Untitled Song

Chris Martens

Some more cryptic writing... this time in song form. Which tends to make it even more abstract.

Walks on Four Legs

Louise Boucher

This short story was written for my A level coursework a couple of years ago. I like it partly because it gave me a very good mark and helped me to pass English and go on to university but also because it is so different to what I normally write. The title comes from the riddle of the sphinx 'What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the day and three at night?'.

It's cold

Marianne Cassidy

I went to CTYI this summer and did a course called Writing for Life. It helped me produce some of my best work to date. Credit to my teacher, Yvonne, for bringing us to a graveyard for inspirational purposes. Never would have written this story otherwise. Anyway, this piece has been affectionately nicknamed 'The Dead Baby Story' by my classmates. It's somewhat abstract. Leave me comments! This story got Mod's Choice, August 19th, 2004. Go raibh mile maith agat! Someone high-five me! NOW!

Unexpected Reasons

Jennifer OConnor

The story of a guy who dies in art class. Told by him, of course. This story took me FOREVER to edit out all the bad words *blush* as I tried to immitate the speech of the boys at my school. Anyhow, here it is, squeaky clean! UPDATE: Written in ninth or tenth grade... don't quite remember.

The Wyrm

Shawn Reed

I wrote this after viewing an art gallery filled with projects that looked like a cross between H.P. Lovecraft and H.R. Giger... So, needless to say, it comes across sounding a bit demented.


Charles Trowbridge

This is one of the stories i wrote in 'advanced' short story last year at school. It isent my best, but with the prompt i was given, i did what i could. The prompt, by the way, was the first sentence. Hope you like this one. This is acculy the second ending, when i wrote it before i dident like the end, so i changed it.....but i am not totally happy with it either. I'd like feedback on the structure and ending espically.

Insider's Chess 2

Alyssa Blair

The second chapter basically...its not any better or hopefully any worse than the first...anyway the same goes for this one...if you have any hints for me let me know...(just leave out things like . .your enternal hate for me and the like=) .. Oh and I'm having problems with the uh. . the dialouge stuff. . . as I don't talk enough to know how people talk. . . so either they over talk or uh. . whatever. . and then I'm not all that sure what they've got to say . . hmm .. well I'll work on it. . and if you never see a thrid one then. . you know how that went...

The Barren Grass

Michelle Mercer

A short piece of fiction vaguely inspired by both Stephen King's The Gunsliger, and the movie The Fountain. I was just thinking that it would be interesting for a place to be stripped of life and water, but still appear innocent and beautiful, and it turned into this nightmare :) Enjoy.

Fugitive are memories (poem)

Nike aka LadyMin

This is a poem about the terrifying beauty of life, the infinite circle of love and loss... oh well. Just read it. ^_^


Lusaka Thorne

Another poem (you can tell cuz the title is a date). I'm not a poet, I'm a thinking person who has decided the English language is too limited and structure sucks. Have fun.

Void of Truth

Stacy Goll

An abstract poem of betrayal.

Storytellers Thoughts

Kyle Schichler

This is a look into one some of the interesting things in my mind. And what may be the scary part for some is that this is quite literally, very similar to the way I think. Also what may seem like errors of punctuation and the like is how I meant the story to be read. It's a little abstract but after reading it a second time and thinking about the words, it should make sense. I based it off of a constant battle that I sometimes have with myself on what is light, or good, eternity etc. They can be very interesting debates, an I just decided to write this one out. Now the big questing is, what do you think? I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I had fun writing it.

The City Rescue

Dylan Bruns

A different writing style for me, a bit abstract, but about a violent rescue.

Insider's Chess

Alyssa Blair

Uh. . .personally I think I should do an incredibly large amount of work on this before I even put it up... but my father's forcing me to rid his computer of alllll my work. . .so basically half of it is coming here. ..well...let me know what needs to be done...oh yes. . .its about this strange little girl who doesn't really fit in with her 'Royal' life and once she gets to a certain point she starts all these strange 'ittle events up...and uh..I don't really know myself. . yet. . so just read it then..

Silence of Trees

Emin Filip

A tree named Marvin (or maybe not?) goes through a very bad day (or maybe a good one?)

The first Polarity

Henrik Lerdahl

My first stab at a creation mythology for my own alternate world.

The Storm

Ashley Pruitt

Thanks to the creative juices of my sophomore year, I spit this one out. Probably the best story I've written. Ever.

Vomiting Rose Petals

Maksim B. Malik

I don't want to explain this one. ;)

Cold End

Stacy Goll

An abstract poem.

Tiger's Eye

Stacy Goll

An abstract poem.