Memories of Magic

C. Chard

Um...I think I started this a loooong time ago then finished it way after I had begun. Heh, not exactly a master piece I'm afraid, this is from when I was still stuck on having everything rhyme so it might be a little awkward in places. Oh well.

A Good Job for a Small Dragon

Josie Whitehead

It's a poem and quite short, so see below.

Little Stone Giant’s Birthday Party

Björn Fant

A brief bedtime story I wrote for my kids.

A New Appreciation


Sometimes you have to close your eyes to actually see the world.

Sleeping Beauty

Michelle John

Another flash fiction for my writer's group.

Records of the Keeper Chapter 1:The Day it Rained Fire


This is a glimpse on a humanoid world that i created years ago.Follow The Keeper(Dragon Humanoid) of Daemor while he tries to repel the invasion of the Skulls, there will be fire,there will be blood.

I miss who you were. But I don't miss you.

James Roquefort Beardhart

Holding onto memories for nostalgia at the necessary distance to keep emotionally safe yet holding so tight your knuckles go white in strain because no distance is far enough. All for that beautiful thing called nostalgia.

Dragon's Song

Seth Maxwell Ballen Brown

When orphan Robin is selected as the apprentice to a powerful wizard her whole life changes. When you are with Sebastian Balazar anything is possible.

Twins Living in Darkness ((Chapters 1-3))


Asher and his twin sister Mai have been cast out from their homeland and forced to travel and survive by themselves among humans, they are searching for one of their own to help them turn back home to the angels...

Thanks for Abducting Me from Planet Earth

Ceason Jeansonne

 People on Earth can be pretty weird at times but imagine being forcefully abducted by Kiernan, a gorgeous golden alien, because you can "save the universe". Then, there's Rath, Flara, and Yixx who attempt to hijack us mid-saving and throw us way off. And to top it all off, Slin the Overlord, or whatever, wants my head on a pike, because only I can stop him from wreaking anymore havoc. Oh, and not to mention the massive intergalactic bounty he's placed on me. Double if I'm alive.Ugh, aliens.

Celestial Eternity: Prolouge

Maria Serna

This leads to a much LONGER series that I'm writing, titled Celestial Eternity. I'm really looking for critiques on this, good and bad alike, but please only constructive! Please leave a comment or e-mail me and let me know if you want to read more.

When the stars collide

Brandon Wong

This is a story about two stars. Forever in the same sky, but always apart. Until one day, against what seemed almost mysterious, the two stars collide.


Andre Barendse

LEAKY BOAT is about wanting to escape the artificial world we created and also to call on people to relax a bit and enjoy life. Really it is the words to a song I wrote, but still valid as poetry:


Lily Archer

Poem. Sometimes it's hard not to measure your own work against all of the beautiful things which influenced you.

The Poet’s Tale

Anthony HartJones

Lying in the gutter, a poet thinks about the mistakes that led him there...

Part of the Pride

P. Andrey

This story is a present day fantasy. It is in the form of a journal. All my friends that have read it seems to like it. There are Swahili words in it and I by no means am good in Swahili so if you know Swahili and find a mistake with my usage then please let me know. Please let me know what you think.


Clive Snowdon

A short story about the trials and tribulations of Charlie, a computer onboard a satellite, launched from Earth. (Don't spoil the illusion! View the illustration last).

Season's Music

Helen Rees

A poem about the seasons and death. Inspired by an evening of Finnish Folk tales and music. Dedicated to my grandmother, Enid Jones.

The Plot of Life.

James Mcarlen

A poem about how good will triumph in the end

Because it Hurts


A short poem to someone who will never read it.