your own understanding of the meaning. I don't want to give anything away.

Mandroid of my Dreams

Nathaniel Miller

A forbidden romance after a Mars Attack for comfort after an extended stay away from Earth,

A Kiss Before Dying

With his wife dying, a distraught husband is approached by a pair of mysterious figures.

I'm sorry...


A poem about being sorry for hurting someone I love...

The Stand-In Bride

Abigail Aina Peters

When her twin sister ran away precisely a day to her wedding, Megan Grayson found herself faced with no other than than the step in as 'Madeleine' and marry the Duca of Turin to save her family from humiliation. She never expected to fall in love.

A Serpent's Tale

Durlabh Singh

Friendship between a holy man and a serpent. The snake tried to follow teaching of the holy man but with disaster results but in the end saved by further teachings.

What Could Have Been

Abbey Beth Williams

this is just the first chapter of like 10, but i kinda like it. It's not the best yet but it will get there eventually...... sorry for no punctuation in this plot/ whatever its not actually a description its just what i think about it :)

Is it Ever too Late for Love to be Learned?: The Confounding Variables that Touch Passion


There's a fine line between romance and tragedy especially when immense narcissism is involved.

musik til fest

Paul simmons

Derefter vil du modtage tilbud fra musikerne og du kan så i ro og mag sammenligne hvilke musikere der har fået de bedste anmeldelser eller har den bedste.

A Kiss

Cha Yoo Rie

Malfoy didn't know a word to say to Kwangmin, but the kiss told everithing

The Art of Letting Go: Crumbs just tease the Starving


Finding closure