Booj PillowGoblin

This was a perversion of a writing my gran has on her wall. Boy howdy if she ever read this. O well. Sorry or the blasphemey. Squee.

False Veracity

Cerhiunnhn Faldhl

This is based in the future. A depressed girl is working for several governments (and several planets as well) She is a technological genius, and can hack anything, anytime. This is only the beginning, so if you're wondering why it says it is Dark/Goth, you'll have to wait until I write more.

452 Central Section

Gala Smith

A narrative about an assassin cyborg searching for her identity. My attempt at cyberpunk

The OMEGA Project: Chapter Three

Lacey Wright

Okay okay. I know I've made some of you suffer intolerable agony for making you wait so long. I truly apologize, but I had a lot of trouble writing this chapter. I thought I would get farther so I could explain some of the biotechnical stuff, but it just didn't work out that way. In between a week of camp and my computer acting up, it took me three tries to get the chapter going. So please bear with me: I despise this chapter. If you can think of some improvements I can make or have any ideas, feel free to criticize politely. CONSTRUCTIVE! If that word is too big, look it up at dictionary.com. A very handy website, I believe. The next chappie should be up soon, if not at the same time. Later!

The Age of Machines

Kris Hogenbirk-Toohy

What we might become.

Cardinal's Story

Joshua McNee

 A mysterious A.I known as Cardinal is brought back online after years of inactivity, only to be interrogated by a faceless inquisitor. Questioned about his past, a Starship and the infamous 'Protocol Zero', Cardinal begins a tale of past events, in a journey to uncover the truth

Create Me, Theodore

Kathleen Casey

Just a quick swibble about how humans sometimes do not want to face their feeling. It is about a boy who tries to make a robo-prom date...not really a funny story...

File Name-End

Kirsty Morrison

The idea for this story just popped into my head one day. Its pretty short but I think if it was any longer it wouldn't be as punchy.


Laura Wellington

A stream-of-consciousness story about a human-turned-android fighting to survive in a world that clearly doesn't want it alive. As the story progresses, the AI shifts from human to machine, struggling to find an identity through the experience.

The OMEGA Project: Chapter Two

Lacey Wright

Forsaken's life is radically different from yours and mine. And she tries to find a way to deal with that. But someone is coming that could change everything...

Almost Human

Sabrina G Withers

(CS)Just a strange idea I had one day. I always wonder what could happen if we create programs with personalities. What is it to be human?