Wm. Bond

Very begining of a sc-fi version of Revelation.

Ferr 1

Anthony Casteel

A possible beginning to the novel I am trying to write.

Bitter Harvest

Richard Clayton

A story that may ring far too true...

The Guardian Legacy Chapter One. - Part 3

Zoe-Marie Fooks

This is the 3rd installment to this series, Im very proud of it! Im overloaded with ideas of where I should take this story so Im quite excited! Although these first three parts are still considered works in progress. Input is appreciated. Please Enjoy!

Alien Dice - Day 2

Tiffany Ross

Continuation of Alien Dice

Santa Claus: Medieval Secret Undercover Agent---Episode Four, Slimetrail Skulks SantaVille

Paul Doyle

---This story is for Elfwood writer Che Franz Joseph Monro, who has been an excellent reader/critic, and is a fantastic writer in his own right--- I admit, I like Episode Three even though it's strange and not for the easily offended. However, there seems to be a lot in it saying 'this story sequence is doomed to imminent lameness after this installment.' It took me a long time to get back to this story, because a great number of things happening in my real life, like moving, getting eye muscle surgery for my son, getting into a couple minor auto accidents, and the holidays---and, of course, getting my Elfwood art gallery up. I'm glad I took a while coming back to this story, because this turned out way better (and way longer) than originally planned.Quick recap: Part One introduces the insanity and wins Mod's Choice despite a flawed story. Part Two focuses on adventure and some cheesy music. Part Three points out the strangeness of a certain religion, and winds up being bizarre (and gets the fewest 'hits') because I was willing to take risks. Part Four also takes risks. It doesn't take place on the border of Orcaporka on the planet Terradum, but at Santa's Village at the North Pole of our very own Earth. If you ever wondered what labor relations were like at the North Pole, here ya go. I believe this is the best one yet. I have scaled back the insane wackiness and taken a more mild, relaxed approach. Slimetrail the Imp has his moment of glory in this story. Brian Claus (the real brains behind Santa's Village) is unveiled in all his zitty, nerdy yet strangely cool glory. When you're done reading, please let me know if I should continue this story or not. I'd sooner discontinue it, rather than let it get staler and triter than your average made-for-TV 'Heartwarming Emotional Family Christmas Reunion Mushiness.' Or, as Neil Young sang so many years ago, 'It's better to burn out than it is to rust.'

Late Summer Leaves

Pete Anderson

This is a short story that I wrote a few weeks back, just sitting alone in my basement apartment. It took me about two or three weeks to realize the double meaning of the title, even though I picked the title my self. I see this as a poet's prose story, and this is the only type of prose I can write with any personal satisfaction.

Chapter 3

Opal Parkison

The Kairin Children are missing....

Journey Part 09 - Barnaby

Al Howe

All steps along the way...


Oana Taylor

A scary little poem, almost made me cry when i wrote it.....but maybe that was because it was at night.

Unholy Birth

Randell Embs

Read Genesis chapter six for more information.

Alien Dice - Day 1

Tiffany Ross

The first day in many days of an alien game in which you play for your very life.

April Fools

Amory Koch

Title due to the inspiration, April Fools day, too much heat and entirely too much Calculus. Fairly autobiographical, but also quite embellished. So- inspired by biography? Basicall, I was wondering about being abducted, made up a race and ran the scenario. It actually has an ending! Whee! Of course, sequels and companion shorts are in the works. Sigh. Ah, well, at least I haven't run out of things to write, that would be horrible.


Amanda Rosberg Olsson

This is about an egocentric sorcerer with a schort attention span and one of the people he use for amusement. I like this and have been able to put it into a great context, though it is not displayed here. (I don't at all like the last part here, it was only put there to make a proper ending.)

The Journey Part 2

Vetle Lidal

And now, part 2. You will now learn who this man is, and why he shows up badly mauled. Leave (constructive) comments please,

History -- Chapter 5

Leigh Johnson

The eve before the rescue attempt has everyone feeling a bit uneasy. Chapter 5 of a longer story


Samantha Lee

This story is kind of short, but it's the best one I've written so far (I know, that's pretty sad) and I'd really appreciate you telling me what you think of it.

The Forgotten Strings

Gurbeer Gill

About a future where mysterious aliens are now commonplace, but ignorance of the unknown still pervades.

Near to Dreams - Part IV

Lindsay Verde

Chapter 05/06 - Here we learn about who the mysterious stranger who found Rayne is as she continues on her journey.May 20072012 Project Status: On indefinite hold.

Mistress Alma's Children

Maja Ilisch

I was inspired to this song by one of those 'Unbelievable Facts' book, telling the story of a woman who had to witness how elves came and took her children away, and I thought: »Elves, pah! And no one arrested her for murder?« Next I wondered how the elves would think about it ...