Hope Martin

In a time far into the future, Bella creates a miracle. but the miracle has a mind of its own, and very different plans to Bella's, that might just end in extreme disaster.

Records of The Keeper :Chapter 2:Blood in The Skies


The battle to defend Daemor continues, now the Skulls aim to land on the planet's surface but the Keeper is waiting for them. I hope i can present to you an exiting aerial battle, please leave comments.IT SHALL RAIN BLOOD!!!!1

A trip down memory lane, chapter 1.

Rebecca M.T.O

Creepers. On the same wavelength as mermaids as far as most are concerned. People with plant powers who live underground? Yeah right.

Lighting the Fires

dystopian sky

Alan, an augmented human, meets his alien friend, Blacktail, on Earth so that he can teach her about a rather strange human celebration. However, they may encounter more than they expect when the sun goes down and the fires are lit...

The Pier

Adam Jacob Wright

A newly found relationship between Tyler and Julia is torn apart in the worst way possible when a memorial for an unexpected death takes place on Santa Monica Pier. It was a normal night until everything around them changed.


Stephen Wayne Lamb

A poem about a dethroned king

The Galactic Empire Chronicles - Episode 1

Nathaniel Miller

A partial Serial based on game played on BBS in 1990s - Episode 1


Ron Price

Contagion is a 2011 American science fiction medical thriller film directed by Steven Soderbergh. The film is smart, intelligent and entertaining, one of the disaster genre.

Detective Marta Montgomery


This story is not finished. To be continued...

acc 202 (Principles of Managerial Accounting)

nenita kranz

acc 202 (Principles of Managerial Accounting)

ACC 206 WK 8 Assignment 1- Annual Report Project


ACC 206 WK 8 Assignment 1- Annual Report Project To Purchase Click Link Below:

The Plains Farmers of Mars

Nathaniel Miller

Terraform exploration and colonization on Mars has begun in 2105 and Martians attacks agains the Ffederation happen in retaliation for man's push into space.

Invasion of the Meefs 02


The three friends learn the creature is from Outer Space.

Data Mining

Christopher Beluga

She is a thief, and a very good one at that. In her world, it is both futile and uncommon to try to make it with an honest living, so it was no wonder she turned to data mining at a young age. It was this job, however, that got the better of her.

Why Exist ?


A (human) clone being awakened at age 25 explores free will

ACC 225 Week 9 Capstone DQ

ACC 225 Week 9 Capstone DQ

ACC 225 Week 4 Checkpoint Preparing Balance Sheets and Statements

ACC 225 Week 4 Checkpoint Preparing Balance Sheets and Statements

Cyberwarfare Part One: Living Inside the Shell


One type of story I love is a good science fiction one! You guys are in for a real treat with this one! It's set on the planet Braxxus, a technocratic and terrifromed world ruined by pollution, but inhabited by a race of capitalistic cyborgs!

The Seven Alphas

Charles Jacob

They were the first born, perfect among mundanes, gods.


Lydia Operated Trumpet* McOscar