Sarah Barnhart

a poem in a werid time in my life

She Writes About Writing

Brianne Hughes

This is a glimpse into what it's like to be in my brain, sorta. The assignment was to describe your life or an event in your life. I chose writing :)

How an elf got his name

Harry Bett

Short story about how an elf found the name for his son.

Hanni, Chapter 5-REVAMPED

John Larsen

In this chapter, Hanni and Murvy engage in a deadly battle with a poisonous snake. Princess Magnolia and the rabbit team up to try to break free from the evil wizard. And later, Princess Magnolia is re-captured by the wizard...or is she?

Hanni, Chapter 11

John Larsen

In this installment in the series about the time-travelling boy, Hanni, Hanni continues his journey as he leaves the town of Crid in Mora's chariot. But a dark, evil creature awaits them as they leave the village, and Hanni nearly encounters death!!!

Hanni, Chapter 12

John Larsen

In this chapter, Kumo, the troll sets Hanni afoot on his mission. Thejourney continuesin a big way!

Hanni, Chapter 2-REVAMPED

John Larsen

In this chapter, we meet the beautiful Princess Magnolia. Sadly for her, she is currently being held prisoner by the evil wizard, Phantor. The wizard is keeping the beautiful princess in a gilded birdcage where she is learning to adapt and adjust to life as a caged bird.

Hanni, Chapter 3-REVAMPED

John Larsen

This is Chapter 3 in my installment about a time-travelling boy named Hanni This is chapter 3 of my story of a time-travelling boy and his adventures to the dark underworld to save a beautiful princess. In this chapter, Hanni begins his journey. Along the way, he meets of a new furry friend that accompanies him. We even see a series of flashbacks from BEFORE Hanni's adventure began.

Oceans Of Blue Sky's

Sarah Larson

I did this one just resently (4/5/01) I have no idea what inspired me to draw it but it just came into my mind. For some reason... This one is my favorite.

The Reckless Rebel's

Sarah Larson

This poem is for the Reckless Rebel's Group. The Rebel God wanted me to write a poem about us so I did, it took 3 trys but within 15 minutes we had it done perfectly.

Demise of the Wolf

Bicskei (Draconida)

I always believed that no creature is entirely evil.Even the most fierce beasts have an ounce of 'humanity' in them,especially if the beast in question was once...human.

Lament of the Stone Dragon

Bicskei (Draconida)

Love,passion,adultery,tragedy... Your average soap opera with a twist.


Krystal Crawford

A poem!! =D About magic colors that have minds of their own

Perfect Love

Rebecca Tompkins

This is a poem about an elf who loves a human but it could never be. That it is an elf is implied... just thought I would tell you... uh, bye.

Purple Rose

Alexander Yusuf

I got inspiration from Adorelai’s Purple rose, you can go and see it at this link http://ew2.lysator.liu.se/pic/art/a/d/adorelai/rose.jpg

Blood Lust

Tom Nosredans

a story i wrote some time ago while i was angry?

The Children of No Innocence (Poem)

Jinni Blanchard

the two vampire twin sisters in one of my stories

About Katanya

Jennifer Meadows

Katanya describes herself...

Once A Month

Michael Bloome

Werewolf, dark, goth, macabre

old poem

J. Thomason

This is a poem I did when I was nine? ten? Long, long ago. Or at least that's what I'm going to stick with, since it stinks so much :P Honestly, this is from when I was like ten. I promise! The only reason I am putting it on here is because I need at least two stories... or ... poems? anyway it's also fantasy related, which a lot of my poems are not! Actually, I find it funny, and amusing, and stuff. If you want to comment you may either: criticize me, or: start laughing. Either one is acceptable. However, no praising me because then I will start laughing and remember that you don't have a good sense of judgement.