Sleeping Beauty

by: Michelle John

Another flash fiction for my writer's group.

When the stars collide

by: Brandon Wong

This is a story about two stars. Forever in the same sky, but always apart. Until one day, against what seemed almost mysterious, the two stars collide.

Memories of Magic

by: C. Chard

Um...I think I started this a loooong time ago then finished it way after I had begun. Heh, not exactly a master piece I'm afraid, this is from when I was still stuck on having everything rhyme so it might be a little awkward in places. Oh well.

Old Merlin

by: Brian Buckley

Richard Svensson has done an incredible illustration of this poem, which you can find here.

Morbid Wonderland

by: Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

A very, very weird version of Alice in Wonderland.

More Morbid Wonderland

by: Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

More Morbid Wonderland, the vampire and the girl get a little close ;)Oo Love tension.

Thanks for Abducting Me from Planet Earth

by: Ceason Jeansonne

 People on Earth can be pretty weird at times but imagine being forcefully abducted by Kiernan, a gorgeous golden alien, because you can "save the universe". Then, there's Rath, Flara, and Yixx who attempt to hijack us mid-saving and throw us way off. And to top it all off, Slin the Overlord, or whatever, wants my head on a pike, because only I can stop him from wreaking anymore havoc. Oh, and not to mention the massive intergalactic bounty he's placed on me. Double if I'm alive.Ugh, aliens.

When a dragon falls in love chp.1

by: Louise Robertson

This is the first chapter in my story, and as you've probably already guessed, it's a love story. I have got the whole story outlined, and i know how it's going to end, so i only have to write it down. Drop by now and then, and perhaps i've got another chapter up. And please, please tell me what you think of my work.

My Lady

by: Brian Buckley

I hadn't written anything for Elfwood in a while, so I decided it was about time I got back in gear. I think this poem turned out fairly well. It's a story about a woman who is more than she seems. (Updated to fix a typo...)

When a dragon falls in love chp.2

by: Louise Robertson

The second chapter of my storie. Would you comment. Pretty please.

The Griffin

by: Genalee Simon

 A poem about a griffin.  Lines 14-20 are from the Emerald Tablet.  It was fun doing a bit of research for this one.  Also there is a bit of a hidden message in this one if you look deep enough. 

The Downfall of Fantorn

by: karthik shanmugam

Fantorn is in crisis, the throne is threatened. The mighty kingdom's first betrayal.

Of Heredity and Soup Again

by: A.R. George

And so endeth a mighty saga of soup, blackjack and absolutely no monkeys, guaranteed. Next cometh the minor edit of 'Of Evangelism and Petunias' (with a loverly picture from a kindly and talented soul, Maia :D); then cometh 'Of Rocks and Redundant Letters'; then cometh the tale of How Caius Met Kaliana and Sadarion, knowneth aseth 'Of Coronations and Clean Washing'. Eth.

Of Heredity and Soup

by: A.R. George

It's here! At last! A new beginning (not that anyone ever saw my ratty old beginning - whew! :P) for the sweepingly majestic Adventures of Of. As you can see, I've taken a slightly different tack on the world - and Caius has gone either up or down in it, depending which way you look at it - so I'll probably *slightly* rewrite the others to fit a bit better with this. No major changes, though. The Acarthians are still Acarthians, Caius is still Caius and cows still abound. Moo.


by: Michelle John

I wrote this during a month when one friend of mine lost her little niece to a horrible disease called Epidermis Bulosa and another friend lost her son-in-law to suicide.  This was my homage to both of them.  I never showed this story to either of my friends to protect their feelings but I am posting it here.  Steph and Barb, if you see this...I love you both.

The Flames of Dawn

by: Brian Buckley

Another one of my older poems, but I still like it pretty well. It has a very different rhyme scheme from any of my other poems.

Undecided Angel

by: Crystal Helgeson

This is a poem that I wrote in a few minutes. It's about an angel that's on the side of god, but then goes to the other side. It's kinda absract...

Inhabitability Chapter 2

by: Christopher Heisserer

A continuation of the Inhabitability book. A few chapters aren't considered 'sci-fi' in the strictest sense, but they certainly are part of the story.

Phases of Divinity: Prologue

by: C. Chard

This is most likely to be revised once I get a better concept of the story line, but here’s the rough draft for now. I know it's kind of confusing, the next chapter should sort out and explain some things...hopefully. Please PLEASE comment! I already said in my bio that I'm horrible at beginnings so I really need to know if this is good or not. Ok? Ok. The title is subject to change...and mostlikely will. Did I mention I'm bad with titles too? *sigh*...

Untitled - Chapter 1

by: Michelle Morone

This story isn't finished yet and it's very short. Reading it is the intro.