Alive No More

Twyla McKee

Once death claims us, that's it. There is no more light, no more laughter, nothingness - right? Or maybe - just maybe, if you are lucky, the loss of this mortal coil can leave you with an existence that surpasses life as we know it...


Nicholas Agoff

A Short world building story for my pathfinder group.

Description of Gondwana

Jacques Arieri

This "travel literature" is intended to be a book-within-... well, not -within-a-book, but a book-within-fiction; it is intended to provide the flair for the setting of an RPG, provided in an in-universe manner, be it a tabletop, or an RMK game.

The Black on Black


When two teens learn the truth it is left to Lucien Faraday to keep them safe from the sinister Demon Alliance and help them to control their own Demon powers, readying them for the upcoming battle against the man that killed their parents.

The Straw


This is how people snap... ;)

Quantum Dreams

Fiona Blyth

A woman diagnosed with motor neurone disease discovers somehow she has tapped into the consciousness of a warrior fighting for her village's survival. Somehow their consciousness has merged, and she can escape the confines she rails against

Soul Fire

Roselyn Rose

Poetry is the key to a human soul. This poem i have written for my dear one. Love its limitless.

The Seven Alphas

Charles Jacob

They were the first born, perfect among mundanes, gods.


Charles Jacob

The First Aeon, Genesys, Time of Creation

Prelude to the future

Charles Jacob

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clark “DEUS EX MACHINA”


Charles Jacob

Three wise men forge human destiny

A synthetic lifestyle

Charles Jacob

A brief visit inside the Gardens


Olivia Fleur

a twist on the classic peter pan

Book One of the Vestige Series; the Lure of Sorcery; Chapter Zero (Prologue)

Cody Ray

A trader. A guard. A hunter. Adam Bell Redmond would be happy to be any of these things, so he thought. Join Adam as he uncovers his heritage, learns the ways of summoning and uncovers a conspiracy darker than the most bloody histories of the land.

Mirah and Kaspar: The Temple of Erylian


Chapter One, Book One. Mirah, a guard in the local town of Ravia, wakes up in a courtyard ruin, surrounded by the mangled corpses of her friends. When she discovers that her brother is missing, she sets off with a thief named Kaspar to find him.

A Brutal Memoir


Don't fear the Reaper...

Confessing The Wolf


Inspired by a very strange movie I saw many years ago. It explores the thought process of someone who may have been convicted of lycanthropy in a time when witch and werewolf burnings were something of a norm.

The Description of Heroes


This is a ceremonial piece I wrote for a story I'm currently working on. I liked the way it turned out and decided to share it.

Between Aliens And Outcasts...


This one's for all the lone wolves out there.



A poem for the weary warrior...