Chapter 10 In Search For Elysia

Hoofire Solarflare (Aka: Alana Jane King)

Another death? How morbid is this?

Morning Star chapter 10

Keith Trimm

'Bring me some clothes,' Alex, the Son of the Morning Star demanded, 'For I know now that I am naked.'

The Prophecy of Cadyze: Chapter 10

Catherine Brodie

Erm, yeah.. By now if you've read the rest of the chapters before you'll know that I fail epically at the little description that's meant to be here. =P

10 and Wolf

Jennie Söresen


The Dragon Isles Chapter 10 Dead Hands

Katherine Bates

Chapter 10

You Can't Hide Forever

Ivy Callier

This was another project for school but it wasn't for Mr. K this time. It was for Ms. Ladieu, so, eh. In my handwriting this was 14 pages, but typed up it's a measley four! FOUR! That works, though, because the original assignment was a short story at least four pages long. I'm sure 14 would've just been overwhelming. Anywho I hope you enjoy this, because even though the whole Lip Sync thing is rather random I didn't have a choice (she made us pick a simile and a setting. Mine were 'white as a ghost' and 'at the lip sync', soo...) I hope you can live with the randomness. I tried.

Cruel Sisters

Emily Kirsch

A wonderful tale inspired this one.

The Last Neanderthal

Ivy McKnight

If you don't laugh at this one I'll take it as an insult. ;-)


April ]-[3L' Jones

Hanni, Chapter 10

John Larsen

In this chapter, Hanni tries to reawaken a comatose Murvy. In the meantime, Mora prepares Hanni for his journey to the dark underworld. Back in the present, Brant encounters an old friend, and a possible clue that can help him rescue his nephew.

Chapter 10 (Thief and the Bard)

Joanna Wu

A little more insight into Gorthican myths, legends and traditions, as well as some funny prophecies